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“You know, there’s a lot of things that amaze me every day, folks. I’m still young enough that I get amazed over stuff.”

“The Clinton Crime Family Foundation is where a lot of really question, scandal ridden behavior has taken place. Whether it’s criminal or not, you know, that’s what an investigation would turn up. With the Clintons the odds are that it is.”

“I have been hosting this program, we’re starting our 29th year, and for almost all of these 29 years there have been repeated Clinton scandals. There have been large ones. There have been medium-sized ones. There have been blockbuster Clinton scandals. And it doesn’t seem to me, as I look back over the whole period of time, that any of these scandals have actually done much damage.”

“Since Obama became president, terrorism is expanding around the world. You can never say the Middle East was relatively peaceful, but it’s on fire now as a result of Obama and Hillary Clinton policy.”

“Bill Clinton served both of his terms, he then left office and got filthy rich trading on the power that he had as president, selling access to himself and to his wife. His wife is now the Democrat presidential nominee. They have both become filthy rich.” 

“Do you know that Hillary Clinton donated her speech at the Democrat National Convention? She waived her $250,000 speech fee. She was actually thinking of charging them for her acceptance speech.”

“The truth has been so suppressed, so buried under the avalanche of political correctness that when somebody speaks it — anywhere, not just Trump. When anybody speaks the truth, it makes people shudder. ‘Oh, my God, you’re not supposed to say that! No, no, no! You not supposed to say that.'” 

“The longer the truth is buried, the more it is corrupted, the more somebody who comes along and actually has the courage to utter the truth is gonna be feared, gonna be hated, gonna be disliked. ‘Oh, my God, this is a troublemaker.'” 

“The only thing Hillary Clinton can do and the only thing the left can do where guns are concerned is take them away from law-abiding people! That’s all they can do. And they want to, by the way, folks.” 

“Democrats have to portray Trump as this raging lunatic, maniac, dangerous, incompetent, unfit. And that is their entire campaign. They do not dare tackle any of us on the issues. They always try to disqualify anybody on the right who is effective at anything, effective at communicating, affecting at getting votes, effective at winning elections, they become targeted for destruction.”  

“You know, all of these Republicans and conservatives who are saying that they just can’t, in good conscience, support Trump because they don’t want to undercut conservatism or the conservative movement or whatever? To me, it’s not about that. This is about the country and stopping Hillary Clinton.”

“CNN has now fallen to beneath MSNBC in the ratings. You have to TRY to do that. You have to make an effort to throw away that kind of an audience.”

“I don’t think there’s anything worse than four more years of the past eight, because of what it means, because of what will be added to these four years, not just the Supreme Court, but what’s going to happen immigration-wise. We’re going to lose our culture, we’re gonna lose our national identity, by design and on purpose.” 

“The reason the health care industry is upside down, the reason jobs are down, the reason the labor force has an all-time high number of people not in it is directly traceable to policies implemented by Barack Obama and agreed to by Hillary Clinton and those policies she is advocating be re-implemented and even doubled down on.”

“Is the pursuit of Clinton’s scandal the way to go on these people? I’m not gonna stop detailing the information as we learn it, but is disqualifying Hillary Clinton as a candidate, is that the way to beat her, is the question. As opposed to maybe spending some time on the disastrous policy she wants to continue.” 

“You take any of the 16 or 17 people that sought the Republican nomination, and there’s not a one of them I would not have voted for over Hillary Clinton, if it came down to it. That’s what this has always been about to me. It’s greater than my personal preferences over ideology and so forth. It’s bigger to me than party. The country’s always been bigger than party, to me.”

“The people in charge of the transformation of this country have never liked this country the way it was founded. They have never appreciated it. They have resented it. They believe odd things about America. They believe it’s the hotbed of racism and bigotry and homophobia, that America is the problem in the world. These are the people shaping this country.”

“Morality is individual choice now. You define it however you want to and what your definition is is what is for you. And nobody has the right to come along and tell you otherwise.” 

“Liberals have done a great job in convincing as many people as possible to believe there should be no limits on any kind of behavior and if you want to place limits you are the bigot. They have erased the whole concept of moral authority. Nobody is allowed to have moral authority. Nobody is allowed to define right and wrong because such concepts cannot possibly be universal in their world.”  


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