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RUSH:  You know, there’s a lot of things that amaze me every day, folks.  I’m still young enough that I get amazed over stuff.  You know what amazes me?  This Hillary Clinton email story will not go away.  Now, this is the kind of story that — I tried to take something that was really in-the-weeds complicated yesterday.  I synthesized it down to its bare essence and even as I was telling you about it I thought, man, this is gonna be impossible for people to follow, names they’ve ever heard of, concepts that seem dubious. 

I really don’t know what impact it’s having out there, but I do know that it’s not going away.  Even in the Drive-By Media they’re talking about this email story and the variations of it.  They’re not trying to bury it.  They are maybe trying to relegate it to secondary, tertiary status, but it’s still out there. 

Anyway, greetings focusing great to have you. It’s 800-282-2882 if you want to be on the program. 

How many of you had heard at the time James Comey did his press conference detailing all of the criminal activity or quasi-criminal activity Mrs. Clinton engaged in and all the lies that she had told publicly, and then saying (paraphrasing), “But there’s not enough here to actually pursue a prosecution.  No reasonable prosecutor would pursue on the basis what we’ve got”?  Even though he indicted her.  It was a public indictment of Mrs. Clinton’s behavior regarding her emails and her server. 

And then remember people saying, “But, hey, Rush, hey, Rush, don’t worry because they’re also looking into the Clinton Crime Family Foundation.  He didn’t say anything about that.  That’s right.  The FBI’s looking into the Clinton Crime Family Foundation.”  So people said, “Yeah, yeah, and we know there’s scandal there.”

Well, it turns out the FBI was not looking into the Crime Family Foundation.  It turns out that the FBI hasn’t done one thing on the Clinton Crime Family Foundation.  You know why?  Because the DOJ, the Obama Justice Department told ’em to pack it in.  They told them, “We’re not interested.  We’re not gonna do anything with what you turn up.”  And so if you’re the FBI, “Well, heck, I mean, we can’t arrest, we can’t indict, and if we’re being told by the DOJ that there’s nothing we can show ’em they’re gonna do anything with, then we’re gonna stand down.” 

There hasn’t been any investigation of the Clinton Crime Family Foundation.  And that news just popped up today.  The Clinton Crime Family Foundation is where a lot of really question, scandal ridden behavior has taken place.  Whether it’s criminal or not, you know, that’s what an investigation would turn up.  With the Clintons the odds are that it is. 

But, folks, here again, the benefit of experience.  I have been hosting this program, we’re starting our 29th year, and for almost all of these 29 years there have been repeated Clinton scandals.  There have been large ones. There have been medium-sized ones. There have been blockbuster Clinton scandals. And it doesn’t seem to me, as I look back over the whole period of time, that any of these scandals have actually done much damage. 

Bill Clinton served both of his terms, he then left office and got filthy rich trading on the power that he had as president, selling access to himself and to his wife.  His wife is now the Democrat presidential nominee.  They have both become filthy rich.  And yet they’ve done this with near constant attention on all the scandals that they have engaged in.  And it doesn’t seem to have harmed them.  In terms of the general population of the country, it doesn’t seem that there has been any noticeable damage in terms of their reputation, trustworthiness. 

I will say that Hillary’s negatives are very, very high.  They’re way above 50%, people don’t trust her.  But she’s still the Democrat nominee.  And if you believe the polls, she is still leading in the polls.  And despite all the news that has turned up about her, all of the disqualifying things, all of the scandals, all of the negatives, she still survives.  The fact that she can’t sell books, that she can’t draw crowds to her books, she can’t draw crowds to her campaign events, that she obviously has some health problems. 

By the way, there’s a Rasmussen poll out that 59% of the American people want to see her health records.  That’s never gonna happen, by the way.  But 59% of the people want to see her health records because a lot of people are very much aware that she’s got some health problems.  They have been seen.  She can’t hide them all.  People are understandably curious.  But she’s still the Democrat nominee, and she still has the Drive-By Media fully behind her a hundred percent. 

So I’m wondering, is the pursuit of Clinton’s scandal the way to go on these people?  I’m not gonna stop detailing the information as we learn it, but is disqualifying Hillary Clinton as a candidate, is that the way to beat her, is the question.  As opposed to maybe spending some time on the disastrous policy she wants to continue.  I know that doesn’t seem to have had much impact either.  The policies are Obama’s and somehow she’s escaped any attachment to them.  And she wants to continue them.  Will she continue to benefit as Obama has from no accountability.  She’s to blame for a lot of things.  


RUSH:  Remember the hack, Democrat National Committee computer network revealed by WikiLeaks, the hack that revealed the Democrat National Committee rigging the primaries against Bernie Sanders, rigging the entire primaries for Hillary Clinton to win. It turns out that that hack was much bigger.  It was much broader and much wider in scope. 

The New York Times is very worried now, because many, many other Democrats and many, many other things were hacked.  And whoever did the hack has all of those things in their possession now.  So now this has given rise to fears of an October Surprise, and it’s led others to speculate, well, if the DNC network was hacked, certain Hillary’s home brew server was.  And so everybody’s worried about what is to come on the Democrat side. 

I checked the email during a break, and somebody wants an explanation on why the FBI cannot investigate the Clinton Foundation even if the DOJ says — well, people are saying, “I didn’t know that the FBI had to get permission from the DOJ to investigate.”  It’s not that, folks.  The way it works is the FBI can do preliminary investigations and poke around some on their own on anything.  But for any investigation to go anywhere, meaning indictments, subpoenas, grand juries, the DOJ has to sign off on it. 

You’ve gotta assign a prosecutor to the case, a series of prosecutors, and then you’ve gotta convene a grand jury, and the FBI can’t do any of that.  They need Justice Department authorization to open a full investigation because that means starting a grand jury, issuing subpoenas, and then you have to perhaps have the power to immunize certain witnesses in order to get ’em to testify.  Then you have to get search warrants and so forth.  You need prosecutors for that.  You need the Justice Department for that.  Agents of the FBI can’t do any of that. 

If the FBI goes to the DOJ and says, “We want to really dig deep into the Clinton Foundation, there’s something there,” and the DOJ says, “Sorry, we’re not interested. I don’t care what you produce, we’re not gonna do anything with it,” they have to shut it down.  They have to stop.  And that is exactly what happened.  The Department of Justice, the so-called public integrity division told the FBI, we’re not interested, we have no desire for you to dig up anything in the Clinton Foundation.  We don’t want to know what’s going on there. We don’t think anything is going on there, and if there is, we don’t want to know. And that’s why there’s no investigation. 

All this time people have been under the impression that the FBI had a parallel investigation going of the Clinton Crime Family Foundation along with Hillary Clinton’s emails and her server and all that.  Not true.  And there won’t be an investigation of the Clinton Crime Family Foundation.  All there will be is information revealed — so far it’s two groups, and their work that’s producing any kind of public record of the Clinton Foundation and the nefarious pay for play schemes going on there. 

Judicial Watch, which is Tom Fitton and Citizens United.  And it was Freedom of Information Act requests that produced 44 emails the FBI said they couldn’t find because they didn’t do anything besides investigate Hillary’s server.  Well, these people asked for FOI requests for Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin.  They were the recipients of emails from Hillary. 

And, lo and behold, there’s 44 of them that they found.  They found all kinds of pay-for-play.  What this means is you contribute and the Clintons will do something for you.  You contribute to the Foundation and the Clintons will respond in kind with policy favorable to you, either as secretary of state or on the come as our next president. And that’s been going on. 

And all of this from the Clinton standpoint, forget ideology for a moment, this is usually, most of this has been done so the Clintons can personally acquire massive wealth.  Yeah, they’re a couple of liberals, yeah, they’re big progressives, yeah, they got grand designs on the country, but most of this is about them getting rich, personally rich, by virtue of these donations. 

And the DOJ has just told the FBI, “We’re not interested in any of that.  We don’t care what a Nigerian banker might have gotten from the Clintons because of his donation to their foundation.  We’re not interested in learning if any crimes have taken place there.”  So the FBI can’t do anything about it. 

So it’s up to citizens groups using whatever tools at their disposal to try to get data and evidence and information. And that is what’s happening, and that is how we are learning in a drip, drip, drip trickle-down process.  That’s why there’s a little more every day, a little more every couple days or every week that we are learning.  And the people involved, the players, the people making donations expecting and getting favorable treatment, policy-wise or in other areas by the Clintons. 

One of the Clinton donors ended up with practically sole control over the US, United States uranium assets.  It could not have happened had he not had favorable treatment from a secretary of state, Hillary Clinton.  Now, these are scandals, true, but they are also rooted in policy. 

Now, we have to admit, folks, that going after the Clintons on the basis of scandal — Lewinsky, Whitewater, the bimbo eruptions, you name it, it’s arguable how effective it’s been.  I mean, the Clintons are still in power and seeking greater power.  They are wealthier than they’ve ever been.  They are still as loved and adored by the Democrat Party and the media as they’ve ever been, maybe more so. 

They do have public reputations that have been sullied, that have been tarnished, but it has not caused them any actual professional pain.  They have not paid any particular legal price whatsoever.  And I think Hillary is target rich policy-wise.  I think she’s target rich competence-wise.  I think she’s target rich health-wise.  I think she’s target rich in a lot of areas, above and beyond whatever scandals you might want to associate with her. 

Now, the emails and the server, that’s a scandal, too, but you tell me, folks, let me just ask you a question.  I’ll never get the answer but you can get my point.  Let’s say that you think you understand the Hillary email server scandal and the associated things with it.  Have you tried to explain it to anybody that doesn’t understand it?  Have you been able to make anybody understand what it really is? 

Let’s say you’re talking to low-information voter A at a sports bar getting ready to watch the Olympics swimming events in some green muck that used to be blue water in Rio de Janeiro, okay?  And you start, “Yes, she had a private server, she had a server in her basement!” And the low-information voter in the sports bar says, “So what?  Big deal.  I have one, too.” 

“She’s not allowed.  She had a server in her basement so she could traffic in information that the government and us, the people, would never know about.” 

“So what?  I don’t want people to know what I’m doing, either.” 

“No, no.  You don’t understand.  She can’t legally do it.” 

“Well, did Obama stop her?” 


“Well, then what’s the big deal?  She had a private server.  I mean, I’m still eating.  I’m still breathing.  ISIS hasn’t reached the United States.  What’s the big deal?” 

Have you tried to explain to people why it matters?  Have you tried to do this with a Hillary supporter?  I imagine it’s kind of difficult, even if you understand it, even if you understand it in such a way that you can simplify it enough to explain it to somebody else who doesn’t understand it, because at the end of the day they probably say, “So what?  So what?  I mean, she’s got a private server.  Fine.  I can understand her wanting to keep what she’s doing from prying eyes.” 

“She’s not allowed to do that, you see.”  You keep telling them she broke the law, she violated.  “Well, I don’t see her being charged with violating the law,” and you get frustrated because you just can’t make ’em see what’s right in front of their eyes.  Maybe it’s that you can’t make them care. 

So what’s another way of going about it?  Well, everybody thinks the economy’s in the crapper.  Everybody thinks the country’s headed in the wrong direction, or a big enough majority, 70%.  How difficult do you think it would be to tie Hillary Clinton to the current policies, economic policies implemented by this administration?  You know what I saw?  Trump went out and made a speech, Economic Club of Detroit, so Hillary’s making hers I think today.  I think it’s this week. 

And one of her proposals — are you ready for this?  $275 million to rebuild roads and bridges.  Wait a minute.  Been there, done that.  Remember the stimulus, the Porkulus bill in 2000, Obama got almost a trillion, $800 billion for that.  Why do we need another $275 billion, when we haven’t even started on the project as of nine years ago, eight years ago. 

But that’s what she’s gonna propose.  And there’s no doubt gonna be people in that audience, “Yay,” applauding it, as though it’s something new, unique, and brilliant, and caring, you see.  Filled with great intentions to help people create jobs by rebuilding roads and bridges and schools and modernizing all of our infrastructure. 

Well, wait a minute we’ve been there, done that.  At some point don’t people realize they’re lying about it?  At some point when are people gonna realize the reason we need the repair, the reason all of this is crumbling about us is precisely because of the economic policies implemented by people in the Democrat Party specifically for the last eight years. 

Which is easier:  to persuade people of that, or to try to convince people that Hillary’s unqualified and unsuitable because of her email and server scandal?  Don’t misunderstand.  I’m not gonna stop discussing all this stuff.  I’m just asking you what you think is the most or the more effective technique.  Remember, their sole focus on Trump is how he’s unsuited, he’s ill tempered, he’s unqualified.  He’s dangerous, he’s deranged, maybe.  He’s not all there.  It’s scary how unqualified Trump is. 

Hillary’s out there: You Republicans, I don’t blame you.  If you care about your country, you join my campaign.  I have my arms open, ready to welcome you to my campaign because we must never allow this country and its nuclear codes to fall into the hands of Donald Trump, who’s deranged and lunacy-filled and all of this. 

She’ll attack Trump’s economic proposals, but all she can say about it is what the Democrats always say about really good economic proposals.  They lie about them, call it trickle-down, claim it didn’t work in the eighties, when of course that it did.  


RUSH: Here is Bill on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.  Great to have you with us, sir, Bill.  Hi.

CALLER:  Great to be talking to you Rush.  Everything you have said so far is so right.  As far as that instant fact check that CNN is running, I just wish the next time Hillary uses the word “racist” connected with Donald Trump that they go to Wikipedia and they look up Chappaqua, New York, which is where the Clintons live and they will find out that it is less than 1% African-American.  In other words, the Clintons could live anywhere they want, but they live in a lily white community. 

But that’s not why I called, Rush.  I wanted to hammer away some more on the Clinton Foundation.  It occurred to me about a year ago that sort of a back way to get this investigated since the Justice Department has muzzled the FBI is to get our own New York state attorney general to check it out, because one of the things that he does is he enforces charities law, and the Clinton Foundation has its headquarters in Midtown Manhattan.  So I wrote him a couple of letters.  Never got any kind of response —

RUSH:  Really?  I’m surprised to hear that.  I’m shocked that the Democrat AG in New York, Schneiderman, ignored you.

CALLER:  Well, there were real issues there.  There were actually two things that sparked it.  One was a report in the New York Times that his department had found the time to investigate the living conditions of two chimpanzees at our state university on Long Island just, you know, to check up, to make sure they were being treated properly. But the other thing that sparked my letter was a shakedown by the Clinton Foundation on this much smaller foundation, which was, oddly, reported in the New York Times May of 2015.  And the headline of that story was:  “An Award for Bill Clinton Came With $500,000 for His Foundation.”  So this little foundation wanted to give Bill Clinton a lifetime award, and they had to put up a half million dollars for it.

RUSH:  Right.

CALLER:  But it gets worse, Rush, and here’s where the attorney general of New York comes into it.

RUSH:  Not gonna do it.

CALLER:  Yeah.  The executive director of a smaller foundation was incensed about this.  She went public.  That’s how the story got into the newspaper.  She was fired.  She fired off a formal complaint to the attorney general to enforce the charities law.  There was even a link for it that I saw.  And it just went into a black hole.  And it’s disappeared.  She was fired and that’s the end of it.  She had a gag order put on her, period, end of story.  So they really have to be investigated on many levels for pay-to-play.

RUSH:  Well, from your mouth to their ears.  But it has been made abundantly clear, if the top of the heap, if Loretta Lynch and her gang in the Public Integrity Unit at the DOJ have told the FBI to go pound sand because there’s not gonna be any investigation of the Clinton Family Foundation, then why would you expect the attorney general of New York to do it working under the offices of Governor Cuomo.

He’s out there, you know, worrying about whether FanDual and DraftKings are ripping people off, whereas the Clintons get away with it left and right.  It’s one of these things.  Would love to get to the bottom of it.  I think we already are.  That’s the frustrating thing.  We know what went on there.  The goods are out there.  It’s making that compelling and interesting to people that don’t care about it that’s the challenge.

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