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RUSH: The latest Trump controversy. (laughing) They’re saying Obama founded ISIS, and people have had Trump on, they’ve talked to Trump. (paraphrased) “You want to walk that back?  Don’t you really mean to say that it was Obama’s negligence in getting out of Iraq that established the circumstances for ISIS to begin and flourish?” “No! He founded ISIS.  He and Hillary founded it.” “Mr. Trump, don’t you really kind of want to walk that back and rephrase it?” “No! They — he — founded ISIS.”  He’s not walking it back.  He’s saying, “I’m telling the truth!

“This is what it looks like in America today in our current political and news media system. This is what telling the truth looks like.  The truth appears to be so outrageous because we’ve had so many years of BS sufficing as the truth that when somebody actually utters the truth, ‘It’s just unacceptable; it’s outrageous. How dare you!’ but I’m not backing off of it,” he says, “and I’m gonna continue to do it.  That’s what I’m here to do.  It did me pretty well in the primaries, and I’m gonna keep doing it.” 

He will not walk back the fact that Obama founded ISIS.  Now, we all know… Those of us and you in the audience, of course, we know exactly what he’s talking about.  And he’s right. Now, Obama didn’t go over there and convene a meeting and have negotiations with the ISIS leaders. His name’s not on any of the founding documents or any of that.  But Trump is saying what he’s saying, hoping to shock people into realizing just who Obama is, because the point is, since Obama became president, terrorism is expanding around the world. 

It’s expanding. The Middle East was… Well, you can never say the Middle East was relatively peaceful, but it’s on fire now as a result of Obama and Hillary Clinton policy.  Whether there are scandals involved in that policy, who knows — such as the reason for Benghazi being to fund guns to the Syrian rebels. Who knows?  It’s a pretty good bet on that, too.  So the question becomes: How many people are gonna learn of these scandals and how many people are gonna actually learn of these vulnerabilities that Hillary and Obama have?

But Trump is obviously serious about continuing to tell the truth as he sees it, as he understands it, as he wants people to know it.  And let’s look at the result of that.  Let’s assess, as they say, the situation on the ground.  Every time Trump opens his mouth with something, the Drive-Bys go into their predictable, hysterical, unbelievable reaction to it.  They say Trump’s unfit… This is the entire Democrat Party case, by the way.  Trump gave an economic speech that in and of itself was very good in terms of what the country needs. 

But there is no such in-and-of-itself analysis in the Drive-By Media or elsewhere.  They have to portray Trump as this raging lunatic, maniac, dangerous, incompetent, unfit.  And that is their entire campaign.  They do not dare tackle… They don’t tackle any of us on the issues.  They always try to disqualify anybody on the right who is effective at anything, effective at communicating, affecting at getting votes, effective at winning elections, they become targeted for destruction. 

In fact, you know who Seth Lipsky is, Mr. Snerdley?  Seth Lipsky is the husband of Amity Shlaes, the former Wall Street Journal writer. She’s expert on the Great Depression. She’s written a couple books on it, and he himself is a renowned conservative intellect, and he has a piece in the New York Post today that is just… I mean, it’s bull’s-eye. Here’s the headline: “Liberal Attacks on Trump Are So Unhinged It Might Get Him Killed.”  Meaning that the left, here — including the media — are echoing the ridiculous assertions that Hillary is making.

He’s unfit. He’s this and that.  You know, we’re always told… Hell, we’re not told; we’re accused.  Whenever somebody shoots up a movie theater, what do they do?  They try to first find out if the guy listens to Rush Limbaugh.  Then they try to find out if he listens to talk radio.  Then they try to find out if he’s Tea Party.  They do everything they can to try to convince people that “the gun nuts,” as they describe them, who commit these mass murders are somehow tied to right-wingers — and it turns out they never are. 

They’re always attached to fringe progressive movements, if anything.  And then they chide us, and they blame us. For example, Gabby Giffords.  Sarah Palin was accused of being responsible for Gabby Giffords being shot because on her website she had a graphic of crosshairs in a rifle scope.  And that was said to unhinge people looking at her website and inspiring them to wanting on out and shoot Gabby Giffords.  Seth Lipsky is turning that around here in the New York Post, and accusing the Democrats in the media — with some of their outrageous charges and claims against Trump — of actually doing the same thing. 

I mean, the headline again:  “Liberal Attacks on Trump Are So Unhinged It Might Get Him Killed,” and he backs it up.  We’ll share the details with you as the program unfolds.  But all Trump is doing is telling the truth the way he speaks. And within the confines of our political system that have evolved over the decades where propriety and impropriety are clearly denoted, Trump is outside the bounds of propriety. And, as such, he’s unfit, he’s unsuited. He’s dangerously, perhaps, deranged and all of this.

But yet, what has been inserted into the debate because of what Trump has said? Well, a Muslim terrorist who targeted gays at a nightclub in Orlando, the Pulse nightclub — that terrorist, Omar Mateen. His crazy terrorist dad who professes love for Hillary Clinton, shows up at one of other rallies sitting right behind her, carrying big signs.  This has been discovered; it’s pointed out.  What’s the reaction the Drive-Bys? 

“You can’t say that Hillary had anything to do with the guy! You can’t blame Hillary for that.  You can’t use this guilt-by-association business,” even though this guy’s out singing her praises, saying he was invited to show up, that that’s what democracy means, that he’s free to go wherever he goes. Plus, he was invited.  I dare say that story would not have been much at all.  Then we have Hillary’s oft-stated desire to ditch the Second Amendment and remove as many guns from homes as she can, and Trump is highlighting that. 

That’s his, “Second Amendment people, I don’t know…” That’s out in the domain. It’s out in the public domain.  It’s no question that Hillary Clinton has often stated her desire, even her willingness to use executive actions to stop “gun violence” if necessary.  The only thing Hillary Clinton can do, the only thing the left can do where guns are concerned is take them away from law-abiding people!  That’s all they can do.  And they want to, by the way, folks.

So that’s being discussed, despite the fact that Trump is unsuitable, he’s unfit, he’s intemperate, he’s just dangerous. These things are out there being discussed when they normally are glossed over and covered up, or the people who say them are so shamed that they shut up.  Trump does not shut up.  He doubles down.  He keeps the debate in the public domain.  The left is not used to it, Democrats are not used to it, politically correct people are not used to it. 

Trump says, “I’m gonna keep going.  This is what the truth sounds like.  This is what the truth looks like.  This is how strange the truth seems to so many people because it’s been covered up for so long.”  Now, Trump’s comment about Obama founding ISIS, there is a very smelly and there have been some very crazy, cozy decisions made by this administration that have led to the rather sudden blooming of this terrorist group. 

We abandon Iraq.  We make idle threats in the Middle East and don’t follow up on them.  We allow our people to get killed in the Middle East and Benghazi and don’t avenge it, and don’t even try to stop it. So our enemies are free to continue marching.  And our administration won’t even call them by their actual name!  He will not even refer to them as “militant Islamic terrorists.”  What do you think they’re gonna do?  They are continuing to march.  Many people would have been intimidated and threatened into shutting up about it. 

But not Trump.

After an entire Democrat convention without one mention of the Clinton Foundation… Here’s a Democrat convention where they tried to make it out like Mrs. Clinton is the most charitable, the most loving, the most caring woman. She has built her career on doing things for children — and they wouldn’t even mention what they do at the Clinton Crime Family Foundation! Which is the focal point of their “charity.”  So now that pops up in the news today.  All of this stuff is popping up in the news because somebody is continuing to talk about it and keep it out there. 


RUSH:  That’s right, my friends. The truth… The truth has been so suppressed, so buried under the avalanche of political correctness that when somebody speaks it — anywhere, not just Trump. When anybody speaks the truth, it makes people shudder.  “Oh, my God, you’re not supposed to say that! No, no, no! You not supposed to say that.”  This is what it looks like.  Trump it is the things you’re not supposed to say.  In his mind are the truth.  That’s what he says he’s doing: Speaking the truth. 

Truth is being covered up. Truth has been buried. Truth has been so reshaped, made to look like public opinion, popular opinion, that it’s been obscured.  “The truth” itself, even as a concept, has been corrupted.  Somebody comes along and articulates it and it’s, “Oh, my God! Oh, my God! No, you can’t say that! You can’t say that!” People shudder. “I didn’t say it! Don’t associate me with that.”  People even are afraid to agree with it sometimes.

Even though they do, they are afraid to publicly acknowledge that they agree with it, such is the fear.  In fact, the truth is such a… The longer the truth is buried, the more it is corrupted — and the more somebody who comes along and actually has the courage to utter the truth is gonna be feared, gonna be hated, gonna be disliked. “Oh, my God, this is a troublemaker.”  And that’s what the Clintons and the Obamas — the Democrats — are trying to do in terms of casting Trump.  He says he’s not gonna stop.  We shall see.

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