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Millennial Females Watching Olympic Reality Show

RUSH:  Anybody in there watching the Olympics? (interruption) You are?  Informal research.  The vast majority of the audience for the Olympics is young and female.  It’s Millennial, and if it’s Baby Boomers, it’s primarily women.  And you know why?  It’s cause it’s not the Olympics.  This is reality TV.  This is… There’s much more time spent on public interest, who became what athlete and how, and what obstacles they overcame.

“Born a girl, and became a boy without drugs!” “Had a hard life, but became an Olympic athlete!” People are just eating all that stuff up.  You know, what do you call it? (interruption) The human interest! Exactly right, the human interest, not the actual games.  You know what I tabulated?  I had somebody do it for me because I can’t watch it.  I think it’s age related.  But I found out that… What is it on three hours a night, four hours a night in prime time? 

It’s either seven…? (interruption) Is it eight to 11 or seven to…? It’s four hours. The actual Olympic competition that’s televised could be done in 30 minutes.  Three-and-a-half hours is puff piece pap about the venue, about the athletes, about the crime in Rio, about what to do if you get kidnapped in Rio, who you pay the ransom to, who… (interruption) The pollution.

Oh, yeah, the pollution. Why is the green water green in the pool, and is it gonna affect athletes? Is it gonna cause cancer in 30 years? You know, this kind of stuff.  The actual competition? You could probably squeeze it all in in a half-hour TV show and have nobody miss anything of the stuff that was televised.  

Obamacare Scheduled for Meltdown After the Election

RUSH: Look at this story.  This is from TheHill.com.  This is not a conservative place.  TheHill.com: “Next President Faces Possible Obamacare Meltdown.”  Not possible; it’s certain. 

Obamacare is gonna implode, and when it does, it’s gonna leave a lot of people in the lurch, people who believed all of the panaceas and the utopian-like lies that were told about it to sell it — that it was gonna be free, that it wasn’t gonna cost much, that everybody was gonna be insured, that premiums were gonna come down, that you were gonna get whatever care you needed.  It isn’t gonna happen.  By the way, this fact that this is gonna implode, this meltdown?

It’s in the design. 

It is designed to melt down.  It is designed to fail.  And when it fails, what the Regime is hoping — it will be Hillary in this case, if she’s elected. What she wants is for you to be so scared, so frustrated, so angry, so unhappy that you demand the government take over all of it.  “Screw the insurance companies! Screw the doctors, screw the hospitals, screw them all! Just let the government run it!” That’s what they want you to say, so that they can finally create national socialized medicine under the guise that you have demanded it. 

Well, you will only demand it if it fails, if it melts down, which it’s in the process of doing, because it was impossible for Obamacare to prosper, thrive, or even last the way it was designed.  This has always been the plan.  They know that you don’t want socialism.  They know — and they’ve known for as long as they’ve been seeking national health care — that you oppose it, so they can’t come out and just campaign on it and say, “We’re gonna have national health care, socialized medicine.

“The government’s gonna take over from the moment I sign it.” You’d never support it if that was the case.  No.  They have to tell your premium’s gonna come down.  They have to lie to you.  “If you like your policy, you get keep it! If you like your doctor…” They have to lie to you in order to get this boondoggle passed.  They have to fool you, they have to trick you, because you wouldn’t support who they are and what they want to do if they were open and up front about it from the beginning. 

And, by the way, after they get it passed, the Democrats and Obama get together and have a little party, and they celebrate the tricks and the techniques they used to fool you.  And that’s all part of the condescension.  They may lie to themselves and say, “Yeah, people are not smart enough to know what’s good for ’em.  We had to do this to give ’em. It’s what’s best for ’em.  They didn’t know what to ask for on their own.” That’s how they do it. They might lie to themselves and tell themselves that.  But what they’re really doing is applauding themselves for being so easily able to trick you.  Because you’re so stupid. 

Don’t doubt me.  

Priebus Introduces Trump at Rally

RUSH:  Well, I don’t think I’ve seen that before.  Reince Priebus is interviewing Donald Trump at a Trump rally.  Trump’s in Erie, Pennsylvania, and Reince Priebus came out to warm up the crowd.  I’ve not seen that before.  The place is going nuts as Trump comes out there.  Okay.  

Patrick Kennedy: Don’t Call Trump Crazy

RUSH:  Patrick Kennedy is on CNN right now saying I don’t like people calling Donald Trump crazy.  We shouldn’t call people crazy.  It’s not fair.  It’s not right.  It’s too demeaning.  Donald Trump’s not crazy.  We shouldn’t call him crazy. 

Trump, for his part, is out there, he’s having a ball at this particular rally.  There are a couple of eruptions. The cops kept the protestors out and Trump, “Oh, we love the police, the police do such a great job.”  The place erupted.

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