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RUSH:  I just got an email… (interruption) No, I did not contradict myself.  I know I’m on record many times as saying, “Poverty is not why there’s terrorism. Poverty’s not why there’s crime.” (interruption) That’s exactly right.  What I’m talking about with money and the disparity, I’m talking about the criminal element. The criminal element is… All of this is economics.  They’re mad they don’t have money, but the problem is they have never been taught. It’s never been impressed upon them the legitimate way to earn money. 

It’s out there to be earned.  It’s out there to be had. But they don’t know how.  They’ve been told they can’t.  They’ve been told the deck’s stacked against them. They’ve been told they don’t stand a chance. They’ve been told there’s racism, bigotry, sexism, bigotry, homophobia, all this stuff. They don’t even try.  So crime, terrorism — getting mad at the Man, mad at the system — is the only result. It’s the only outlet that they’ve got, the only recourse that they think they’ve got.

Because they’ve been lied to by the very people they vote for all of these years, all their lives, all these different generations added up.  So of course it’s economics, but it’s much deeper than that.  It’s that they’ve just been lied to.  They’ve been lied to by people raising them.  They’ve been lied to. The people that have been raising them have been lied to by the Democrat Party, which gets lied to by the media, vice-versa.  It’s just one never ending cycle of, “You can’t do this. You can’t do that. It’s not your fault! The deck is stacked against you.

“The game is rigged against you. You can’t do that; it’s their fault. They’re making sure you don’t get anything,” and they end up believing it.  By the way, the “they” happen to be Republicans.  The “they” happen to be the rich.  The “they” happen to be Wall Street, which owns the Democrat Party lock, stock, and barrel.  David Clarke was on Fox this morning.  He is the Milwaukee County sheriff.  He was asked, “[W]hat do you think about how [all of this weekend activity] has evolved?”

CLARKE:  Saturday night, the social order totally collapsed in a part of the city of Milwaukee.  And when that happens, tribal behavior takes over, and tribal behavior leads to the law of the jungle replacing the rule of law.  Here’s what causes riots: We have inescapable poverty in the city of Milwaukee.  Milwaukee’s like the sixth poorest city in America.  You have massive black unemployment.  I think it’s at 32%.  You have a failing K-12 public education system.  It’s one of the worst in the nation.  You have questionable lifestyle choices.  Some of this is self-inflicted.  All these kids with no fathers around, father-absent homes.  When fathers aren’t around to shape the behavior of young men, they oftentimes grow up to be unmanageable misfits.  Those are the ingredients; Milwaukee has all of them.

RUSH:  Well, who’s run the place for longer than most of us have been alive?  Answer:  The Democrat Party.  It matters.  You know, there are even some fathers who are home and are no prizes.  That’s not a racial comment. But, I mean, there’s human debris everywhere, whether they’re home or not.  Some of them could be just as bad if they are at home — and television happens to glorify a lot of those-type characters in TV shows.  But the sheriff here is right on the money.  There are a couple of more things he added to this.  


RUSH: Here is David Clarke again.  I’m just gonna jam all three of these bites here together.  Not back-to-back, Mike, but consecutively here, replaying the first one. Because he was on Fox this morning, and he really, really just cuts to the chase.  He’s African-American.  He’s the sheriff of Milwaukee County. David Clarke’s his name.  He gave a great speech at the Republican convention in Cleveland, and the question that got him going was (paraphrased), “How are things going in Milwaukee now, and what do you think about how all of this has happened? How did it all evolve?” 

CLARKE:  Saturday night, the social order totally collapsed in a part of the city of Milwaukee.  And when that happens, tribal behavior takes over, and tribal behavior leads to the law of the jungle replacing the rule of law.  Here’s what causes riots: We have inescapable poverty in the city of Milwaukee.  Milwaukee’s like the sixth poorest city in America.  You have massive black unemployment.  I think it’s at 32%.  You have a failing K-12 public education system.  It’s one of the worst in the nation.  You have questionable lifestyle choices.  Some of this is self-inflicted.  All these kids with no fathers around, father-absent homes.  When fathers aren’t around to shape the behavior of young men, they oftentimes grow up to be unmanageable misfits.  Those are the ingredients; Milwaukee has all of them.

RUSH: And again: There hasn’t been a Republican in sight there since, I don’t know, 1916, something like that.  I’m not kidding.  It has been 70-or-more years since a Republican has been mayor in Milwaukee.  There might be one or two exceptions in there, but, I mean, the Democrats own this city, and they own the culture.  They own everything about it, and Clarke is exactly right.  Here’s the next bite.  He was asked (summarized), “Well, what do you personally…? I mean, you live there; you see this happening.  It’s happened in Dallas. It’s happened in Baton Rouge. It’s happened any number of places.  But now it’s happening where you live.  What do you think of all this?”

CLARKE:  There are millions of young men across the country who are in that same situation.  You know what encourages this?  The growth of the welfare state.  These are underclass behaviors.  Seventy percent of the kids born in Milwaukee, at least for the last decade or so, are born without an engaged father in their life.  So I look at the progressive policies that have marginalized black dads. They pushed them to the side and said, “You’re not needed. Uncle Sam is going to be the dad.

“He’s gonna provide for the kids. He’s going to feed the kids,” and so on and so forth. But Uncle Sam has been a horrible father. Uncle Sam does not love these kids.  It might keep a little food in their mouth and that’s about it.  But we all know the importance of an intact family, what it can do to shape the behavior of kids.  When you have the situation here like we have here in Milwaukee… It’s in Chicago, it’s in Baltimore, it’s in New York and some other areas.

This has been a total collapse, a disaster.  These progressive policies have hit the black community like a nuclear blast.  And until we reverse this, this government dependency… That’s what creates all of this, and it encourages it, by the way, along with some questionable lifestyle choices.  But until the black community does a self-evaluation and until they begin to self-criticize about some of the lifestyle choices they’re making, this stuff is gonna continue to fester, and it’s gonna continue.

RUSH:  Now, this guy is going to be just lambasted as an Uncle Tom, as a traitor, as a sellout, as a tool for everything he’s just said here.  But he’s right on the money, and it’s nothing new.  This has been the result of two things:  Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society, which led to the War on Poverty.  And of course, it was greeted with massive fanfare, total applause. “Look at all the caring that we’re gonna do! Look at all the compassion we have. Look at what good people we are! We’re gonna get people out of poverty!”

And they’ve done nothing of the sort.  All they have done is convince people that the government is Santa Claus.  And as the Republican Party is finding, Santa Claus is tough to beat.  Now, Santa Claus may not bring a whole bunch of stuff, but he brings just enough, and there’s another ingredient to this that the Sheriff Clarke alludes to here when he talks about how the federal government has assumed the role of father.  He is dead-on right about this. 

But then he talks about the importance of an intact family and what an intact family can do to shape the behavior of kids.  Guess what else is under assault in this country and being redefined?  You got it! The family.  The nuclear family is coming under attack, and families are being redefined to become normal with whatever anybody wants their family to be.  As a result it’s disintegrating one of the most fundamental building blocks of an ordered, mannered, cultured society.  And it’s also being done on purpose.

And the way it was gone about was the way the left goes about everything.  You focus on the disadvantaged; you blame their plight on everybody else, who’ve got nothing to do with it.  Let’s say you have in a town, just gonna make up some numbers here.  You got a town of 10,000 people, and 9,500 of them live in families of four, six, eight. Mom and dad are at home. Kids get up every morning and go to school.  In 500 families, the dad’s not there, mom’s not there, and the kids don’t go to school. 

The 9,500 are blamed.  The 9,500 are focused on, and it’s said, “It’s not fair that they should have the opportunity to live in family circumstances like that! Look at these other 500 families who don’t.” And the 9,500 intact families are targeted and blamed as examples of the disparity and the inequality and the discrimination and what have you.  So the 9,500 families are told, “You’d better accept whatever these other 500 families are doing! You’d better accept it; you better embrace it. Otherwise you’re a racist or a bigot.”

Instead of the Democrat Party going to those 500 families and trying to convert them and reorder their family life so it’s productive, they embrace the disaffection. They embrace the chaos and attempt to capitalize on it.  And I think it’s reprehensible.  So there are multifacets to this.  The dissolution the American family in certain neighborhoods didn’t just happen.  It’s like economics.  This is not just cyclical.  We’re not just in a bad time for families in America.  This is the result of specific policies being implemented.

Just like the current economy of the country, is a direct result of specific policies being implemented, so is the condition of the American family.  It is the result of specific policies implemented by the Democrat Party.  That’s what I find no frustrating is that people know there’s all kinds of things wrong.  People know that it just not right, that this is not the way we’ve always done things in America.  But they don’t have the ability to hold anybody accountable for it. 

They just chalk it up to, “Well, you know, I guess America’s best days happened before I wasn’t borne, damn it.”  Or maybe even find a way to blame it on Republicans for not caring.  But it isn’t that.  It’s specific policies being implemented, like the War on Poverty, like the Great Society, like AFDC.  And the result is — and this is the compassionate take, by the way. The result is the people that Sheriff Clarke’s talking about have had their humanity robbed.

They’ve had it stolen from them under the false promise and the false premise of economic stability, fairness, equality, end of discrimination. All kinds of glorious things have been promised.  None of them happened, ’cause they can’t happen given current policy implementation.  So the compassionate way to look at this is the way we look at it. “My gosh, what can we do to change this?”

The Democrat solution is to find somebody to blame — that’s usually their political opponent — and then make the government grow and grow and grow, and talk about how you’re taking more from the rich and you’re gonna give it to the downtrodden or whatever. Create the notion of Santa Claus.  And after enough time goes by, you have destroyed the whole concept of work. You’ve delegitimized that. You stigmatized the concept of work. You’ve even stigmatized achievement in school. 

Get good grades and you’re selling out.  Get good grades and you’re falling in with the Man or whatever.  Not enough of a rebel.  And it matters.  You know what we were talking about last week, too, that the real divide in this country is that you have your elites and the members of the establishment, and now they want no part of the rest of the population.  And that is new, and it’s relatively new. 

It explains how it is that all of these elites and all these establishment types can openly welcome open borders and illegal immigration and a flood of people that can’t speak English and have no skills whatsoever, they’re not employable, other than at cheap minimum wage rate labor.  If that influx of people were gonna live next door to these elites and establishment people, it wouldn’t happen.  But because they’re not affected by what they do, only you are, it’s no big deal. 

It’s the same way with Hollywood.  It’s the same way with Hollywood and the music industry.  They can produce all this filth for your kids to consume. They can produce all this questionable content for your kids and for your family to, but their kids are not gonna see it.  Maybe.  But the divide has always been there.  We’ve always had economic divisions, but what’s different now is that those at the top have no concept of belonging to a country.  And so they have no concept of fellow citizens.  Their interests go beyond patriotic things or nation oriented things.  It’s not enough to call ’em globalists, although that may be what they are. 

But that doesn’t accurately describe the destructive nature of what they do.  When you have no desire to associate with your country, i.e. my company is not specifically American, my beliefs are not specifically American, no, I’ve got nothing in common with those people having burgers on the Fourth of July, no, no, no, no, no, I’m playing tennis or polo out here with my charity group or whatever. When there’s no desire, when there’s no ability to commingle, when there’s no respect, which is where we are.

So they can write and produce filth and trash for your kids and your family to consume, and they can have political policies that run roughshod and wreak havoc in your town and your live, but it doesn’t happen where they live.  And that’s what’s different.  There used to be a national sense of community, and now some people are opting out, for whatever reasons.  Here’s the final David Clarke bite.  Audio sound bite number 23.  He points out who has run Milwaukee since 1908.

CLARKE:  The political answer really is for these progressive Democrats, they’ve ruled this city for 50, 60 years.  We haven’t had a Republican mayor in the city of Milwaukee since 1908, okay, so this is all on them.  But the political class is also gonna have to be honest and say, “Look, we set up this government dependency, it has backfired on us, let’s slowly — you can’t pull the rug out from under people all at once.  Let’s slowly start to reverse this and make people, make people reach for self-sufficiency.”  Over time, you can reverse this.  You can’t do it all at once.  But right now this is about political power.  The progressives want votes, black votes, and they do it how?  Keeping black people hooked on a high of handouts.

RUSH:  Well, that’s true but I think it’s even worse than that.  I think it’s more than just handouts.  They’ve created hatred.  They’ve created resentment.  They have stigmatized — I mean, he wants self-sufficiency and I do too, but they’ve even stigmatized that.  You want to put that in action?  Next time you’re with somebody and you happen to see a homeless guy, just say to your friend, “You know, he really ought to get a job,” and you’ll be called insensitive, and you’ll be called names, unfeeling, uncaring. 

“Oh, easy for you to say.”  They’ve stigmatized self-sufficiency.  You say “rugged individualist” to a liberal and they go bonkers.  They despise the concept.  They think rugged individualism and self-reliance is nothing more than greed and selfishness.  So the left has done more than just promise handouts and turned it into an addiction.  They have stigmatized the solutions and have made them popularly unacceptable, uncool.  


RUSH: Here’s Kathy in Owensboro, Kentucky, great to have you on the program.  Hello.

CALLER:  Hi, Rush.  I’ve listened to you since 1992 and thoroughly enjoy you.

RUSH:  Thank you.  Thank you very much.

CALLER:  I wanted to touch a little bit on what David Clarke said.  I couldn’t agree more.  I think the family unit, or rather the destruction, the demise of the family unit, is so heavily part of the problem here and why we are economically where we are.

RUSH:  No question about it.

CALLER:  Absolutely.  And, you know, when people bellyache and say they don’t have money or they can’t get money or whatever, work a little harder.  Not everybody can be top dog, and not everybody can make it big.

RUSH:  Well, now, wait a minute.  See, even though that’s been roasted, that’s been stigmatized. Working and working hard, that’s been stigmatized.

CALLER:  Yes, it has.

RUSH:  That’s not even used as an inspirational bit of advice.

CALLER:  No.  But as a person that started out 42 years ago with my husband with no money, and now we are what I would consider quite successful, and we didn’t do it working eight to four or, excuse me, seven to four or nine to five.

RUSH:  Right.  But you are white, right?  You are white.

CALLER:  Yes, I am white.

RUSH: Okay, that explains how it happened to you.  That’s what they’re being told.

CALLER:  I know that.  I know that.

RUSH:  That’s why what works for you won’t work for them, because white privilege, people like you, people like me, have rigged the system against them, and we’re lying to them trying to keep them down by telling them to work hard.  The Democrat Party owns that, folks. The Democrat Party’s done more to — liberalism is the most destructive forest in our country today, bar none.

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