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Beta 6 Is Like Getting a Brand-New Phone

RUSH: Back in mere moments. (interruption)  I did.  I misread the clock.  But, you know what?  I still don’t have time to squeeze in the bites. Well, I do.  Now I don’t.  I’ve talked through it.  I did.  I misread the clock by a minute.  I got so excited that Beta 6 had just been delivered. (sigh) 

Beta 6 was just made available for download and I was just turning around to get my fourth device to download it on and I looked at the clock real quick. (interruption) No.  In fact, this is one more beta than I expected.  So there’ll be at least… This could be the last one before the Golden Master hits.  We’re getting close.  Getting close.  And it is really cool.  It’s like getting a brand-new phone.  I’m not kidding you.  It’s awesome.  

Have You Seen the Latest Email Joke Going Around?

RUSH:  Have you seen the latest email joke going around? This is actually funny.  Let me see if I can remember this verbatim.  “Warning:  There’s an email going around purporting to be a nude photo of Hillary Clinton.  Do not open it.  It is a nude photo of Hillary Clinton.”  Yeah, I think I got it.  

Harlan Coben’s Take on Trump’s Sense of Humor

RUSH: There’s an op-ed piece today in the New York Post by the noted author Harlan Coben.  Yeah, have you read any of Harlan Coben’s books? (interruption) Well, you really should.  He’s, I guess, most known for writing books about his lead character as a sports agent.  They’re good books.  Harlan Coben is a good writer.  He’s unique in the business. He has a piece in the New York Post today. (interruption)  No, I’ve probably read 10 or 12 of his books. 

And he’s got a piece… You know, there’s nobody that can explain Trump better than I can.  We all agree with this?  There’s nobody can deconstruct Trump and tell you how Trump does what he does, why it works, why he’s developed the bond/the connection that he has with his supporters.  Coben gives it a shot today.  He’s right in much of his assessment, but where he differs from mine — and the primary point that Harlan Coben makes — is that…

originalI’m paraphrasing.  I’m not quoting him precisely.  But he says that Trump doesn’t even really care if he wins, that all Trump wants is the approval and the laughter and the cheering at his rallies. He says that’s all Trump’s after.  Trump is after acceptance. He’s after applause. He wants to make people laugh, he wants to make people feel good, and if he thinks he’s accomplished that at the end of the day at his rallies, then it’s been a great day. 

And the way he explains this, is he uses the example of Trump’s “Second Amendment people” comment, and he writes down Trump’s thought process. Not what Trump said, but the thought process that produced the words.  And in Harlan Coben’s analysis, Trump had to keep saying something until somebody laughed.  And so he kept talking about the Second Amendment and whatever he was talking about during that, and then came out with the line, “Well, I don’t know. The Second Amendment people might have something to say about that.”

Which, of course, the media — which has no concept of snark or sarcasm or parody, especially if it’s aimed at them. They just… The left does not have a sense of humor.  I mean, folks, think about it.  Even their comedians are really nothing more than people ticked off like you can’t believe, at us.  I mean, left-wing comedians are really angry guys.  And they’re saying outrageous things that their people think are jokes, but their comedians are considered serious news commentators, are they not?  I mean, look at Jon Stewart.

They’re thought to be serious news commentators more than comedians. 

They don’t… They think they’re sophisticated and have a sense of humor. 

They really don’t. 

But Harlan Coben’s theory was that Trump had to say something, and he just kept talking until somebody laughed.  And that he wasn’t trying to talk about assassinations, he wasn’t suggestions uprisings, anything.  He just had to say something to get a rise out of the crowd.  But his point is that that’s all Trump wants, that the rallies Trump does are self-contained home runs that provide Trump with the daily dose of acceptance and love that he seeks.  Now, I’m paraphrasing all.  I don’t have Harlan Coben’s piece in front of me.

I’m just sharing with you my analysis of it, having read it earlier today.  

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