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RUSH:  This is great.  CNN can barely keep their pants on right now, they’re so excited. 

Yeah. You know these two monitors, these Samsung… Sorry. For no reason, they just go to sleep.  Twice when I get here, they go to sleep.  Big whoop. I have to hit a button to get it back on. The bottom one’s gonna go to sleep here in the next couple of minutes.  Anyway, folks, welcome back.  It is the most listened to radio talk show in the country — mine, hosted by me — the most talked about radio talk show host in the country.  It’s great to have you here.  The telephone number is 800-282-2882. 

Okay, CNN.  There are two things going on.  They just found out that Trump’s going to Milwaukee, and they are beside themselves with rage.  They are angry.  They are ticked off.  I saw they had a reporter on there. They were talking to some female reporter. I didn’t get any names.  It doesn’t matter.  I saw this. I was walking out in the top-of-the-hour break.  I had to walk out and do some cigar stuff out there, and I saw a graphic on the screen that made me stop.  The graphic was, “Critics…” What did it say?

“Critics suggest Trump shouldn’t go to Milwaukee because he’s too polarizing because critics say he only has 1% in the black community.” Now, damn it, this is how they do it! He’s running for president.  He’s going to Milwaukee.  They have no idea what he’s gonna say, they have no idea what he’s gonna do, but they’re telling him essentially, “You have no right to go to Milwaukee! You only have 1% support in the polls from African-Americans.”  That, to me, is every reason to go! But who the hell is CNN and these mythical “critics” that they cite? That’s a journalism technique, by the way. 

When a reporter says, “Critics say,” (snorts) that’s what the reporter thinks.  And the reporter has to project fairness and objectivity and all these other mythical policies.  So if the reporter doesn’t want to report favorably on Trump, you simply say, “Critics suggest that this is a provocative visit by the Republican nominee since he only shows 1% support in the polls among African-Americans.”  Oh, is that how it works?  So you people in the news media get to tell the Republican nominee where he can and can’t campaign? 

You get to tell him what groups of Americans he can and cannot appear before?  You get to suggest that Trump has no business going to Milwaukee because he’s so provocative that all he’s gonna do is cause trouble.  And your definition and your reasoning is that he’s only showing 1% support from blacks in the polling data.  This is exactly how it’s done.  So they have just… They transmit to their audience that blacks hate Trump.  That’s what they want to be the conclusion. 

“Blacks hate Trump, Trump’s going to Milwaukee, Trump’s gonna support the cops, Trump is gonna blame the blacks, Trump is going to cause trouble — and if there are riots that ensue, it’s Trump’s fault.”  It’s a presidential campaign! Candidates can go anywhere they want to go.  He was in Connecticut the other day and there’s no reason to go there.  I mean, there are enough Republicans. If he got every Republican in Connecticut it would be a statistical zero percent. There are that few of them. 

You know these Never Hillary bumper stickers? You can’t give ’em away in Connecticut.  People in Connecticut are afraid to put ’em on the cars.  We found about 50 people that want ’em who were afraid to put them on the cars and drive around, afraid of what’s gonna happen to their cars.  So there’s some alternate bumper stickers that somebody came up with that acknowledge support for the police, and people there won’t put those on their car, either.  But that’s a side story. 

This business that Trump has no business going to Milwaukee, that his visit is considered by “critics” to be provocative, that Trump’s just a rabble-rouser, Trump’s just going in to cause trouble and he has no business there?  “He’s only got 1% support.”  What, he’s supposed to write it off?  You know, all it would take is 10% of the black vote to really mess up the Hillary campaign.  That’s all it would take.  The second thing that CNN is in a wad over is that one of their reporters is saying he’s heard (chuckling) that Roger Ailes is informally advising Trump in his campaign — and that ticks ’em off, too. 

They’re in a double wad at CNN.  They think since Ailes has been shamed into resigning at Fox, that he should just slink away and go away and never, ever be heard or seen again.  They consider themselves to have taken Ailes out.  So now Ailes — and I don’t even know if it’s true.  But the report said that Ailes and Trump are best buddies. They’re good buds, and they talk on the phone a lot.  It’s not a formal arrangement.  Trump has not given Ailes a title.  “But this,” the reporter said, “is really Ailes’ expertise!

“It isn’t running news networks.  His expertise is managing campaigns for Republicans,” and then they mention names. “Like Nixon.  Ew!  And George H. W. Bush.  Ew!  And then George Bush.  Ew!”  That is the tone behind their reporting.  They didn’t actually say that.  That’s just the tone.  And then they suggest/imply that this is not good.  “Ailes has got no business doing this. Who does Ailes think he is?  Doesn’t he realize he’s been shamed into silence here?” 

Then they further detail that what Ailes is really gonna be helping Trump do is prepare for the debates, to advise Trump on dealing with Hillary.  Well, that really makes ’em mad, because the way they hear that is that Roger Ailes is gonna be telling Trump how to beat her.  And so Trump shouldn’t be going to Milwaukee ’cause he too provocative, ’cause he’s only got 1% support from the black community.  And he shouldn’t be using Ailes ’cause Ailes used to be at Fox but isn’t anymore and all Ailes wants to do is beat Hillary, so Trump shouldn’t be using him. 

They’ve got roundtables now discussing all this.  Well, they’ve moved on to intel briefing.  Roundtable discussions are discussing all this.  CNN, by the way, now is back to a solid third place behind even MSNBC.  You have to try… You have to try… You can’t be… It’s impossible to be that bad accidentally.  You have to try.  It’s like, folks, sometimes on the golf course I hit shots that I couldn’t hit if I was trying to. They’re that bad.  I couldn’t do it if I was trying to. 

A guy I was playing with Saturday… We had a little short par 3, like 117 yards, and he hits 117. He’s got a pitching wedge. He hit it two fairways to the right.  Not possible!  You couldn’t do it if you trying. If you aimed there, you couldn’t do it; this guy did it.  Well, that’s what CNN’s doing with MSNBC.  To finish behind MSNBC, that cannot happen on its own.  You have to be trying.  And their obsession here with Trump and their obsession with Fox, their obsession with Ailes and whatever else…

It’s amazing, too, because they were leading during the Democrat convention. All the libs that wanted to watch the Democrat convention, the majority of them, tuned to CNN.  They had six million people a night watching for the first time in probably 20 years, and they haven’t been able to hold it — and what are they doing every day?  All they’re doing is bashing Trump.  You would think they’d be scoring through the roof, given the polling data and given how unpopular Trump is and given what a dummkopf Trump is, and given how much the left hates him.

You would think that a network that does nothing but bash him all the time would be scoring big ratings, but they’re not.  I wonder what that means?  I wonder if there’s anything to that.  


RUSH: Here’s Hillary Clinton, CNN carrying a Hillary appearance, speaking live at a voter registration event in Philadelphia.  A voter registration event in Philadelphia.  And CNN’s all excited.  This is after they’ve learned that Roger Ailes is helping Trump.  By the way, I’m not even sure that’s true, folks.  Just so you know. 

Just after they found out that Trump’s going to Milwaukee and they’re mad about that, they decided to take a break from the bad news.  The good news, Hillary Clinton making an appearance, and it was so bad they had to dump out of it.  They couldn’t take it.  You’ll hear CNN cut away from Hillary while she’s in the midst of a typical screaming appearance.

HILLARY:  I met another young woman, met another young woman who told me she wanted to be a surgeon and people tell her, oh, she can’t be a surgeon. I don’t remember where she went, this young women, but don’t you believe it.  Don’t you believe it.  We’re gonna lift people up.  We’re gonna help every single person in America live up to those dreams.  And we’re gonna do it by —

BRIANNA KEILAR:  All right, Hillary Clinton in Philadelphia.

RUSH:  Whoa, they cut her off in mid-sentence.  Did you hear that?  That was Brianna Keilar, part of the all-female Hillary news team at all the networks.  (imitating Keilar) “All right, Hillary Clinton in Philadelphia.”  Boy, they can’t control this apparently.  I mean, she’s just screaming. That’s right out of your second ex-wife territory. 

To the phones.  Safe refugee.  Marshall in Rye, Colorado.  Great to have you, sir.  Hello.

CALLER:  Thanks, Rush.  First-time caller.

RUSH:  Hey.  Glad to have you with us.

CALLER:  I got kind of a unique perspective on something that your viewers might be real interested and that is —

RUSH:  I like unique perspectives.  There aren’t very many anymore.

CALLER:  Well, yeah, I own a tool manufacturing company here in Colorado and I sell metal bending tools all over the country and we have noticed that when Trump’s poll numbers go up, our sales go up, and when they go down, they go down.  And we do enough millions of dollars in sales that we know this is not a fluke, ’cause we can look at the trend nationally.  In fact, it’s so predictable, I could be somewhere where I can’t even see what our sales are, and I could watch Trump’s poll numbers over a few days and I could tell you what our sales are doing.

RUSH:  Now, are you sure about this?  Because Trump’s poll numbers have done nothing but go down in the past couple of weeks.

CALLER:  And that’s exactly what has happened to our sales.

RUSH:  Okay, so are you saying that the — what’s your point?  That the poll numbers are accurate?

CALLER:  What I’m saying is is that when people hear that he’s not doing good in the polls, the businesses, we do business with thousands of small welding shops and machine shops.

RUSH:  Right.

CALLER:  And when these guys are not feeling good about things and they think that Trump may not make it and they’re worried about a Hillary —

RUSH:  Ohhh.

CALLER:  — Hillary Clinton presidency, it’s affecting their buying.

RUSH:  I see.

CALLER:  It’s very much kind of a national business mood.  And my son, besides the company I own, my son owns another company, he sold the biggest plasma cutting company in the world, manufacturer, and my other son designs and writes software.  And their trends follow the same thing as what ours do.  And so we have a really unique perspective of what’s going on in this country.  You know, I told one guy that I know that does a lot of stock trading.  He said, well, everything was going fine —

RUSH:  Wait a minute, though, this ultimately is not good news, right?  I mean, if your sales are down —

CALLER:  It’s not good news.  You know, the message that I guess I would get out of it is this.  That if Trump wins the election —

RUSH:  Oh, I see.

CALLER:  — you’re gonna see a resurgence.

RUSH:  Look, I’ve gotta take a break, but I think I know the point you’re making. 


RUSH: Folks, I have to go to this Hillary sound bite.  I just have to.  I can’t believe they let her out this way.  You know, they put her on prompter, and I’m sure they’re working with her to slow down her speech cadence and try to modulate her tone, but this is off the charts.  I mean, this is so bad that CNN had to cut out of it in mid-sentence.  And CNN is her network.  The Clinton News Network.  It was this afternoon on Wolf, fill-in hostette Brianna Keilar.  And Hillary was already speaking, they joined it in progress.  She’s at a voter registration event in Philadelphia.  Listen to this. 

HILLARY:  I met another young woman, met another young woman who told me she wanted to be a surgeon and people tell her, oh, she can’t be a surgeon. I don’t remember where she went, this young women, but don’t you believe it.  Don’t you believe it.  We’re gonna lift people up.  We’re gonna help every single person in America live up to those dreams.  And we’re gonna do it by —


All right, Hillary Clinton in Philadelphia.

RUSH:  They didn’t even let her tell people how they’re gonna do it.  They jumped out of that, ’cause they knew that didn’t — can you imagine what that looked like?  We hear how it sounded.  Can you imagine what it looked like. 

By the way, ladies and gentlemen, do you ever wonder how it worked, you run a foreign company, you represent a foreign government, you represent a foreign country, you want to buy access with the upcoming Clinton administration — by the way, this is one of the reasons she can’t drop out.  There are too many people who’ve already paid for her presidency.  Everybody talks about Trump dropping out.  You know, there’s no guarantee here that Hillary’s gonna make it all the way through this.  This is uncharted territory for everybody involved. 

But can you imagine, if you wanted to buy access to the Clintons, how would you do it?  Would you call the foundation?  She’s secretary of state, by the way, when we’re playing this little game.  So what would you do?  Would you call the Department of State?  Would you call the Clinton Crime Family Foundation?  Is there a special number that you would call?  Well, this is what we imagine that you had to do and what happened if you did reach out to the Clintons to try to buy access either in the Department of State or her upcoming presidency. 

(playing of spoof) 

RUSH:  That’s how we imagine it happening.  On CNN, they’re really in a wad now.  They just promoted another segment on Ailes helping Trump. Is it gonna be another one of these: “It’s 4:45 in New York, latest update, Roger Ailes, deposed chairman, Fox News Channel, secretly helping Donald.” 

“It’s 4:46 at CNN, just in to the CNN breaking news division, Roger Ailes of Fox News now helping the Donald Trump campaign.” 

“It’s 4:49 in New York, it’s 1:49 in Los Angeles, news just in to CNN, Roger Ailes.” 

Is that what they’re gonna do with this?  That’s what they usually do. 

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