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RUSH: This is Mark in Waterford, Michigan. It’s great to have you on the EIB Network.  Hello, Mark.

CALLER:  Thank you.  Glad to be here today.  You know, there is something that has never set right with me with regard to the Hillary Clinton candidacy.  If you remember back before she declared that she was gonna be running, she was going through this hemming and hawing, playing with the press and saying, “I don’t know if I really want to. I don’t know if I’m gonna do this. I’m not sure.”

And everybody knew she was, and I think even you said, you know she’s gonna run.  But to be honest with you, I’ve always had this kind of funny feeling that this is not really about her.  This is about Bill Clinton.  And I think that she’s running… Even if they have to prop her up on a stick behind the podium every time she goes before the public, she’s going to be like a puppet president and allow her husband to be the third and fourth term of his first two terms.

RUSH:  In other words, Hillary is a surrogate?


RUSH:  Well —

CALLER:  I mean, I can’t see… She is so ineffective at everything that she’s done. Even when she was first lady and she tried to do health care, Hillarycare, it failed miserably.  And we’ve seen now that Obamacare obviously is failing miserably, and was a very similar program.

RUSH:  Oh, wait ’til you hear the news today on Obama.  This is stunning.  We’ve got… Who is it? Aetna. Eleven out of 15 exchanges, they’re pulling out of.


RUSH:  But the Aetna… This guy what he says is… It’s laughable.  I’ll get to that in just a second.  Look, let me respectfully disagree with you here.  I think it may be, in fact, the other way around.  We’re dealing with Nurse Ratched.  We’re not dealing with an invalid here.  And, in fact, your theory may be more applicable in reverse during Bill Clinton’s presidency when she (behind the scenes) was actually running the show, and he was dodging ashtrays if he disagreed with what she wanted to do. 

Now, I’m exaggerating a little bit here, but this woman is not a wallflower.  This woman is not a front for anybody.  This woman has been thinking that the presidency should have been hers in 1992, and she’s been ticked off that she couldn’t run and win as a woman in 1992 because of the discriminatory tendencies of our backward, patriarchal society.  She’s been harboring resentment about that going back to the Watergate days when she got thrown off for trying to deny a Republican his constitutional rights. 

Republicans don’t deserve constitutional rights in her world.  She got canned, anyway.  She failed the bar exam in Washington.  That’s why she had to go to Arkansas.  And boy, people have been paying the price for making her do that ever since.  Now, I admit to you she looks frail. (sigh) You know, there is nothing to be gained by pointing this out, either.  I mean, I’m just… She did not… I don’t know.  I know what you’re, “Oh, you think Trump looks good?  What about Trump’s looks?” No, folks. 

I’m not talking about attractiveness or hairstyles or anything.  I’m just talking about… (sigh) She just didn’t look good.  You know what that means. You’ve seen people that don’t look good, that don’t look healthy, that don’t look… I don’t know.  There’s nothing to be gained by pointing this out.  I probably should never have gone there.  But I did finish.  That’s all I’m gonna say about it.  I said that in the first hour.  But I don’t doubt… Now, Mark, don’t misunderstand.  Bill Clinton’s not a wallflower, either. 

And he’s not just gonna be, you know, hosting tea for the first ladies that show up with their husbands who are visiting Hillary.  I mean, it was a co-presidency back then, and I think you’re right it’s gonna be a co-presidency this time around, too.  It’ll be both of them. “Blue Plate Special,” that’s what they said.  But she’s not — she’s not — gonna take the background position.  She’s not gonna be a figurehead.  This campaign… It’s hard for people to understand this level of ambition.  Most people don’t have it. 

Most people don’t have it, because most people don’t have the singular craving for power that these two people have.  So it’s hard to relate.  But she, in her mind, has been destined for this since whenever — college, junior high, I don’t know when. In her mind, she has been destined for it.  And then there’s a support group and a bunch of sycophants that sprung up around the Clintons in their college days that has been behind ’em all the way.

And it’s grown, and it’s festered as they have grown: Their fundraising groups, all of their donors from all over the world. I mean, it is a huge, huge, huge political machine that spans the globe.  And he’s gonna get his shots. He’s gonna. He’s gonna have ’em. But she’s not a placeholder for him.  In their world, he had his turn; now it’s hers.  And he’s gotta go into the background like she did and put up with all the crap she put up with.  It’s his turn now.


RUSH: Here’s Marley in Arlington, California.  Arlington, California?  Where is Arlington, California?

CALLER:  It’s Lincoln.

RUSH:  It’s Lincoln, California?

CALLER:  Yes.  Outside of Sacramento.

RUSH:  Oh, okay.  I know that spot. Well, how does it get to be Arlington? Did you tell him Arlington?

CALLER:  That’s just a mistake by your screener.

RUSH:  Oh, he must have thought that you were calling from Arlington Cemetery.

CALLER:  There you go. (chuckling) I was in the Air Force.  That could be.

RUSH: Could be.

CALLER: Hey, my question to you, Rush, is why doesn’t the news media ask Hillary why she stayed with husband Bill when he was impeached as president.

RUSH: (chuckles) They’re afraid of the answer.

CALLER: (laughing) There you go.

RUSH:  They’re not gonna asks that question. They’ve got a built-in answer for that. “It’s because that’s a solid marriage. That is a marriage that most Americans ought to aspire to. She hung in there in his time of need! He was under duress, being attacked by the vast right-wing conspiracy.  She could have left.  She could have split.  She could have forged her own life for herself. But she hung in there.”  That is the mythical tale that they tell.

CALLER:  Mmm. True.

RUSH:  But she didn’t leave because of this.  That he was the deal! This is what is owed to her for staying, for hanging in.  It was supposed to happen in 2008, and then somebody more attractive came along.  That had to be… Man, every time I think about that, I think about how ticked off the Clintons had to be, because the Democrats literally broke a promise and pulled the rug right out from under her.  She might have even been told, “Don’t worry, he’s not gonna win, but we can’t tell a black guy, ‘You can’t run.’ But don’t worry, Hillary. It’s in the bag.”  Just like they did to Bernie this year. They might have even told her that.  But 2008… She was supposed to be wrapping up her presidency this year.  And when they pulled that rug out from under her, man! The ashtrays that were thrown on that day?


RUSH:  I’m telling you the plan as far back as Arkansas.  The Clintons have written about this in several Clinton… Well, they haven’t, but Clinton biographies mention this.  Bill was gonna get his two terms, and Hillary was then going to get her two terms.  That was their personal goal, and Hillary’s two terms were supposed to be ending this year.  We all know what happened to that.  So that’s why we’re putting up with all this stuff now.  That’s why the Bernie thing was never, ever gonna happen.

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