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RUSH: Okay. So there’s Hillary. She’s in Cleveland. The networks are carrying her speech. And she’s saying, “We need to start a national infrastructure bank to rebuild roadways.” Now, I know, folks. My reaction is the same as yours. Tell me if this isn’t it: Why don’t people realize that Obama promised to do that in 2009 with the stimulus bill, and it hasn’t happened? We spent nearly $1 trillion in that stimulus, around $800 billion. It was for roads, bridges, school repair.

And here’s Hillary campaigning for president eight years later claiming we need to rebuild roads, bridges, and schools; we need to rebuild the infrastructure. And you’re asking, “Why don’t people realize they’re being lied to? Why don’t people realize that this stuff needs to be fixed, because Democrats in control is why it deteriorates? I’m with you. I don’t know. I think people hear… Let’s admit who we are talking about. We’re talking about the low-information crowd. We’re talking about people that don’t pay close attention all the time.

And all they hear is the intentions. And they may not remember. They may have heard Clinton or Obama promise it, and they may have thought it was great and they may have thought the stimulus was fabulous, and they probably think that Obama’s gotten started on it but that we need to do more work, because they trust the intentions of these people. That’s where we have gotten snookered. They trust their intentions. These Democrats are never judged on the basis of their results. But everything they have tried has bombed. There isn’t any economic recovery.

There isn’t massive job creation.

Obamacare is falling apart.

But that happens to be by design. Obamacare is right on schedule, folks. Democrats are not gonna be hurt by this. You would think… Just to illustrate a point here, we had the story yesterday that — and, by the way, Brian in Tampa, hang on. I’m getting to you next. I really want to talk to you. So don’t get impatient here. Just hang with me for a second. We had the story yesterday of Aetna — a big crony health insurance company that got in bed with Obama for Obamacare — pulling out of 11 exchanges. They have lost $400 million in Obamacare.

They’re getting out. They’re abandoning it, and so is Kaiser Permanente, Blue Cross/Blue Shield. They’re all pulling out. Obamacare is said to be, even in the mainstream media, on its last legs. It is in dire straits. Where are the Democrats on TV defending it? Where is Schumer, where’s Pelosi, where’s Harry Reid, where’s Obama? Where are they telling people not to worry, it’s still gonna work? They’re not even concerned about it, are they? The very people that gave us Obamacare are not even bothered by this news, are they?


Because it’s the design. Let me predict what you’re gonna hear — and it isn’t gonna be very long, and it may even be part of Hillary’s campaign before she’s through. (impression) “Well, we tried market-based solutions. We tried working with the insurance companies. But you see, the insurance companies did nothing but raise prices. That’s exactly what happens when government doesn’t control them,” she will say. She will blame these corporations for being greedy, not Obama. She won’t blame Obama or herself.

She’ll insist that the premium should have come down $2,500, that you should have been able to keep your doctor. “That was the original plan! But these companies, why, they just ran out of control, and we weren’t able to stop ’em.” So what they will tell people is that they gave market-based solutions a shot, when there is nothing market-based about Obamacare from the get-go. There’s not a single thing market-based about it.

When you are required by law to purchase health insurance, there’s no such thing as market-based economics involved. It’s not definition-ally possible. But even beyond that, with the degree to which the federal government’s involved in every aspect, there’s no market-based aspect of Obamacare. It’s total top-down, command-and-control. But under the circumstances everybody’s forced to play — the insurance companies and the consumers — there’s no way it could work as designed. By design.

“The design features,” Mrs. Clinton will shortly be saying in public, “We tried our market-based solutions — we listened to the critics, and we let the market dominate Obamacare — and we see how the market failed, as it usually does,” and they’re gonna make the pitch for single payer as the solution. That’s why you’re not seeing any panic on the Democrat side over all these companies pulling out of the exchanges. It’s why you’re not seeing any panic whatsoever about the rising prices and people’s inability to pay it.

It’s all by design.

I can take you back to 2010 when this is being debated and I could get tapes from my show back then or transcripts and I could point out how I said everything that’s happening now was gonna happen. Because I know liberalism, and I know what they intended with this. Because Obama even said so in 2007, speaking to the employees of the Service Employees International Union, SEIU. He promised it. He said (summarized), “We can’t do single payer right off the bat. The American people won’t put up with it. It may take us a few years. They’ve gotta be gradually steered into it.”

The gradual steering is what’s been happening since he signed Obamacare into law. And my point is the low-information crowd, you’re thinking, “Why don’t they blame the Democrats? Why don’t they understand the Democrats lied to ’em?” My contention is because they trust the Democrats’ intentions. They will sit out there and say, “Well, Obama wanted it to work. He wanted premiums to come down. He wanted me to be able to get cheaper health insurance. He wanted the uninsured to be insured. I could see it! I heard him. It didn’t work, but he tried. At least he tried!”

It’s the same reaction whenever any government boondoggle fails: “Well, at least they tried.” They just trust their intentions. You’re never supposed to judge them by their results. Great Society? Failure. Obama economic recovery? Failure. Obamacare? Failure. Obama stimulus package? Failure. Obama wind energy/solar energy subsidies program? Failures! Every damn one of them is a failure. Except from his perspective, they’re massive successes, because in each one he can say, “We tried market-based solutions.

“We trying to make the market dominant in our programs, and you just see the market,” because the inherent greed or whatever excuse they will give, “failed.” Thereby justifying the adored and the loved federal government to come in and “fix it” for everybody, ignoring the fact that we’re in the messes that we’re in precisely because of incompetent, bumbling fools running the federal government, such as this crowd. Why more people don’t see it? There’s a bunch of reasons.

But in many cases, many of them don’t want to see it, just like Dana Perino on that Fox show when she said, “Well, look…” She was asked about Juan Williams to respond to what I said about Black Lives Matter being almost now a quasi-union gang operation. (paraphrased) “Well, we’re not gonna solve this here on The Five. We’re not gonna solve this on talk radio. We’re not gonna solve this on cable news.” You could say that about anything they discuss. Pick your topic. They do a discussion segment on The Five, and you’re not gonna solve anything.

John McLaughlin just died.

He spent 30 years on the McLaughlin Group; he didn’t “solve” a thing.

That’s not the purpose of the program.

The purpose of The Five on Fox News was not to solve anything. So why say, “But we’re not gonna solve it here.” My contention is that’s just a convenient way to avoid discussing it. When you don’t want to talk about it for whatever reason, just say, “Hey, you know, we’re not gonna solve this here. It’s not what we do.” Because you could say that about everything they discuss — and I’m just talking about cable anywhere, not just Fox, CNN, MSNBC. But I don’t think anybody’s under the impression that that’s where things get solved in the first place


RUSH: Hillary Clinton’s infrastructure bank is nothing more than a sophisticated money-laundering operation just as Obama’s “we’re gonna fix the roads and the bridges and we’re gonna rebuild school.” It was a money laundering scandal, a scheme. And Hillary seemingly wants to repeat it, and I’ll explain it for those of you who have forgotten it. 


RUSH:  Man, do I know these people or do I know these people?  What did I just say a half hour ago about Obamacare?  What did I just say?  Well, but give me the highlight.  What did I predict?  I specifically said that they’re gonna come out, I said Hillary’s gonna come out and say we tried market-based solutions and they didn’t work, and now we must immediately go to single payer.  

I predicted that Hillary Clinton would say that sometime soon in her presidential campaign.  Well…  Recently posted by a former labor secretary, Robert B. Reichhhh, “The problem isn’t Obamacare per se. It’s in the structure of private markets for health insurance — which creates powerful incentives to avoid sick people and attract healthy ones. Obamacare is just making the structural problem more obvious.” 

“The best argument for a single-payer health plan is the recent decision by Aetna to bail out.”  And he says the problem isn’t Obamacare; it’s in the structure of private markets.  Exactly what I said.  I just missed the person.  Here’s Robert Reich out there saying we tried market-based solutions.  They don’t work.  We’ve gotta go single payer.  

But look, I’m not gonna take a lot of credit ’cause it doesn’t take a brain to figure this out.  All you have to do is listen to these people.  That’s all I do.  People say, “How do you know these liberals so good?”  I listen to ’em.  I listen to what they say and I know how they think, and I know how they strategize.  I know what they do every day is discredit everything they oppose.  I don’t care if it’s capitalism. I don’t care if it’s a person.  

Anyway, you’ve gotta hear this too.  By the way, welcome back.  El Rushbo here at 800-282-2882, and a new email address today, folks, brand-new as of today.  We haven’t been able to update the iPhone and iPad app yet so it still has the old address.  The new email address is ElRushbo@eibnet.us.  We decided to go all patriotic in choosing our domain.  So it’s ElRushbo@eibnet.us.  

I made reference to this in the last half hour, Hillary with a campaign appearance in Cleveland.  But you gotta hear this because you’ve heard it all before almost word for word.  We have heard this before.  We have two sound bites of Mrs. Clinton talking about our desperate need to rebuild our infrastructure. 

HILLARY:  I’ve got an infrastructure plan to create millions of jobs fixing our roads, our bridges, our tunnels, our ports, our airports, our water systems, our sewer systems.  As part of that plan, I want to start a national infrastructure bank so that we have public and private funds working together so we don’t just wait on Congress to act, but we are building, rebuilding, maintaining all the time. 

RUSH:  Holy smokes!  In other words, screw Congress.  I’m gonna be going out there and I’m gonna be raising private money, like from Iran and from Russia and from the sultan of Brunei and wherever I can get it and we’re gonna rebuild our roads and we’re gonna rebuild our bridges.  

But where have we heard all this before?  Barack Hussein O.  It was part of his campaign in 2008, and it is precisely the number one ingredient that he used to sell his stimulus package, which we dubbed the Porkulus bill, within two months of his immaculation back in 2009.  It’s incredible.  And the logical question is why do we need to do this?  You promised this eight years ago. You allocated nearly a trillion dollars to spend on it.  

Why isn’t it fixed?  Why isn’t our infrastructure rebuilt?  And even if it’s not, why don’t we see the projects underway?  Why aren’t we seeing roads and bridges under construction?  Why aren’t we seeing sewers being modernized?  I mean, you’ve had eight years to do this.  You succeeded in allocating nearly a trillion dollars for it.  I know what you’re saying, “Why don’t other people see this? Why don’t other people ask this question?  Why are people applauding her instead of laughing at her?”  

This is the kind of thing that anybody with half a brain would walk out of the speech or stand up and pooh-pooh and turn around, because it’s the same old thing.  It’s an empty promise.  The only wrinkle she’s added here is she’s not gonna wait for Congress to act.  Screw them.  We’re gonna have a combination of private and public money working together so we don’t just wait on Congress, but we are building, rebuilding, maintaining all the time a national infrastructure bank.  

Now, folks, this is nothing more than a dressed-up money-laundering scheme, just as Obama’s was.  The money that he promised, the reason that he asked for the money to rebuild roads, bridges, schools, sewer systems and all that, none of it happened.  None of it happened.  You might be saying, “How do you know, Rush?”  ‘Cause they would be pointing to it, folks.  If they had succeeded in getting started rebuilding the infrastructure, it would be part of Hillary’s campaign.  Instead what is she doing?  She’s talking about it as those Republicans, look at how they let the country deteriorate.  That Bush.  She doesn’t say any of this.  This is all stuff you’re supposed to infer.  

She’s implying, “Those Republicans, they don’t care” — that’s what the allusion to Congress is — “we’re not gonna wait on Congress. We’re not gonna wait on Republicans.  The Republicans don’t want to rebuild the roads and bridges, but I’m gonna do it anyway.”  You’re not supposed to ask, “Wait a minute, this is eight years old.  Why don’t we see any projects under construction?”  And there aren’t any, folks, because if there were, she’d be pointing them out as the Democrats already getting started on it and she’d be asking for people’s vote to continue this great work that they would be pointing to, but they don’t.  Here is the concluding sound bite on this whole thing. 

HILLARY:  When I talk about creating new jobs in infrastructure, advanced manufacturing, clean renewable energy, I also talk about creating more small businesses.  And small businesses that will actually grow and give more people a chance to fulfill their dreams and will be part of the basic bargain who will be paid — 

RUSH:  Oh, my God. 

HILLARY:  — for the work that they do so they can stay in business. 

RUSH:  Here comes the screaming. 

HILLARY:  To create jobs of the future means we gotta make sure that all Americans, not just young Americans, have all the education and all the skills that are needed. 

RUSH:  Okay.  So, again, it’s the same bunch of empty promises.  “When I talk about creating new jobs and infrastructure,” Okay, infrastructure, advanced manufacturing, clean renewable energy, I think every clean renewable project Obama funded is gone.  Solyndra, wind, solar, every damn one of these things.  They got their money and then they went one of business.  They got their federal grants, they got their subsidies, and then its hello bankruptcy, they’re gone.  It was nothing but money laundering. It was nothing but a payback to donors.  

So let me explain this money laundering business again.  There’s no other term for it.  In the case of Obama’s stimulus package, he asks for — let’s use the number $800 billion.  It’s actually closer to a trillion, well, let’s use a trillion.  It’s easier.  It’s a single digit.  Roads, bridges, schools.  Money didn’t go there.  Where did the money go?  Well, we know where the money went.  The money went largely to unions and union employees.  The money went to various unions and their employees in order to not lose jobs.  Big recession.  We were losing jobs left and right when Obama took office.  And we continued losing jobs at a rapid rate.  It was at some point 400,000 jobs a month we were losing.  And Obama was elected in part because of donations from Big Labor, a number of other interest groups.  

So we now know.  For example, in Wisconsin, 80% of whatever stimulus money went to Wisconsin went to the teachers unions.  Now, teachers do not rebuild roads or bridges or sewers or any of that.  The money went to these unionized jobs to keep them employed.  Now, what the Democrat Party would like to be able to do — now, follow me on this — what the Democrat Party would like to be able to do would be to walk over to the Department of Treasury and cash a check and put it in their bank account at the Democrat National Committee.  

But they can’t do that.  That’s not legal.  So instead, the Democrat president, Barack Hussein Obama, asks for a trillion dollars, ostensibly to rebuild roads and bridges, schools and all that. People approve it, Congress signs off on it, he’s the new president, he’s got the honeymoon period, they think it’s great, we need to rebuild all this stuff. He gets the money and he starts portioning out, and it doesn’t go to any of that; it goes to union people, in large part.  

What happens to it then?  Okay, money has left the Treasury — money that we don’t have, by the way, but that’s another matter.  Money leaves the Treasury, it goes to every state.  It goes to Democrat organizations in these states.  In many the cases they’re unions.  The union people thus stay employed.  The key aspect of that is they continue to pay union dues.  The union dues are then collected by union leaders who then do what?  They donate to Democrats.  So that money that came out of the Treasury ends up back at the Democrat National Commmittee.  Not all of it, but a good percentage of it ends up back at the Democrat National Committee by way of campaign contributions.  

So Obama went to the Treasury, he got a trillion dollars.  Instead of putting it in the DNC’s bank account, he distributes it to various supporters of clean energy, of unions, or what have you, in all 50 states. In many cases he was repaying donations that people had made to him.  In other cases, he was maintaining union employment.  In any event, much of the money donated was collected by Obama supporters and sent back to the Democrat National Committee in the form of campaign contributions.  And it could have the belonged individual candidates as well.  That’s the route that money takes, and that’s why I call it a modified money-laundering scheme.   

So here’s Hillary promising to do the same thing.  Only she’s added some goodies.  In addition to the roads and bridges, she’s added sewers, and she’s talking about funding small businesses and clean energy and all of this.  I guarantee you the money’s gonna end up in the same hands that Obama’s did. It’s gonna end up in the hands of Democrat donors who are gonna give some of that money right back to the Democrat National Committee.  Some of that money will end up in various Democrat candidates’ accounts. 

There won’t be any roads and bridges build, there won’t be any sewers modernized, and there isn’t gonna be anything of any substance from renewable energy programs like wind or steam or solar or whatever. It’s not gonna happen because it isn’t there yet.  None of this alternative energy business is self-sustaining.  Not even Elon Musk.  Elon Musk and Tesla and everything he does? You would not believe how much of the money Elon Musk has comes from federal subsidies and state subsidies.  He would not be in business without it.  Tesla, his company? 

They’ve never shown a profit.  He’s still making cars, still selling these electric cars and whatever else he does, launching rockets.  Never made a profit.  He’s being subsidized and underwritten.  Where do you think Elon Musk sends his political money?  That’s just one example.  There won’t be any roads and bridges built, and there aren’t gonna be any small businesses that magically start employing all kinds of new people because Mrs. Clinton’s giving the money, because most of the money is gonna take a circuitous route right back to the Democrat Party. 

And nobody’s gonna stop ’em.  Nobody’s gonna call ’em on it.  But Solyndra is gone.  Clean energy, the renewable energy businesses? Oh, they sound wonderful, and young people have been scared into thinking that the planet is being destroyed.  They really, really think — many of them think — that by the time they’re 65, Social Security age, that the earth will not be habitable.  Don’t laugh at me, folks.  There are a number of young people who have been sufficiently scared by this whole phony hoax.  

They literally believe we are past the tipping point, destroying the earth as a habitable place.  So any federal money that is earmarked for any industry that’s gonna “save the planet” or “stop climate change,” is universally supported by young people.  They grew up watching Captain Planet on Saturday morning in cartoons, and they’ve been inculcated their entire lives with the lies of this climate change/global warming hoax, whatever it is.  At the end of all this, if she’s elected, not one thing is going to different from that work that happened with Obama.  

Obama? There are no new roads, no new bridges. I mean, the projects.  Construction projects are ongoing all the time, but we don’t have a magic program rebuilding dilapidated stuff.  The money didn’t go there.  Hillary’s money will not go there.  And you won’t care.  Well, you will, but most people will simply be satisfied because, “Boy, did she really care.  Oh, did you see how much she cared?  And her intentions!” 

The best and the biggest scam that the Democrat Party has ever run has been that scam whereby they are never held accountable.  The biggest scam they’ve succeeded in running is how they have escaped being judged on the results of their “investments,” of their plans, of their ideas.  They never get judged on that basis.  They only get judged on their good intentions, their compassion, how much they care.  

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