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“Here is my new email address: ElRushbo@eibnet.us . We went patriotic in changing the public email domain. I’ll check it during the program. I subject-line search. I get 15,000 emails a minute, folks, during the three hours this program is on the air.”

“I’ve never seen the media so obsessed with somebody that is supposedly losing so bad. They are. They’re literally obsessed with everything Trump does.”

“The best and the biggest scam that the Democrat Party has ever run has been that scam whereby they are never held accountable. The biggest scam they’ve succeeded in running is how they have escaped being judged on the results of their ‘investments,’ of their plans, of their ideas. They never get judged on that basis. They only get judged on their good intentions, their compassion, how much they care.”  

“Black Lives Matter is simply the rebirth of Occupy Wall Street under racial auspices. It is a manufactured left-wing agitator group made to look like an organic, neighborhood, community-organized group. It is bought and paid for. It has a mission, which is to agitate and attack and terrorize American cities.”

“George Soros’ objective is to agitate and vibrate the United States into a crumbling state of disrepair. Black Lives Matter is one of the many organizations he funds to do this.”

“So happy to be with you, ladies and gentlemen. The highlight of my day, these three hours with you. I love it, and I love you, and I am ecstatic to have the opportunity to be here every day.”

“The media are analyzing everything Trump does as another nail in the coffin. I don’t know. Maybe they think they’re celebrating it or whatever. They can’t help themselves.”

“CNN has put on their tinfoil hats, and what they see the campaign shakeup today meaning is this. That Trump knows he’s gonna lose. All Trump is doing is setting up a future media empire with Steve Bannon and Roger Ailes and they’re gonna take on Fox News and CNN. This is the CNN theory.”

“Many in the Drive-By Media have excitedly pointed out today, early voting starts pretty soon. You know what early voting is. It’s a scam. It’s a scam the Democrats run.”  

“Folks, I’m telling you, the full-court press is on. No matter where you turn, you can’t escape this fact: If you are conservative, Republican, straight and white, you are yesterday. You are so yesterday. You are so irrelevant. You are so unnecessary. That seems to be the tone of much of the hip reporting as it’s taking place today.”

“I never knew that lesbians wanted to get behind the horse and the plow and start burrowing. I never knew it.”

“Democrats have convinced the African-American voter that the Democrat Party’s their only hope, that government is their only hope, that Democrats running government is their only hope. And they’re in the process here of doing the same thing now with Millennial college graduates.”

“I know people who are in their fifties who are just now paying off their student loans, and they’re facing the cycle all over again as their kids are now starting college. What has this done?  In addition to destroying the college education as a building block on the road to prosperity. It turns these students into lifelong dependents. It turns students into perpetual leftists.” 

“Rural America happens to be largely conservative. Rural America is made up of self-reliant, rugged individualist types. They happen to be big believers in the Second Amendment. So here comes the Obama Regime with a bunch of federal money and they’re waving it around — and all you gotta do to get it is be a lesbian and want to be a farmer and they’ll set you up.” 

“Black Lives Matter is simply the rebirth of Occupy Wall Street under racial auspices. It is a manufactured left-wing agitator group made to look like an organic, neighborhood, community-organized group. It is bought and paid for. It has a mission, which is to agitate and attack.”

“Obamacare is said to be, even in the mainstream media, on its last legs. It is in dire straits. Where are the Democrats on TV defending it? Where is Schumer, where’s Pelosi, where’s Harry Reid, where’s Obama? Where are they telling people not to worry, it’s still gonna work? They’re not even concerned about it, are they?”

“The people that we have trusted to run our affairs — to manage things because we think they’re competent — are the people who’ve taken the promise of a student loan and a college education and turned it into an albatross around people’s necks.”

“Married gay couples make $14,000 a year more, on average, now, than married straight couples. It seems like gay couples are doing pretty well out there. It doesn’t seem like they’re the victim of much discrimination out there. Maybe it’s the single gay and lesbian people who are being discriminated against.”

“You know how the Regime will not identify terrorists. By the same token, I think a bunch of people on our side of the aisle are in the process of being intimidated to the point that they will not correctly identify these leftist protest groups as being something other than protest groups.”

“The Tea Party was truly one of the only organic developments in politics in recent history. The Tea Party had no leader. It didn’t have a single voice that was motivating it, mobilizing it, inspiring it. All of that was done by Barack Obama.”

“Occupy Wall Street was not a protest movement. It was an agitation squad of the left, progressive movement, the Democrat Party, and its purpose was to take out the Tea Party. Its purpose was to give the media a show.” 

“Clean energy, the renewable energy businesses? Oh, they sound wonderful, and young people have been scared into thinking that the planet is being destroyed. They really, really think — many of them think — that by the time they’re 65, Social Security age, that the earth will not be habitable. Don’t laugh at me, folks. There are a number of young people who have been sufficiently scared by this whole phony hoax.” 

“Obamacare is falling apart. But that happens to be by design. Obamacare is right on schedule, folks. Democrats are not gonna be hurt by this.” 

“There’s no market-based aspect of Obamacare. It’s total top-down, command-and-control. But under the circumstances everybody’s forced to play — the insurance companies and the consumers — there’s no way it could work as designed. By design.” 

“Great Society? Failure. Obama economic recovery? Failure. Obamacare? Failure. Obama stimulus package? Failure. Obama wind energy/solar energy subsidies program? Failures! Every damn one of them is a failure. Except from Obama’s perspective, they’re massive successes, because in each one he can say, ‘We tried market-based solutions.'” 

“Hillary Clinton’s infrastructure bank is nothing more than a sophisticated money-laundering operation just as Obama’s ‘we’re gonna fix the roads and the bridges and we’re gonna rebuild school.’ It was a money laundering scandal, a scheme.” 

“I have business reasons to be away from the program the next two days, but I’ll be back on Monday.  We’ll have Mark Belling on Thursday and Buck Sexton on Friday.”

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