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RUSH:  Poor Ryan Lochte.  It’s a shame this guy is not Hillary Clinton.  You know, I know exactly what happened to Ryan Lochte.  We’ll get back to the phones here in just a second.  There’s one more thing — not a new thing — there’s something I need to emphasize about this European bank business as it relates to quantitative easing. 

Poor Ryan Lochte.  You know exactly what the guy’s going through.  He’s a great swimmer, right?  The problem is he happens to be a great swimmer at the same time Phelps is.  So we live in the era of social media.  Social media equals fame.  Fame equals attention equals money.  Man, it’s like there were all kinds of great golfers when Tiger Woods was at his peak, but who knew?  The same thing with Phelps.  Phelps is winning all the golds.  If Phelps wasn’t around, Lochte would be winning a lot of gold, but he isn’t. 

He wants to get noticed.  He’s frustrated.  Second Olympics in a row where Phelps has just totally dominated.  So Lochte does things to try to get noticed, and he succeeds.  But now Ralph Lauren has dropped him.  There’s a second company that’s dropped him as a spokesman, as an endorser.  So we will punish you in this country if you’re a liar, depending on who you are.  “Ralph Lauren announces it will not renew its sponsorship contract with Ryan Lochte.”  That’s the second company.  The first company was Speedo.  Speedo said so long, and now it’s Ralph Lauren. 

Poor Ryan Lochte.  Now, you might be saying, I’ve had people say, “Isn’t it a shame, Rush, this guy does something stupid like rob a gas station, lie about it. He’s obviously just trying to get noticed. He’s obviously pursuing fame. He’s obviously frustrated, this or that. And over here is Hillary Clinton who’s really telling you one whopper after another of consequence, serious lying, that has to do with reaching the highest levels of power in the country and nobody knows, and that’s the key. 

The reason Ryan Lochte’s world is falling apart is because the media won’t let go of it.  Everyone knows everything he did.  It’s on video.  I don’t know whether they’ve got something in for the guy or not, but this just shows, if the same kind of attention were paid to Hillary Clinton — look at Obamacare.  It’s a dismal failure.  It is an embarrassment. It’s a costly disaster.  It’s a damaging dismal failure, if there was any attention paid to it whatsoever.  But there isn’t. 

And the same thing with Mrs. Clinton.  The country does care about integrity. The country does care about quality, manners, and all this stuff.  But if they don’t hear about it, then they’re not gonna get agitated by it, and with Mrs. Clinton they don’t hear.  I mean, James Comey goes out, does what he does, and then Mrs. Clinton (imitating Clinton), “Oh, that’s not what he said. I didn’t hear him say anything.” And that’s what gets spread around, what Mrs. Clinton’s take on it is. 

It’s a shame, in a way, but that’s how it happens.  It’s not that people don’t mind if Hillary lies.  It’s they really don’t know, not like they have been told about Ryan Lochte.  His entire life has been put under a microscope.  Hillary Clinton hasn’t had, despite what people might think, she’s not had destructive attention.  She’s not had the kind of attention that’s designed to do real, permanent damage from the Drive-By Media.  

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