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RUSH: The New York Post yesterday had a big story.  “Hillary campaign manager Robby Mook has written a panicky pitch to Hillary Clinton supporters warning that fundraising numbers are dipping — even adding ‘that’s how elections are lost.  Our poll numbers are holding steady, which is good. We’re growing our field organization, building out neighborhood teams in communities all over the country — which is even better,’ Mook wrote. ‘But that’s happening at a time when our fundraising levels are, frankly, dipping.’ … ‘We have to remind ourselves that it’s only August — and that Donald Trump has more than enough time to find his way to a win by November.”

Let me tell you something.  Democrats are already planning her agenda as president.  They’re already having meetings about that.  They think this election is over.  They think the campaign is essentially over.  They’re not even worried about debates.  You know why?  I’ll tell you why.  Because they don’t think Trump can keep up on policy.  The one thing Hillary Clinton is, is a wonk.  Hillary Clinton can talk policy meaninglessly, but in a way to make the low-information crowd think that she is a genius on it, just on the basis-of-knowledge. 

She can start throwing out terminology, numbers, success stories, linking it to all of her efforts for children and so forth. She can name every freaking law and act that has been implemented since she was first lady, and she can speak the public policy language, and Trump can’t.  So they’re not even worried about that.  They are not even worried she might have to take a 10-minute break to go to the bathroom, deal with some medical issue, whatever it is.  Well, she did one during Bernie’s debate.  She vanished for 10 minutes. They had to go to a long commercial break while she was gone.  We still don’t know why she vanished. 

So there’s something clearly going on there.  But whatever it is, they’re not worried about it. They’re not even worried about the debates.  I know a lot of Trump people think, “Hey, man, you know, he may be down in the polls now, but in those debates he’s just gonna kick her upside one wall and down the other,” and they don’t think so on the Hillary side.  They don’t think Trump can keep up with her for 10 minutes. 

And remember who’s gonna be moderating these debates.  And remember the kind of questions. Hillary’s gonna be asked, just to give an example, the nuclear triad and she’s gonna be able to name generals and admirals who have had input in the nuclear triad. And she’s going to be able to quote what that general or this admiral told her about what needs to be upgraded.  Trump doesn’t know what it is, or didn’t. 

Now, in the primaries it didn’t matter because that was not Trump’s appeal.  I’m just telling you this is why the Democrats are not even afraid of the debates.  They think it’s over, folks.  And I’m telling you, it’s so over Hillary’s not even doing rallies.  It really is true.  The Drive-By Media is her campaign.  The Drive-By Media is taking Donald Trump out every day.  The Drive-By Media is focusing solely on Trump and blowing him up every day.  Whatever he says, whatever he does, they’re doing their best to blow it to smithereens, poke holes at it, fact check it, destroy it, whatever. 

I might have been one of the first to say years ago that journalism as everybody thinks of it has ceased to exist, that it’s not news anymore. There isn’t any news every day.  It’s the daily soap opera, and there’s a script that’s written called the narrative every day, and the narrative every day here is destroy Trump.  Hillary doesn’t have to.  She’s running ads.  She has been running ads. 

Trump has an ad that he has started running, a national ad.  I think it’s a national ad.  Maybe battleground state ad, I’m not sure which, and he’s raising money, and they are concerned in the Clinton camp how much money Trump has raised.  That’s the one thing they’re worried about.  If they have a concern, it is television ads.  They work.  Trump hasn’t been running any.  If Trump starts a TV ad campaign, gets enough money, and has a focused message to go along with the ads, there are some people on the Democrat side that don’t think it’s over, or at least have the common sense to not act like it here in late August. 

But everybody I’ve spoken to that has intimate knowledge of the Democrat Party, they think this is over and done.  They think they are headed for maybe a 49-state landslide.  They think Trump might not even reach 100 electoral votes.  And the reason they think this is because they are totally devoted to the Drive-By Media, ’cause the Drive-By Media is simply the Democrat Party.  

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