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RUSH: So, folks, let us review the last few days that have transpired here in our great country.  Donald Trump, presidential candidate, Republican side, visited Louisiana.  They’ve had some terrible flooding there.  There hasn’t been one representative of the Obama administration get even close to Louisiana. (interruption) I’m sorry.  I didn’t know that.  Jeh Johnson went for a day?  The guy who spells his name J-e-h, okay, Jeh Johnson went for a day.  Who is he, Homeland Security?  Right, so the Homeland Security guy went down there for a day. 

Hillary Clinton decided to stay in Martha’s Vineyard for her husband’s 70th birthday party. Obama continued his vacation in Martha’s Vineyard getting in his tenth round of golf.  Did you see the photo mock-up that Drudge posted?  This is one of the greatest of all times.  There’s a little Beamer station wagon that’s practically flooded, completely flooded, along with a bunch of other cars in Louisiana and Obama is on the roof, hitting a chip shot off the BMW on his way to — (laughing) — Louisiana.  You’re not supposed to do that. You’re not supposed to make fun of leftists. You’re not supposed to laugh at ’em.  They don’t have any sense of humor where this stuff is concerned, and it was just fantastic. 

So Trump goes down to Louisiana and actually helped with the relief efforts.  And there were people down there saying, “Oh, we knew you’d come. We knew you would come to help us.  We were hoping you would come.”  CNN says Trump got there too soon.  The people of Louisiana, the officials in Louisiana, they’re not ready for any of this yet. They need another week of suffering before they’re ready for the logistics necessary to accommodate Obama. 

Obama was supposed to go in there tomorrow.  He’s coming back from Martha’s, playing another round of golf today, supposed to go down there tomorrow. Now I’m told he might not get down there ’til Thursday.  We have an explanation for why Obama may not go until later this week, straight from the White House. 

(playing of spoof) 

RUSH:  So straight from White House, Obama not crazy about going anyway.  My, how time flies and how things change.  There doesn’t seem to be any outrage.  And again, you know, people ask me frequently, “Rush, why is there no outrage within the general population over X move by Obama or something Obama didn’t do,” and the retort is, “Well, nobody knows.”  You and I know that he hasn’t gone.  We follow it.  But the low-information crowd, which everybody’s waiting to get mad, I mean, when we talk about when are people getting outraged, let’s admit it, we’re talking about people who are not daily followers in depth of political things. 

But how can they not know this?  How can people not know Obama hasn’t gone to Louisiana?  Maybe because Kanye West hasn’t gone on a rant about it. Maybe because Kim Kardashian hasn’t gone on a rant about it.


RUSH: All of this talk about Trump going to Louisiana, and Drive-Bys are saying, “He doesn’t mean it. He’s just trying to take advantage of Obama not being there. There’s nothing Trump can do. Trump doesn’t really mean it.”  All of these things that are never, ever said when a Democrat goes. When the Clintons go to Haiti, did anybody say, “They can’t do anything. What are the Clintons gonna do?” except find a way to get rich off of it, frankly, is what the Clintons do. 

So the Drive-Bys are saying Trump doesn’t mean it. There’s not very much he can do. All he’s gonna do is gum up the logistics ’cause it’s too early, local authorities don’t want people down there.  But they never, ever — in fact the Washington Post, did you hear this?  Did you hear this excuse they gave for Obama not going there?  Obama has long opposed the theatrical aspects of politics.  Oh, yeah, Obama knows this is just the photo-op.  There’s nothing he can really do.  Obama can’t pass out enough goods to help people.  There’s nothing Obama can do.  There’s nothing any single person can do in terms of actually helping people rebound from the disaster. There’s nothing tangible. 

And Obama knows this because he’s so much smarter than all the rest of us. And he knows that all of this is a photo-op, all it is is cheap theatrics, and of course Obama, he has no interest in that, right?  The guy who gave his acceptance speech in 2008 in front of a bunch of Styrofoam Greek columns. Barack Obama who wanted to give a speech at the Brandenburg Gate in Germany. Barack Obama is above the theatrical nature of politics?  The lengths they go to cover for Obama, it’s clear he doesn’t care. 

Now, let me say something else here, though, for just one second about this.  These presidential visits to disaster areas, in one sense they are misrepresentative, because there really isn’t, other than maybe providing some uplifting inspiration or tangible evidence that there is concern from the highest levels and that help is on the way, there’s nothing really a single individual can do. 

But as conservatives, let me ask, are you a little troubled by the fact that any time there’s a disaster anywhere that the place can’t heal, the situation cannot possibly get better unless somebody from the government shows up?  I have been — not nervous — dubious of this because the Democrats always end up getting credit for this kind of thing.  It plays into their great intentions, their big hearts, how much they care. But it’s like every other thing that Big Government does; they don’t do anything!  It doesn’t really matter, except they end up being credited and promoted as having great intentions, big hearts, huge compassion. 

So here Trump goes down and actually helps pass out some relief supplies, and he gets trashed as being insincere, or he’s trying to capitalize on a natural disaster.  It’s beneath him.  He shouldn’t be there. He’s not president anyway. What does he think he’s doing.  It’s just classic.  No matter what a conservative or Republican attempts to do in the area of good works, particularly in a campaign, the Drive-By Media is gonna be all-in to blow it up and destroy it.  

And of course we’ve got a examples of hypocrisy that are just exploding here.  Barack Obama in, let’s see, when was it? Whenever Hurricane Katrina hit, he was Senator Barack Obama at the time, just gave George W. Bush hell for not going down to New Orleans. Just reamed him a new one for not caring enough to go to New Orleans and show solidarity with those whose lives had been turned upside down because of Hurricane Katrina. 

To the audio sound bites.  This is September 6, 2005.  This is from the floor of the Senate, Barack Hussein O, who stayed in Martha’s Vineyard the entire time of this flood and is still there playing golf.

OBAMA:  I can say from personal experience over the last week how frustrating it has been, how unconscionable it has been to be unable to find somebody in charge so that we can get medical supplies, doctors, nurses, and other supplies down to the affected areas quickly enough.  If there’s any bright light that’s come out of this disaster, it’s the degree to which ordinary Americans have responded with speed and determination, even as their government has responded with what I consider to be unconscionable ineptitude.

RUSH:  There you go, unconscionable ineptitude.  George W. Bush nowhere to be found other than at 10,000 feet flying over the place looking out the window of Air Force One.  How insensitive, how uncaring, Barack Hussein Obama ripping into the government.  And begrudgingly praising the people on the ground for actually fixing and addressing their own problems.  He wasn’t through.  The campaign trail of 2008, here’s Obama once again criticizing Bush’s flyover of the disaster area at Katrina.  Bush was not playing golf while people died.  Bush was not on Martha’s Vineyard’s hobnobbing with the swells.  He was not in any way ingratiating himself with the elites as Obama was, but here we go again.

OBAMA:  When the people of New Orleans and the Gulf coast extended their hand for help, help was not there.  When people looked up from the rooftops, for too long they saw an empty sky.  When the winds blew and the floodwaters came, we learned that for all of our wealth and our power, something wasn’t right with America.  We can talk about what happened for a few days in 2005, and we should. We can talk about levees that couldn’t hold, about a FEMA that seemed not just incompetent, but paralyzed and powerless. About a president who only saw the people from the window of an airplane instead of down here on the ground trying to provide comfort and aid.

RUSH:  So people loved that.  And here that same guy could not be dragged off the golf course, doesn’t care enough.  Where is the similar outrage among the American people?  Screw the media.  We know the media’s not gonna express it.  Where is the outrage?  Where are the American people angry?  Can’t find it, don’t see it, don’t understand it.  Obama stays on Martha’s Vineyard.  And of course Hillary, she can’t even be bothered.  She’s gotta hang in at Bill’s 70th birthday party ’cause if she didn’t, who knows what kind of women would show up.

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