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RUSH:  A quick question.  Why is the Clinton Foundation not helping out in Louisiana?  I just saw here that the crown prince of Bahrain, which is one of these little Middle Eastern oil states, $32 million.  The crown prince of Bahrain, $32 million to the Clinton Family Foundation. 

Why?  What in the name of Sam Hill is a potentate from Bahrain gonna get for $32 million?  Well, it’s gonna be something, and it isn’t gonna be charitable works in Haiti, and it’s not gonna be charitable works at flood-ravaged Louisiana, is it?  $32 million.  And then Mrs. Clinton, did you see what she said?  She said (imitating Clinton), “Well, after I’m elected, we’re gonna start eliminating a lot of these donors and these donations, ’cause it wouldn’t look right.”  Well, she didn’t say it wouldn’t look right, that was sort of implied.  But not until she’s elected.  


RUSH: George in Londonderry, New Hampshire, it’s great to have you on the EIB, sir. Hello.

CALLER:  Good afternoon, Rush.  I wanted to call to talk about the genius that is the Clinton Foundation.

RUSH:  Okay.

CALLER:  Specifically, they’re selling high at this point in time. They know they’re way up in the polls so they’re putting it out there that come November, they’re gonna be closed for business. So they’re telling all these foreign entities they need to get their money in now.

RUSH:  You really think they are gonna close for business?

CALLER:  Well, at least they’ll be under a higher level of scrutiny, right?

RUSH:  Look, even though Hillary may be in the White House, Chelsea’s gonna still need something to do.  I mean, they can still have their foundation.  Look, you’ve got a great point.  Here’s his point, folks.  The Clinton Foundation is letting it be known that the time to get in is closing, that they’re gonna be shutting down the investment house. They’re gonna be shutting down the opportunity for you to have a difference made on your behalf.

You gotta get in now because when Hillary wins, they gotta make it look like they’re really putting it all to bed.  So you gotta get in now, and that means demand is gonna be high, and that means the price is gonna skyrocket.  To get the Clintons’ attention, you may have to pay more — and the longer you wait, the more expensive it’s gonna be.  And so they’re creating a situation. They’re selling their access at very high prices, and they’re gonna have to stop, or they’re gonna have to appear to stop. (They’re never gonna stop.)

Look, I’m not one to besmirch people that work for a living.  You know me and you know that, but what are these people capable of?  What can they really do?  If you look at Obama, Obama’s never… He’s had one job in the private sector, and it was at a law firm, and he felt like he was working as a plant in the enemy.  Nobody in Obama’s cabinet… You hear this? Nobody in Obama’s cabinet has ever had a private sector job. 

Nobody has ever had to make a payroll in Obama’s cabinet.  They don’t know.  They don’t know about the free market, free market economics. But they think everybody in it is an idiot and that they are the brilliant theoreticians.  What are they capable of?  Can you imagine people getting rich — I mean, $350 million rich — giving speeches? It doesn’t happen! There is something behind these speeches.  There’s an implied promise with these speeches.  But what are they capable of doing? 

(Bill Clinton impression) “Well, hey, Limbaugh, you sit there and talk. I could be a damn good lawyer. You wouldn’t want to face me in court.”  You’re not gonna take the time.  These people don’t want to work that hard.  Bill Clinton said that he’s gonna step down from the Clinton Foundation board of directors if Hillary wins.  That’s right, ’cause he’s gotta become the first gentleman.  They’ll just start some new process up all over again.  That’s all these people know how to do is live off of other people’s money — either funding, backers, donations, or what have you. 

But they are selling high right now, and our caller thinks it’s a brilliant scheme they’ve set up and, hey, if you strip everything away — if you just look at this for what it is — it is pretty crafty, to leave the White House with you making 400 grand and your wife making zip.  And some 20 years, 10 years, 15 years later, whatever, you have $350 million.  And you have convinced people all over the world like the crown prince of Bahrain to send you $32 million. 

Who among us could do that?  Can you imagine calling the crown prince of Bahrain and saying, “I’m starting a foundation here, and I’m looking for at least the same amount of money you gave the Clintons.  Well, I need $32 million.”  You think you’d get it? (interruption) No, no. Not me.  That’s the point.  None of us could because none of us could pay off.  None of us have $32 million worth of whatever the crown prince of Bahrain wants. 

I mean, why is anybody giving these people money? Clinton can’t be president again.  He’s a has-been in that sense.  We know that they’re not giving these people this money because they’re great speech makers.  They’re not that entertaining. Hillary is a dullard when it gets down to this.  Hillary… You talk about Trump’s rallies? Hillary, I think another reason she shut her appearances down is nobody’s showing up.  I mean, literally 150 people here, 250 at another appearance. 

She can’t even sell out a high school gym.  I know it’s hard to understand: How can she possibly be leading in the polls? Well, you’re making the wrong comparison.  You’re comparing crowds and attendance and excitement at these things to politics, and she’s got the magic letter next to her name, and that’s the D. 

A number of people are gonna vote for her for that reason only… And I’ll guarantee you.  I will guarantee 99% of the people who are gonna vote for Hillary Clinton wouldn’t go out of their way to attend a Hillary Clinton rally.  But they’re going to vote for her.  We know this, simply because she’s got the D next to her name, party loyalty.  And Trump’s gonna get some of those.  He’s gonna get some votes just because there’s an R next to his name.  It works both ways.  But Democrats have a much bigger advantage in that regard for a host of reasons.  But that’s for another day.  

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