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Globalists on the March: Borders the Worst Invention Ever

RUSH:  Here we go, folks.  The head honcho of the European Union Jean-Claude Juncker (I’m sure he doesn’t pronounce it that way, but I’m going to) says that borders are “the worst invention ever.”  The head honcho of the European Union, Jean-Claude Juncker: Borders are “the worst invention ever.”  Globalists on the march.

Other Than Schlong-Gate, I Didn’t Watch the Olympics

RUSH: No.  I did not see any — (interruption)  Usain Bolt took two girls back to the hotel from celebrating what?  His Olympic victories.  Okay.  Oh, he’s got a girlfriend.  He took two women back to the hotel room anyway, one of them was not the girlfriend?  Right.  You know, I shouldn’t admit this, because I here of course am, I’m you, I’m a man of the people, but I didn’t watch one second of the Olympics.  I haven’t even seen one second of replays. 

I don’t know what Ryan Lochte did.  The opening ceremony, closing ceremony, I haven’t seen a highlight, I haven’t seen live action. I haven’t seen replay. I haven’t seen a split. I haven’t seen a still shot in a story on the Olympics.  I haven’t seen one thing to do with it.  I probably shouldn’t sound so definitive about this.


RUSH:  It has been pointed out to me that I did see a split second of the Olympics, and I commented on it on this program.  And I had to acknowledge yes.  It was the sad tale of the Japanese pole vaulter whose schlong flopping around destroyed his record-breaking vault.  I did see the gif, somebody sent it to me in an email, I saw it, and I described it on this program, and that’s it.  Outside of that, I didn’t see any, I didn’t read any. 

So Usain Bolt, yeah, what’d he do?  I assume he’s a speedster, sprinter.  Right.  And anybody looking into doping yet?  I mean, was somebody — well, give ’em time.  Nothing’s real anymore.  All right, fine.  Fastest man on the planet for the last three Olympics.  Right.  All right.  Fine.  Fine.  Look, now I got people emailing, “Why, Rush?  Why didn’t you watch?  I mean, it’s the epitome of athletics.”  No, it isn’t.  Don’t make me get into this, folks. 

There’s just too much BS that you have to wade through. You could put every night of the Olympics, what is it, seven to 11, eight to 11, whatever it was, you could probably condense every aspect of athletic competition and do a 30-minute show and not miss anything, stretched out to four hours mixed in with gun control commentary from whoever the moderator — it’s just me.  Don’t get mad, and I’m not foisting my opinion on anybody else.  

GOP Voter Registration Beats Democrats in Battleground States

RUSH:  A little interesting tidbit here, folks. I didn’t have the chance to get into the details of this. I’ll save it for tomorrow, but this is all you really need to know: Republican voter registration in battleground states is happening much faster, in much greater numbers, than the Democrats.  I think that’s big.  These under-the-table little things don’t get much notice; they could be meaningful.  

I Am Not a Political Adviser, and Do Not Want to Be

RUSH:  Okay.  I checked the email during the break and I got tons of them, and this does not surprise me.  They all pretty much are asking this question.  “Rush, I’m seeing where so many people are advisers, informal, formal advisers of Trump.  Are you?” 

originalNo, ladies and gentlemen, I’m not an informal or formal adviser to anybody other than me.  I’m not a formal or informal adviser to Trump or to any candidate, and I never have been.  Now, occasionally my phone will ring, and somebody on the other end will be either an author or a candidate either asking to come on the program or asking what I think about something.  In such rare — well, the book requests are common, but in the candidate area, I will answer the question sometimes, but I am not officially attached. I never have been and I never have wanted to be. 

Remember, I’ve had many mottos of this program, and one of them is, “My Success is Not Determined by Who Wins Elections.”  And so, no, just to get that out of the way.  ‘Cause it’s really a lot of people asking.  I’m a media guy.  I am a radio guy, pure and simple.  

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