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RUSH: New York Times:  “Think Hillary Clinton Will Win in a Landslide? Don’t Bet on It.”  So we’ve got this new poll from Florida Atlantic University, Trump up two, 43 to 41 over Hillary in Florida.  We’ve got a Reuters poll that shows Hillary up 12 nationally, but remember in that poll they don’t count the undecideds. 

Now, in all these battleground states, the narrative is that Trump is losing. Who cares about the national polls, they say, in these battleground states, states Trump has to win, you can barely see him anymore. He’s in the rearview mirror and he’s getting further and further away. There doesn’t seem to be any way he can reverse field, Hillary running out the clock, not even gonna do any campaign appearances ’cause she realizes that the media is running the campaign for her. 

And then this poll shows up, and amidst other stories about how it’s tightening, that Trump is gaining ground but then the accompanying stories are, is there enough time?  Then people say, “Well, wait ’til the debates, Rush.  Anything can happen in the debates.  Debates, I mean, she can get skunked, he could get skunked, you never know, the debates, the thing hasn’t even really begun now.”  Then Trump came out with his supposed softening on immigration, and now we’ve got the New York Times saying, “Hey, if you think she’s gonna win in landslide, you better not bet on it.”  And they go on to explain why. 

“The vote may be more favorable to Mr. Trump than the worst-case-scenario prognosticators suggest for a very simple reason: Landslides do not really happen in presidential elections anymore.”  Oh, so that’s why?  They got a whole story here with a headline: “Think Hillary Clinton Will Win in a Landslide? Don’t Bet on It.” And the only reason why is that landslides don’t happen anymore?  You talk about a giant suck-you-in.  This is what is called “clickbait” in the tech community.  They just want people clicking and that equals ostensibly hits, which leads to advertising revenue, supposedly. 

Anyway, my thinking on this, with Hillary basically phoning it in now — and they’re making no bones about it, by the way.  The Democrat Party, other than their fundraising, which they seem hell-bent on.  But that’s nothing really odd.  That’s what the Clintons do is ask people for money.  That’s essentially the reason they’re alive is to ask people for money, and they’re probably better at it than most anybody else. 

But aside from that, no press conferences, no campaign appearances, let the media run the campaign, essentially.  And it’s the old overconfidence aspect settling in.  And it makes a lot of people on the Democrat side nervous.  And I think privately they’re a little bit more nervous than they admit simply because they saw what happened during the primaries.  They saw what Trump can do. 

So I don’t think this show that they’re putting on of, “Hey, you know, it’s over. This guy’s a buffoon, he has no prayer. Everybody loves Hillary. She’s gonna win this thing in a cakewalk.” I think that a lot of that is making others on the Democrat side a little nervous.  We’re not talking about Babe Ruth here calling her shot.  I mean, Hillary Clinton has got her own problem with negatives.  She has her own problem with people that don’t like her.  In fact, this may be an election, one of those elections where more people vote against somebody than actually vote for somebody.  It could well be.  

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