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“Trending large at Facebook yet again, ladies and gentlemen, your host trending number one at Facebook at this very moment. ‘Radio host says Obama encouraging lesbians to become farmers to attack rural states �’ well, as far as it goes, that’s fairly accurate.”  

“Even though I got fired a bunch of times, the ’80s under Reagan were good times. Those are good economic times. The country seemed solid.”

“The Clinton Foundation is a front organization. A little bit of charity over here to keep everybody happy and occupied while a whole lot of corruption is going on over here. It’s a laundromat. It’s a laundromat for donations to the Clintons.” 

“Do you believe God punishes nations and people who turn against him or who abandon him? No calls us on that. We’re not going that way. I just want you to think about the question.”

“As America’s Real Anchorman, as America’s Truth Detector, one of my objectives every day is to actually be understood. And I go to great lengths, I say things sometimes in two or three different ways. I go the full mile trying to communicate exactly what I mean.”

“Robert Costa writing in the Washington Post and Salena Zito’s piece on Tuesday intrigued me. I’m not suggesting that there is this giant swell — this giant, unseen, waiting-to-be-unleashed movement that’s gonna deliver a landslide victory to Trump. Nor am I sitting here trying to be phony and artificially optimistic about anything.” 

“I did a test discussion with Mr. Snerdley before the program started. Sometimes I do that. You know, people test-market products. I sometimes test-market topics.”

“The Clinton’s are the people that monetized to Lincoln bedroom, for crying out loud. They sold access to the Lincoln bedroom. If you wanted to sleep in the Lincoln Bedroom you had to donate to their reelection campaign back in the nineties.”   

“The Clinton Family Foundation didn’t have to advertise. They didn’t have to send out email blasts or any of that. It just was known that you could buy Hillary Clinton, that you could buy Bill Clinton, and buying Bill Clinton would help you buy Hillary. It was well known.”

“Why are the Clintons risking everything doing what they’re doing here — with selling access through their foundation — when they don’t have to? You may think you’ve got the answers, and you may have, but it doesn’t mean that I’m not gonna keep asking the question, ’cause there’s something more here.” 

“The Clintons have been on a perpetual downward spiral of corruption and ethical shenanigans for so long that a revelation like what they’re doing here with this foundation, in another era this would have disqualified the Clintons and it would have shamed them, and they would be out of public life.”  

“If Hillary Clinton loses the presidency, there is literally no reason for that foundation to stay open. I’m not kidding. If she isn’t elected president, you think they’re gonna continue to get donations of $30 million, $10 million, $1 million? There won’t be any reason to give that foundation any money if she’s not elected president.” 

“The Clinton’s primary existence has been to get rich, to leverage everything they accomplish toward getting big money, and never will they ever have enough, and that’s why they’re continuing to do this.” 

“This may be one of those elections where more people vote against somebody than actually vote for somebody. It could well be.”

“The story was that the Department of Agriculture was extending grant money to lesbians, encouraging them to become farmers. And I asked the obvious question, ‘Why in the world, of all the things that you can give lesbians money to do something with, why in the world would it be farming?'” 

“This is the first liberal that’s called here and has not resorted to name-calling in 30 seconds. See? We can have civil discussions with liberals on this program. He’s a great guy.” 

“I think Clinton was respected, loved, and adored because he made mincemeat out of us. I think the left and Democrats loved Bill Clinton because he beat us so easily. I think that’s, to this day, why he is respected, admired, and liked.”

“Trump supporters don’t care what he does or what he says because there is no way they are going to do anything that helps elect Hillary Clinton. It’s no more complicated than that.”  

“This movement that’s there, however big it is, existed before Trump came along. Trump happens to be the guy, whether by accident or by design, who connected with this movement. Again, unknown how big it is.” 

“Hillary Clinton is the worst Democrat candidate that party has ever nominated. She is a walking disaster waiting to happen in I don’t know how many ways.”    

“My whole life I’ve always said I don’t mind getting older. Because the way I looked at it, people older than me, no matter what age I was seemed happier, more productive, better off. I wanted that. I wanted to be independent, self-reliant, and that hasn’t changed. There is one thing now that is making me regret getting older. Tech.” 

“I have a new email address. It’s ElRushbo@eibnet.us. We scrubbed the old one. We were getting 15,000 emails every minute during the program, so we’ve changed it.”

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