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RUSH:  Trending large at Facebook yet again, ladies and gentlemen, your host trending number one at Facebook at this very moment.  And you want to know why?  How many weeks ago did we do this?  It has to be at least maybe a week, maybe 10 days.  Here’s what’s trending number one at Facebook.  “Rush Limbaugh, radio host, says Obama is encouraging lesbians to become farmers to attack rural states.” 

How long ago did we do that story?  You know what’s amazing about this — by the way, greetings, my friends, and it’s great to have you here.  It’s great to be back.  I’m a little tired.  I may take 10 minutes here or there during the program like Mrs. Clinton does during debates, you know, you gotta do what you gotta do to keep going. 

Email address is new again.  It’s ElRushbo@eibnet.us

So we had this story. This is kind of interesting about Facebook, in a way.  I don’t spend a lot of time there, obviously.  Nothing against those of you who do, don’t misunderstand.  But this story’s at least — I have to have Koko Junior tell me when I did this in a quick website search, but it’s nothing I made up.  The story was that the Department of Agriculture was extending grant money to lesbians, encouraging them to become farmers.  And I asked the obvious question, “Why in the world, of all the things that you can give lesbians money to do something with, why in the world would it be farming?” 

And of course my expert opinion was that the Obama administration is, well, they’re leftists.  And they’re constantly attacking, they are constantly in aggressive, forward-march mode, and the one area of America that is predominantly conservative is rural America. So what better way to make inroads into that than to dangle some money in front of some lesbians and say, “In order to get it, you gotta farm, gotta be farmers.” 

It was a legitimate story.  I forget whose story it was.  But here it is trending number one at least a week later, maybe a week and a half later, on Facebook.  It was last Wednesday, so it was exactly one week ago and has just now found its way to Facebook.  “Radio host says Obama encouraging lesbians to become farmers to attack rural…” Well, as far as it goes, that’s fairly accurate.  

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