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RUSH: So Julian Assange of WikiLeaks was on Fox last night.  He was on Megyn Kelly’s show and he’s portrayed as the editor-in-chief of WikiLeaks.  And Megyn Kelly said, “Julian, I understand that you’re sitting on some stuff, that you have more Hillary emails, more Hillary documents, and that you’ve got more to release.” 

And I’m watching this.  It’s kind of surreal.  Julian Assange, the editor-in-chief of WikiLeaks, making it sound like it’s this massively big organization.  Do you know where Julian Assange is?  He has been holed up in the Ecuadoran embassy in London for five years.  And do you know why he’s holed up there?  They have an arrest warrant on sexual charges for him in Sweden or some such place.  Maybe it’s Switzerland; I don’t know.  If he goes anywhere and gets nabbed, they can extradite him back to wherever these charges are. 

So he’s been holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy for five years.  So I don’t know what he’s editor-in-chief of.  I mean, WikiLeaks is obviously a website.  But he says that he’s got game-changer stuff yet to come.  And she asked him, “Well, when’s it coming?”  And he says, “Well, we’re working around the clock.” 

You know, I listen when people say things.  I mean, to me words matter.  “We are working around the clock.”  Doing what?  What would you be doing working around the clock regarding Hillary?  Are you still collecting data?  Are you still out there hacking?  Is that what you’re doing?  I mean, WikiLeaks is a bunch of hackers.  And in addition to that, there are hackers who provide WikiLeaks. 

In fact, it’s the Russians who are said to be among Julian Assange’s sources.  That’s why Trump said that maybe the Russians can find Hillary’s missing emails, and Julian Assange claims to have stuff that could destroy her.  I mean, that’s not his words, but that’s the impression he left last night.  Which is kind of puzzling, because Julian, I think he’s Australian, if I’m not mistaken, and Julian Assange is an anti-war guy. I mean, that’s his ideological framing, foundation, is anti-war, which would mean that he would more than likely be inclined to support leftists. 

But, you see, this illustrates another Hillary Clinton vulnerability.  One of the reasons that Crazy Bernie had so much raucous support is that there are Democrats — you have to understand what happened — you have to remember, the media and the Democrat Party, during the last four years of George W. Bush’s term, they ginned up the most irrational, frothing hatred of the Iraq war and the War on Terror.  They ginned up so much hatred and so much disgust that it survives to this day. 

The hatred for Bush is just as front and center as it was when he was in the White House.  And ditto for the Iraq war.  Now, it took the media four years pummeling on Bush and the war every day to drive his approval numbers down to the thirties, but they did it.  But the process of doing so created this irrational, genuinely irrational hatred for the Iraq war and for Bush.  The problem for Hillary is that she voted for it.  And she’s on record often as being supportive of it and of the use of the military in certain circumstances, which, to the mainstream left, which is now extreme kookville, makes her a warmonger, in their view. 

And that’s another reason why support for her is soft.  And I think if you’re wondering why would Julian Assange want to take Hillary Clinton out, it would seem that Hillary Clinton would be more to his liking than Donald Trump or anybody else.  He’s not an American. He’s not voting, but he wants to have an impact on our election. 

Oh, and that’s another thing.  There are a lot of people running around, “This is just unconscionable that somebody like this who’s been holed up for five years in an embassy in London because he dare not show his face in public and have such an impact on the American presidential election.” 

Well, why could he?  What in the world is it that might enable Julian Assange to have any impact on the presidential race?  The answer to that is strictly he may have information about Hillary that she’s trying to keep hidden.  Which takes us back to yesterday with a question that I echoed from Michael Goodwin in the New York Post.  Just what is the explanation for everything that they did with the foundation, with the private server, selling access — all of that we know.  But is there something we don’t know that she’s trying to keep hidden? 

I mean, what more could Julian Assange have?  What else is there that could do further damage?  Doesn’t it seem that whatever there is we already know?  We know the emails. We know some of the content of the emails. We know she was selling access.  It’s worse than that.  She was selling out the US, as secretary of state, and she was accepting payment as secretary of state on the come for her future presidency. So people have already been able to buy influence should she make it to the White House.  Okay we know all that.  But what else could Assange have?  What else is there?  What more damage can be done? 

I mean, I think what we know now, anybody else they’d be finished.  Clearly if this were a Republican, put any Republican secretary of state in there, you know, Colin Powell, Condoleezza — oh, if this were Condoleezza Rice, if this were Condoleezza Rice, she would be in jail.  The Democrats would have not stopped until they had her in jail over this.  So Hillary has skated.  So what else is there?  Well, Julian Assange thinks that he has whatever it is. 

Now, we also have to acknowledge that he could just be saying this because he likes the attention and wants people to be paying attention to WikiLeaks.  Time will tell.  


RUSH:  By the way, folks, this Julian Assange story, for lack of a better word, on Megyn Kelly last night claiming he’s got all kinds of stuff yet to drop on Hillary that could be a game-changer, this is an illustration of how easy it could potentially be to blackmail her.  I mean, who knows why some of these people have given her money.  Who knows what they are expecting for it.  We’ve got potentates from oil states in the Middle East. We have money coming in from nations and people that have ties to terrorists and terrorism. There’s some upstanding people, I guess, too, but you just never know what these people giving money are going to expect for it.  But they’re gonna expect something. 

And by the same token, as I so cleverly mentioned yesterday, this stuff goes both ways.  These people donate to Hillary, but she can demand things from them, because she has accepted their money, “Okay I’ll do this for you, you paid me, I’ll do this for you,” she will say, “But the day might come where I will call you and I will need something from you.”  This stuff is really sleazy.  It is beyond the pale, what she has done.  And she’s trying to head this off at the pass.  She’s trying to preempt this.  

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