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RUSH: Once again evidence that my instincts are right on the money.  This is from a website called UCSD News.  I don’t know what that is.  But what they’re doing at this website is publishing something from the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, and here’s the bottom line: Older adults are happier.  Exactly what I have always witnessed, exactly what I have always known, exactly what I have never feared, and that is getting older.  And here it is yet another story coming down the pike documenting it.

I’ve shared with you over the course of the history of the program that when I was 15, I wanted to be 20, 20 wanted to be 25, cause no matter what age I was, people older than I seemed happier, they seemed adjusted, they seemed successful, they seemed stable, rooted, what have you.  In other words, to me it looked like life got better with age and that that had a calming effect on people.  And that’s essentially what this story points out.  I knew it was true.  Just more evidence.  Don’t doubt me.  

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