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“Rush Limbaugh, as always, having more fun than a human being should be allowed to have. I don’t think there’s anybody that irritates the left more than I do, including Trump. I know how to do it. I do it even when I’m not trying to do it. I know how to tweak ’em, I know how to irritate ’em, and it’s fun — and it’s even more fun when it happens and I’m not aware of it. I think, as I say, I’m even better at that than Trump is.”

“I have my own theories as to why Trump supporters are loyal, and I know that my theories are pretty much dead on.”

“There’s nothing that I said about Obama’s program to fund lesbian farmers that isn’t true. In fact, in the New York Daily News, they provide more information about this than I did. And the information they provide actually crosses T’s, dots I’s and exclamation points the things that I did say about it.” 

“I’ve been trying to think if I can ever recall a presidential candidate anywhere turning to the audience at a rally or anywhere and asking, taking a poll what his audience thinks that he ought to do.”

“I saw Hillary at a personal appearance, but it must have been scorching hot, because every woman in the picture that I saw was wearing sleeveless tops, tank tops, what have you, shorts, and Hillary shows up in a long sleeve heavy house coat, giant Captain Kangaroo type pockets and slacks.”

“This campaign is getting more intense than anybody thought it would be at this time. This is August. Half the Drive-Bys are on vacation. This is the dog days and yet it is intense as people expected it to be post-Labor Day.”

“Millennials have had no education. They’ve had no instruction in ideology; they don’t know what liberalism is. They don’t know how liberals work. They haven’t the slightest idea.” 

“So you have the daughter of a Democrat senator price gouging 400% at a pharmaceutical company that’s partnered with the Clinton Foundation and nobody in the Drive-Bys is making that connection.” 

“If Millennials would listen to me and just take a moment to investigate what I’m saying, they might actually learn something.” 

“I got an idea how to soften this whole Obama dangling money to lesbian farmers. What Trump could do is say he supports it, because we’re gonna need to replace some of the farm workers who are gonna be deported under the Trump immigration policies. Going after the lesbian and gay and transgender movement? Whoa!  Look at the potential!” 

“I wonder if Hillary Clinton realizes that she just called pretty much everybody who wants to vote for Trump a sympathizer with the Ku Klux Klan and a Nazi. I wonder if she realizes that. She has to realize that, right? She has to not care, right?” 

“I don’t know if there’s a Trump Effect where people do support Trump but are afraid to say so ’cause they don’t want to be lectured or criticized or made fun of or thought of poorly by the pollster. No way of knowing that. I do, though, think that there are Trump supporters that nobody knows. I don’t know how many.” 

“There’s a ton of outrage on the EpiMen and Mylan Pharmaceuticals for upping the price of their EpiPen 400%, but what the media doesn’t report is that the CEO of this eeeevil corporation is the daughter of a Democrat senator — and that this company has partnered with the Clinton Foundation! Why isn’t Hillary Clinton fixing this problem?”

“There’s a reason they keep Hillary away from cameras and microphones and press conferences.  The more Hillary shows up, the more she speaks, the more personal appearances she does, the worse her numbers get.”

“The Drive-By Media doesn’t care to have a press conference with Hillary. There’s nothing she’s done or said they want to get to the bottom of. There’s nothing she’s done or said that they want to expose. There is no questionable behavior whatsoever, as far as they are concerned. Their job is to protect her.”

“There is no passive listenership to this program. That’s what makes it good. When you listen to this program, you are a hundred percent engaged, you are active.”

 ‘There’s a lot of Democrats and there’s a lot of Democrat loyalty, and there’s a lot of hatred for us. And if Hillary had all of this active, personally invested, energetic support, it would be almost impossible to beat her. But she doesn’t have that. She can’t draw flies to an appearance. The people that do show up appear to be zombies.” 

“I think most people supporting, voting Trump are actively engaged in the campaign. I think they’re actively engaged in supporting Trump.  And I think they have active reasons for it.”

“If Bernie Sanders was the nominee, wherever he went, the crowds would be big and you’d be scared to death of them. You would be worried sick. None of that is ever gonna happen happen with Hillary, unless they pay for it, unless they buy it.”   

“Hillary Clinton has a bunch of mind-numbed robots that are supporting her no matter what they learn about her, in addition to what they already know that they bury about her.” 

“Here is my new email address: ElRushbo@eibnet.us. We went patriotic in changing the public email domain. I’ll check it during the program. I subject-line search. I get 15,000 emails a minute, folks, during the three hours this program is on the air.”    

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