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The latest trumped-up media outrage over Donald Trump comes as a result of a horrifying tragedy in Chicago over the weekend.

Friday afternoon, Nykea Aldridge was pushing a baby stroller in a South Side neighborhood when she was shot to death. The 32-year-old mother of four wasn’t the intended target, just collateral damage. The next day, police arrested two brothers, Darwin and Derren Sorrels for the murder.

The case drew national attention for two reasons. Ms. Aldridge was the cousin of basketball star Dwyane Wade. And Donald Trump tweeted about it. He said the murder proved what he’s been saying about violence in Democrat-run cities and that African Americas would vote for him.

Predictably, a media firestorm erupted. Trump was accused of insensitivity and worse, not only in the American drive-by media, but the overseas drive-bys.

Let’s get real. If Ms. Aldridge wasn’t related to a celebrity the entire left-wing, drive-by media machine wouldn’t be outraged. She’d be just another nameless victim of the daily carnage. How do I know this? Because record-breaking minority homicides in Chicago have gone largely unreported for most of this year and last. And the year before.

As for Trump being insensitive. Ms. Alridge’s murder lays the blame elsewhere. Her life was taken by “insensitive” killers, heartless, soul-less, monstrous killers for no reason.

There, and only there, is where all this misplaced outrage belongs.

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