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Major Crimes Killed Off One of My Favorite Characters

RUSH:  No, they killed off one of my favorite characters in that show, and I can’t… I was shocked.  I was stunned.  No, no, no.  Major Crimes.  Major Crimes is one of my favorite shows, and last night I’m watching it, part one of a two-part finale, and they killed off Robert Gossett.  Robert Gossett plays Russell Taylor, police captain, assistant police captain or something.  It’s just a great show.  It’s the sequel to The Closer, and Robert Gossett is one of the most naturally funny guys. I understand he’s a stage actor, too.  Man, what a shock!  What a shock.  I hope it doesn’t mean the show’s over.  

Trump Hires Dave Bossie of Citizens United

RUSH:  Have you heard about Trump’s latest move that just have — oh, man, they’re seething, they are seething with range on the left.  Did you hear who Trump has just hired as his assistant campaign manager?  David Bossie, Citizens United, Dave Bossie.  Trump has just hired — this is another fun bit of news that set the Drive-Bys hair on fire.  Trump has hired Dave Bossie to be his deputy campaign manager.  Is just hilarious. 

That’s gonna inspire another coughing spasm fit from Hillary Clinton.  They hate Citizens United.  Do you know what Citizens United really is all about?  Citizens United was a Supreme Court decision which basically allowed corporate entities to make campaign donations, aside from Big Labor, and the left hates it.  But the reason it was a case, people have forgotten this — it was a movie involving Hillary Clinton that she tried to stop.  She did not want the movie to air. 

Look, I’m whittling this down to one of its bare essence or essences.  That’s not a word.  I’m whittling it down to one of the key elements of Citizens United, and that is that Mrs. Clinton does not want critical media of her to have a fair shot.  And there are many others aspects of what the Citizens United case was about, but they are hell-bent on overturning it.  It’s an amount of money that they thought they had frozen out of politics, money that would naturally go to Republican and conservative candidates. 

But there was also the ability to openly criticize public figures that Hillary and Obama just despise.  And it was the Citizens United case, if you remember, a State of the Union speech where Obama openly ripped it, and Judge Alito in the audience with the Supreme Court justices, shook his head, “No, no.”  And everybody thought that Alito was dissing Obama when Obama was dissing the court is what actually happened. 

Anyway, Trump hiring Dave Bossie, I mean, I remember Dave, I first heard of Dave Bossie when Newt threw him overboard way back in the nineties.  I don’t even remember what for.  But Newt threw him over.  I’ve always liked Dave Bossie.  He’s one of these street fighters.  He’s out there, he’s never been in the upper hierarchy of academe, intellectual conservative movement. 

He’s one of these street fighters. He’s down there in the jungle getting things done along with Tom Fitton at Judicial Watch. These guys are just relentless.  And to be hired as the assistant campaign — (laughing)  I mean, this is a fist. This is a fist right in the gut and twisting and turning it right into the Hillary and Democrat campaign.  

Samsung Unofficially Recalls Exploding Phones

RUSH: I want to go back to our caller before the last half hour, the one who had an Android phone and I made a snide comment. Her battery was about to expire, she said, she didn’t have much time, and I thought, “Well, I hope it doesn’t explode on you.”  Now, that’s a reference to the latest Samsung phone, their phablet called the Note 7.  And they’ve had to recall them because they’re exploding, the batteries are exploding during recharging. 

Samsung has this supposed fast charging technology, but the battery assembly, there’s something not right in it, and the batteries, the latest one a battery exploded in Australia in a hotel room and did $2,000 worth of damage. It’s a very dangerous thing, so there’s an unofficial official recall.  They haven’t actually recalled them through the Consumer Product Safety Commission, but they’ve let it be known if you take the phone in they’ll exchange it for a new one, but it’s gonna take some time. 

Here’s the point about all of it. “So what, Rush?”  Well, I’ll tell you what it matters.  And it’s a media thing.  As you know, I read tech blogs.  It’s my hobby.  I read every tech blog — well, not every one.  I don’t think it’s possible.  But, I mean, a slew of ’em.  And I’m here to tell you, folks, that 80%, if not more, of the tech media hates Apple and loves Samsung.  Eighty percent of the tech media reports on Apple the way the Drive-Bys report on Republicans.  And Samsung gets the treatment that Obama and Hillary and the Democrats get. 

Now, what’s fascinating about it is that all year the reporting on Apple has been it’s over, Apple’s finished, first year iPhone sales did not grow, there’s no innovation, nothing new coming out of Apple, they’re finished, they’re done.  Meanwhile, they are just scoring 90% of the profits in the smartphone industry worldwide with nowhere near 90% market share.  And it turns out, information today, the iPhone 6s is the biggest selling iPhone in the world.  The second biggest selling iPhone in the world is the iPhone 6. 

Samsung is at number four.  Samsung has sold something like two and a half million of these Note 7.  Apples sells that in five minutes.  So here comes this Samsung phone that the media touted as the iPhone 7 killer.  Samsung even moved up the production and the release date to release the Note 7, whatever they’re calling this thing.  It’s their phablet phone.  It’s their five and a half or six-inch phone, the Note 7.  They moved up production to release it earlier than the iPhone 7 coming up, to beat Apple. 

And now they’re all blowing up.  And the tech media, it’s incredible.  The tech media is, “Oh, how unfortunate for Samsung. They tried so hard, you know, this is gonna cost Samsung a billion dollars. Oh, my God, it’s horrible, it’s horrible what this is gonna cost poor Samsung.”  Look, I got nothing against Samsung.  Nothing at all.  I have a couple Samsung TVs in here.  Don’t anybody misunderstand.  This is strictly media analysis here. 

If Apple released a product that was blowing up on people, it would be front page New York Times. Everybody who had a phone that blew up would be featured. There would be this class-action lawsuit like you can’t imagine.  It’s stunning.  And yet Apple is a bunch of libs.  Apple is a bunch of progressives.  Apple does everything, they’re global warming aficionados, all of this stuff.  But they’re big, they’re the big guns, and, as such, they’ve gotta be taken out, as such, they’ve gotta be destroyed, as such, they gotta be taken down.

It’s an amazing thing to watch.  The similarities in the way media treats Apple versus its competitors, primarily Samsung.  It’s something I’ve noticed ever since I started reading these things.  And this takes the cake.  This was going to be the iPhone killer.  And understand there’s a couple of them every year, tech media, whatever new is coming out from Samsung is the next iPhone killer. 

And there hasn’t been one.  And poor Samsung, now this thing is the latest — Samsung got a better display, it’s got a faster processor.  Guess what, the iPhone 6s, a one-year-old phone, smokes it in Geekbench tests.  It’s not even close.  And it’s amazing to see. It’s a fascinating study in media.  It just is.  And doesn’t matter where you go in media, they’re all predictably the same, whether it’s sports, whether it’s tech, whether it’s business, whether it’s the news, doesn’t matter.

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