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RUSH: Joe Biden just gave Hillary some advice.  He said that Hillary should let voters see her heart.  She’s been on the public stage only 30 years; what do you mean, let voters see her heart?  And who says they don’t think that she’s in trouble?  What does that comment even mean?


RUSH: I just want to remind you what Joe Biden said today.  To me this is profound.  I don’t even know why he said it, other than there’s big trouble out there.  (interruption) Late October for the new watch.  That’s kind of surprising.  Okay.  Joe Biden said Hillary Clinton should let voters see her heart.  What?  She’s only been on the public scene for 30 years.  What prompted that?  That’s not good.


RUSH:  You know, I don’t know about Hillary letting voters see her heart, but I could do with less phlegm, I can tell you that.  I don’t know if there’s any heart there to be seen.  I’m quasi-serious on that.  Fastest three hours in media continue before you know it.


RUSH:  A little tidbit of information from the CNN poll yesterday that had Trump up by two over Hillary.  Some internal examination has shown that in the categories of honesty and trustworthiness Trump is up by 15 over Hillary.  Honest and trustworthy.  CNN poll released Tuesday shows 50% of registered voters consider Trump more honest and trustworthy; 35% who say the same thing about Hillary.

Now, that is a huge turnaround from earlier in the year.  Same poll back in March, Clinton led Trump 43 to 38 in honest and trustworthy; 45-37 in June.  So Trump is gone from down seven or eight, depending on the poll, to plus 15.  Now, it shows that the Drive-Bys, I mean, they are still powerful, but I find it fascinating — you know, MSNBC has taken the CNN poll and said, “No, no, no, you guys are looking at it the wrong way.  When you look at poll in the right way, Hillary’s still up four in the CNN poll.”  Okay.  Monkey with it however you want.

The point of fact is that with all of the — it’s not just Hillary getting free media.  It’s the media Hillary is getting is oriented towards destroying Trump, not just promoting her.  It is really focused on destroying him.  And the fact that he is ahead or tied given he has no free media — well, not free positive media — and given that he has not been running any ads of any consequence, it’s pretty phenomenal that he’s where he is.  And that’s all because people don’t like her.  And that’s illustrated by Joe Biden out there.

Why does Hillary need to do anything?  I thought this was a slam dunk.  I thought the Democrats thought it was over.  Hillary in a walk, Hillary in a landslide.  Trump’s such a horrible candidate and so forth.  Biden says that Hillary needs to show voters her heart, she needs to let voters see her heart.  What does that mean?  Well, it must mean that, on the surface, Hillary comes off as cold and calculating and distant, kind of like Nurse Ratched.

Now, Hillary has been around for 30 years.  Hillary Clinton has been front and center for 30 years.  Hillary Clinton has been copresident for eight years, secretary of state for four years, would-be president for another eight years.  She’s written books that nobody buys.  She’s had book signings that very few people attend.  Even now very few people attend her rallies.  But it’s not as though she’s been hidden.  She’s been out there front and center.  Why is it that people still need to see her heart?  And just by saying that, isn’t Biden kind of giving away the fact that things are not going well?

And they’re not.  Her disapproval numbers are right up there. Her lack of popularity numbers are right up there with Trump’s.  She’s only got 39% liability.  It’s not good for somebody who’s considered to be a shoo-in.

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