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RUSH: Here’s Julie, Temecula, California, great to have you up first today.  Hi.

CALLER:  Hi.  Thank you for taking my call.

RUSH:  Yeah.

CALLER:  So every morning I put today’s date, today is September 8, 2016, and put “Trump” because I want to see if there’s anything good on there, usually it’s all negative, right?  So, if I find a good article, I’m gonna click on it, and this one, there was one.  It says, “Trump Currently Leads the NBC Who Won Commander-in-Chief Forum.”

So when I clicked on it, it led to some tweets, and three people said that Hillary was wearing an earpiece last night and had fed answers.  So I went and did a search, and I just did “Hillary earpiece” and put the date, and it led to, you know, there’s actually quite a few YouTube videos showing it.

RUSH:  It’s all over the place.

CALLER:  But the one that intrigued me was the one that was a minute and 35 seconds and at about 40 seconds it shows an email Huma Abedin, and this was 9/24/09, it was an email to her, and this is what she said, is a quote:  “Did u,” and she used the letter “u.” “Did u take your earpiece, or do I need to get it?”

RUSH:  Right.

CALLER:  And so I was just wondering if you had heard that.

RUSH:  Oh, yeah.

CALLER:  Is that something just spread or is that true, because we don’t want her having it at the debate, if it is true.

RUSH:  First of all, I’m host.  So, yeah, I’ve heard of it.  The question is, are people getting this right?  I’m not yet sure.  I’ve seen all the tweets.  James Woods, the actor, has been huge in tweeting out the idea that she’s using an earpiece.  His tweets have been retweeted and they’re reverberating and a lot of other people have.

There are pictures of Hillary and what looks like some pearl, an elongated pearl thing in her left ear that people claim might be an earpiece. And then that Huma email that you found asking Hillary, “Do ‘u’ have your earpiece, or do ‘u’ need me to get it for ‘u’?” and so forth.  I’m still out to school on this.  I’m not sure, Julie.  I’m out of time here.  Look, it’s too long to ask you to hang on, but we’ll continue this when we get back.


RUSH:  The thing about these earpieces is they are common.  They are used by actors, stage actors forget their lines, they’re prompted with these things.  They’re also prompted for other things, particularly if they’re elderly.  A number of professional uses for these earpieces.  Whether or not Mrs. Clinton was using one, the jury’s still out for me on this.


RUSH: This earpiece business.  I think it could just be a spare cough drop in there rather than an earpiece.  Everybody thinks it’s an earpiece in her ear.  Gotta be very careful about this.  You know, during one of the debates between George W. Bush and I think it was Kerry or Algore, the Democrats said that Bush had a bulge in his jacket.  And they said that it might have been a receiver for an earpiece that was hidden somewhere — ’cause Bush was an idiot, that was conventional wisdom.

The press had put out that Bush was a cowboy dummkopf and didn’t know what to say, was being fed the answers.  That turned out to blow up in everybody’s faces.  There was no earpiece or private communication system.  Now, the reason why this has caught on with Mrs. Clinton is because of Mrs. Clinton’s character.  The Clintons are documented to be cheaters.  Mrs. Clinton’s health is also a factor.  She’s not all there.  She’s admittedly had a concussion.  She was out of commission for months at a time.  She claims that she forgets this and forgets that, she doesn’t know this, she doesn’t remember that.

And then you add to it, well, it can’t be denied the age factor, you put all these things together, they have created the impression that we have somebody here whose health is fragile.  And we have somebody here who also can’t tell the truth to save her life.  And she’s told so many lies that she can’t remember to whom she’s told or said what.

So now we’ve got pictures, a close-up picture of something in her left ear last night, and it looks like — well, you don’t know what it looks like until others put the idea in your head. Somebody says, “That looks like a pearl earpiece.”

“Oh, yeah!  Yeah!”  Like a Rorschach test. “That’s what it is, it’s a pearl earpiece.”

Then somebody finds a tweet, or an email from Huma Danger to Hillary saying, “Do you have your earpiece or do you want me to get it for you?”  And people are thinking, “What in the world would she need an earpiece for?  Is she hard-of-hearing as well?”  And if that’s the case, why wouldn’t they call it a hearing aid?  And while they might not calling it a hearing aid ’cause they don’t want anybody to know that she has a hearing disability, that wouldn’t look good, somebody running for president, so “earpiece” might be used.

Then there are a bunch of tweets that began last night after this close-up shot of Mrs. Clinton, and there is something in her ear.  Like I say, I think it’s a cough drop, a spare cough drop, but it could be an earpiece.  Then when you learn that these things are used on Broadway, they’re used not just on Broadway, but actors on stage use these, particularly elderly actors.

You’d be amazed, folks, at this.  Learning lines gets harder and harder as you get older, like Mrs. Clinton.  And particularly on television shows, they have cue cards next to the cameras or earpieces.  They have people helping certain actors with their lines, particularly a very, very prominent, very successful, highly reputed actor that some TV show desperately wants but the actor is near retirement age and the days of really, really hard work are behind them.

So in an effort to get the actor, make it easy as they can, don’t have to memorize the lines, they have earpieces and other ways of cueing the actor when to say what, and they hone this during rehearsal.  And it’s used in Broadway.  People forget their lines, they’re reminded. If they forget where they’re to be on the stage, they’re told.  So the system exists, and it’s well known to exist.

And if you put everything together you have Mrs. Clinton with the way they have presented her:  fragile health, concussion, memory challenges, memory problems, plus the Democrats, they cheat.  You throw all that in the mix, and you show somebody a picture Mrs. Clinton, what looks like a spare cough drop in the ear and you tell ’em it’s an earpiece, “Yeah.  Yeah.”  And I’ve just seen this blow up a couple of times on people, like the George W. Bush example.

largeNow, don’t misunderstand.  I’m not saying that they wouldn’t do it.  But I think something so patently obvious that everybody here has seen, I just don’t know that they are that desperate in the campaign.  I could be wrong.  Actually, I think they are that desperate.  I think they thought Hillary’d be at 70%, Trump would be at 30, and this would be over by now.  So I think there is beaucoup concern on the Democrat side, and I do think there are a lot of people that think she needs help.  And I think the Democrats cheat in any way they can to give her an answer.

But then look at it the other way.  If she’s running around with earpieces, why is she lying so much?  If she’s got an earpiece, somebody could shoot her the truth.  Somebody could whisper what she should say that would not be a lie, if they’re actually doing all of that.  But you can see, if you follow this on Twitter, you can see how eagerly people have picked this up.  I mean, this is the kind of thing that develops a life of its own, and it expands, it mushrooms, it grows out there, and in many people’s minds, it is factual.

And all I’m telling you is that I am not ready to sit here and say with ontological certitude, “Yep, I think that’s an earpiece and I think they’re cheating and I think they were whispering things in her ear to make sure she said the right things.”  I just don’t know.  And you also have to take into account, you know, the original source for these kinds of things. You have to weigh a lot of things in determining whether or not you want to sign on to something.

Now, we’re not a local show in Timbuktu.  So there are very many precautions.

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