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RUSH: This is something that I have noted for a long, long time, and it’s something I’ve simply internalized, my reaction to it, I’ve never made a big deal about it. I haven’t even really talked to anybody about it.  I ran across a story today that kind of — well, I don’t know the process internally in my deep, dark crevices of the incredible brain in there, but it just came rushing forward here.I’ve been leery, resentful, I don’t know what — I’ve had a problem with tweets becoming news sources for the longest time.  And it seems like it has been increasing, particularly in gossip.  But even in hard news, I mean, you can be reading something from CNN or NBC, whatever, and it’s based on a tweet of some public figure, 140-character tweet.

It’s just the latest example of reporters sitting around waiting for news to come to them, rather than going out and finding it.  Of course we know that does not happen anymore anyway. They are just waiting for the latest fax or tweet or what have you.  But here’s what prompted this, what prompted me to mention this.  I have a story from a website called Russian Times America.  Now, you probably never heard of it, but our show prep here knows no bounds.

And the headline of this story is “Obama Says Americans Are Too Lazy to Explore the World.”  Did you know Obama said this?  There’s no right or wrong answer.  Did you know that Obama said to anybody that Americans are too lazy to explore the world?  I didn’t know.  I said, “What? When did Obama say this?”  I don’t have any doubt that he said it.  I mean, I think it’s perfectly within Obama’s character to say something like this.  I think this guy’s got a chip on his shoulder about this country.  I don’t want to repeat that.  I’ve said that enough here.  Well, let’s dig into this story together, shall we?  Here’s what it is.

“President Barack Obama says Americans are so uninterested in the rest of the world because they are ‘lazy’ and don’t feel like knowing about ‘other people.’ His remarks have not gone unnoticed at home, where angered Americans suggested he stay abroad.”

Okay, so I read this from the Russian Times America website, I said, “What people at home?” This is the first I’ve heard of this, and yet they’re taking, they’re saying that Obama’s remarks have not gone unnoticed at home.  I’m not aware that they’ve been noticed.  But they have.  See, that’s the thing.  Guess this is what they report, he said.

“We are such a big country we haven’t always had to know about other parts of the world,’ Obama told a Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI) town hall.”  He’s over there in Laos. He’s over there at the G20 and whatever.  And he said: “If you are in Laos, you need to know about Thailand and China and Cambodia, because you are a small country and they are right next door and you need to know who they are. If you are in the United States,” Obama continued, “sometimes you can feel lazy and think, ‘You know we are so big we don’t have to really know anything about other people.’ That’s part of what I’m trying to change.”

We even have the audio sound bite of this.  That’s how extensive our show prep is.  Let’s move forward here to audio sound bite number 24 and let’s listen.  Again, this is yesterday in Luang Prabang.  I love the names of these places. I would love to go. “Where are you calling from today, Rush?” I’m in Luang Prabang.  “What are you doing?”  I’m Luang Prabanging, that’s what I’m doing. He’s at the Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative town hall.  Here is our esteemed president.

OBAMA:  Because we’re such a big country, we haven’t always had to know about other parts of the world.  You know, if you are in Laos, you need to know about Thailand and China and Cambodia because you’re a small country and they’re right next door and you need to know who they are.  You know, if you’re the United States, sometimes you can feel lazy and think, you know, we’re so big, we don’t have to really know anything about other people.  And that’s part of what I’m trying to change —

RUSH:  Yeah, yeah, yeah.  How’s he doing that, by the way?  How’s Obama trying to change that?  Hell, no.  It’s called open borders.  That’s how he’s trying to change it.  He’s not just apologizing.  He’s opening the borders.  Okay, if you Americans, if you think you’re so much better than everybody else and if you think you’re so big you don’t need to know everybody else, you don’t know that the real people in this world, the people that really count don’t live here, and I’m gonna make sure you get to know ’em.  Hello, Syrian refugees.  Hello, whoever he thinks we need to know.

I think this just part and parcel of Obama attempting to diminish the United States as a superpower.  This is a castigation.  He’s castigating people.  We’re a bunch of arrogant citizens.  We’re so big, we’re so selfish, we don’t care about other people.  We’re the most generous freaking nation in the world, for crying out loud!  But, in his view, we don’t care, we’re too big, we’re lazy, we haven’t taken the time to learn about all the superior government systems around the world like communism and Islamism and socialism. We’re so locked in our old-fashioned attachments to the American founding, what a bunch of deadbeats Americans are.


RUSH: Back to Obama in Laos at the Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative.  “At the same time, Obama did not forget to flatter Laotians. After calling Americans ‘lazy’ twice, once in reference to acting on climate change –”  Oh, yes, see, we still are not getting with it on climate change.  How many of you watch Mr. Robot?  This stuff is everywhere.  You watch Mr. Robot?  You don’t watch Mr. Robot?  I watch Mr. Robot.  And if you don’t watch it, just think geek, total, total geekville.  It’s about hacking.

The hated entity in the show is a corporation called Evil Corp, the Evil Corporation.  They manufacture evil and they run everything.  Everything.  Evil Corp owns everything, including the Oval Office.  They own everything.  And the CEO of Evil Corp — they hack Evil Corp, these renegade geeks.  Anyway, the CEO of Evil Corp last night was being asked by one of his subordinates, “What keeps you going?  You’ve been running Evil Corp for who knows how long.  What keeps you going?”

And here was his answer.  “You know, when I was young, every room I was in there was somebody more powerful.  And I determined long ago that I wasn’t gonna stop until I was the most powerful person in any room I walked into.”

Now, we got doofuses all over the place. He’s basically talking about how he was going to be god on earth and then in going through his litany of things that he was fighting and dealing with came this.  There was a section where they were trying to sell the Congo to the ChiComs.  Evil Corp wanted to give Congo to the ChiComs, and the guy says, “And the reason why is because climate change is already destroyed Congo, it’s worthless, and the ChiComs have no idea it, so let’s unload Congo on the ChiComs.”

And here it is again, another reference to climate change as though it’s real and it’s destructive.  And it’s not.  It’s an absolute hoax.  And here’s Obama, “After calling Americans ‘lazy’ twice, once in reference to acting on climate change,” yeah, we’re not doing anything about it, folks.  Despite how many people are driving worthless cars they’d rather not have, despite doing a bunch of stuff they think they need to do to make up for all of the destruction they have wrought, you see, with the left it’s never enough.  You can give up everything you’ve got. You can devote everything you have to their cause and you’re still never doing enough.

We’re lazy, we’re not do not enough about climate change. Obama says “that Laos has the ‘youngest population’ and the fastest growing economy, which Americans could in fact learn from.” Yes, we need to learn from young people in Laos.  They got climate change down pat. They’ve got entrepreneurship down pat. They’re fast, they’re young, they’re growing and so forth, and Americans are a bunch of lazy.  Really?  Stop and think about that.

This is a man whose policies have led to 94 million Americans not working.  Well, not all of them.  I mean, Obama’s probably added — I don’t know what the number of Americans not working when he took office.  At least 10 or 12 million that he’s added to it, that’s the number of jobs we’ve lost, if not more.  But now we’re lazy.  And yet everything Obama has touched has gone to hell.  Health care, American foreign policy, Iraq, creation of ISIS, it’s devastating what has been done, and now it’s all our fault.  We are lazy.

Anyway, I have not seen this reported.  This, by the way, is all Twitter, even the audio.  I haven’t seen this reported anywhere.  Here’s what this Russian Times America site wrote: “While the Laos town hall exploded in applause, the internet burned in anger. Americans turned to Twitter to let their frustration out, accusing the president of being ‘anti-American.’ Some people on the social media have even suggested that maybe Obama should stay in Laos if he likes it so much.”

Anyway, all of these things end up being tweets, and that’s the source of the news.  I don’t know, I’m not expressing this as well as I had hoped to.  The story itself is one thing and then how we learn about it is another.  I just think when tweets become legitimate news sources — what the hell am I talking about?  The news business is gone anyway.

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