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“I just saw this Chelsea Clinton story yesterday. The headline is:  ‘Chelsea Clinton Accuses Trump of “Sad, Misogynistic, Sexist Rhetoric.”‘ And I’m wondering if she knows who her dad is. I’m reading this, ‘Who’s your daddy? Pedro Martinez? Who’s your daddy?'” 

“There are a whole lot of people — I call them the backbone of America, the people that make the country work. They’re out there, they’re working and they’re slaving away or they’re trying to. Some of them just have a really tough time getting ahead, but they’re every bit the American citizen that you and I are. And I always have them in mind, every day when I’m doing this program. And I have them in mind when I count my own blessings.” 

“Why would we expect a Libertarian, who doesn’t want us to be anywhere in the world, to understand where Aleppo is? That’s not why they’re running. That’s my defense of Gary Johnson, while everybody else is piling on the guy.” 

“If you start talking to a Libertarian about marijuana, they know everything, they’ll talk your head off.”

“This Hillary earpiece business. I think it could just be a spare cough drop in there rather than an earpiece in her ear.”

“Gary Johnson is not really there to advance what you would call the Libertarian worldview or ideology or what have you. They’re just in there as spoilers.”

“Trump does not do politics. He doesn’t behave like a politician. They ask him a question, he’ll answer it, for good or bad.”

“They’re not media; they are Democrat Party hacks and activists, and they are disguised as journalists, but their job is to get Hillary Clinton elected. Their job is to take Donald Trump out.”

“The reason why this earpiece has caught on with Mrs. Clinton is because of Mrs. Clinton’s character. The Clintons are documented to be cheaters.”

“I think there is beaucoup concern on the Democrat side, and I do think there are a lot of people that think Hillary needs help. And I think the Democrats cheat in any way they can to give her an answer.”

“If Hillary’s running around with earpieces, why is she lying so much? If she’s got an earpiece, somebody could shoot her the truth. Somebody could whisper what she should say that would not be a lie, if they’re actually doing all of that.”        

“Hillary Clinton is a security risk out the wazoo. She’s arrogant. She is above it all. She doesn’t think much of the classification system. She probably thinks a bunch of things that were said to be classified and secure really shouldn’t have been.”

“One of the great things about me as your host, I don’t have to have seen it to tell you what you saw.”

“Gary Johnson is the receptacle into which you throw away your vote”.

“Hillary Clinton was trading on her high government position and selling access to her using her government position, using these private servers and email accounts to do it. She was selling access to herself while secretary of state — that’s what pay-for-play means.”

“The FBI director did not want to be the guy in all of American history known for taking action that eliminated the Democrat Party’s presidential nominee in the year 2016. ‘I don’t want to be the guy.'” 

“I don’t know what it feels like to knowingly go into a polling place and know that your vote is actually undermining what you want to accomplish. I just personally cannot relate to voting for a third-party candidate.”

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