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RUSH:  Hey, quick question.  If you were invited to appear on Larry King’s TV show — I mean, if you decided to accept that — would you think that you are appearing on Russian TV?  Does Larry King even know that his show is on Russian TV?


RUSH:  Look at this.  Fox and CNN have pretty much the same graphic headline.  Trump has put the GOP in an uncomfortable position.  The statements on Putin.  First place, he goes to the Larry King show.  Who the hell knows that that’s a network called Russia Today.  What’s Larry King doing on a Russian network, much less Trump.  But who knew?  Does Larry King even know he’s on a Russian network?

Apparently Trump’s a little trouble out there because he said — correct me if I’m wrong — he said that Putin has been a stronger leader for Russia than Obama has been for the United States.  That’s what he said.  Now everybody’s saying, poor Pence, poor Pence has gotta run out and defend that as the vice president. He’s gotta defend that and he doesn’t want to.  It depends on how you define strong, it seems to me.

JOHNNY DONOVAN:  And now, from sunny south Florida, it’s Open Line Friday!

RUSH:  When’s the last time Vladimir Putin apologized for Russia?  When’s the last time Vladimir Putin went to an economics meeting in China and called his own citizens lazy?  When is the last time Vladimir Putin went around the world and apologized for whatever atrocities Russia has committed in the world?  I don’t know.  It depends on how you define “strong.”

It’s Open Line Friday.  Great to have you.  Rush Limbaugh behind the golden EIB mic.

Once again, this is this kind of thing, Trump supporters aren’t gonna care.  Some of Trump’s supporters are probably gonna applaud it.  Some of Trump’s supporters, ’cause they’re gonna hear it as a swipe as Obama, which they don’t mind hearing every day.  Anyway, it’s typical of the Drive-Bys and others in the Washington-New York-Boston corridor, the establishment, “Oh, my God, oh, my God, the Republican candidate praised a Russian butcher over our own president. Oh, my God, what problems does he know he’s causing for the Republican Party?”  In their world, yeah, this is a taboo. You just don’t do it.

Forgive me, but is it not the Democrat Party who’s been sidling up to communists all over the world my entire life?  Is it not Ted Kennedy who wrote the Soviet, Yuri Andropov, a letter asking him to be patient until they could get rid of Ronald Reagan at the next election and to not make any foolish nuclear arms agreements with Reagan ’cause he’s a dangerous cowboy?  Was it not the Democrat Party making deals with the Soviet leadership in Nicaragua trying to undermine Reagan there?  Somehow we’re supposed to believe here that Trump has violated some great tenet where you don’t sidle up to Soviet leaders, and he’s a KGB guy.  I mean, Putin.  I mean, it’s much ado about nothing as far as Trump supporters are concerned.  Don’t doubt me.

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