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“Acknowledging that liberalism’s gonna win all the time but making sure it doesn’t take the country off the rails, is what many intellectual conservatives believe conservatism is. Is that what you think you signed up for, just to be sort of a set of guardrails against extreme, wacko, leftist behavior? In other words, did you sign up to be on the Washington Generals? Well, I didn’t, either.”

“Football is not a contact sport. Basketball is a contact sport. Football is a collision sport, violent collision sport. If you play in the offensive line or the defensive line, you and I couldn’t last one play there, folks. The average human being would be on injured reserve for your career after one play. It’s like being in a car wreck without the car every play.”

“It really is strange that an illegal hit to the head which leaves the quarterback woozy can be offset by an intentional grounding penalty, but that’s what happened with those questionable hits on Cam Newton last night.”

“I’m sure Matt Lauer wishes he could grow his hair back so he could walk around disguised and unrecognized now. I mean, they tore into this guy, and it’s all because Hillary bombed.  All he did was ask her questions about things they think are off-limits.”

 “The game of football is never gonna be the same. This game is gonna be reviewed play-by-play within the context of our culture, social justice, political correctness.”

“Hillary showed she’s not equipped to deal with tough questions. She got defensive. She didn’t look warm and fuzzy. This is why Biden’s out there saying she’s a gotta find a way to show people she’s got a heart. But that’s very hard for a Nurse Ratched type personality to do.”

“These happen to be doctors. But they wear white coats, and they work in labs, which makes ’em scientists. And 71% of them think that Hillary’s health concerns are so bad that she may not be qualified to hold office and an even greater number think that it’s so bad that she needs to release her health records.”

“It’s 30 years, and we still haven’t seen the real Hillary? The problem is, we have. The problem for them is that we have seen the real Hillary.”

“I think much of liberalism is guided by a never disappearing chip on their shoulder. They’re always mad, angry about some personal affront. And it’s always something that stood in their way. It’s always somebody being mean to them. It’s always somebody discriminating against them.”

“All this talk about how Hillary needs to warm up, she can’t. She’s too perpetually peeved.”

“The people that are sitting down and are taking a knee during the national anthem and their supporters, are specifically claiming that it is the flag that gives them the right to sit down, to take a knee, to dissent — that that is the meaning of the flag, that patriotism does not mean required support for a country. Patriotism can be principled dissent from a country if it’s doing things that you disagree with. And the flag permits this. This is how they’re explaining it and rationalizing it.”

“We are the luckiest people that have ever lived on this planet. And all it takes is a little perspective to realize that and then a mature admission that nothing’s perfect.”

“I admittedly have a love for this country, and I’m very frustrated at people that don’t. But I know that they exist and I know what their grievances are. I just disagree profoundly with them.  And I think the reasons they feel the way they feel, while they may think they’re legit, I think they’re immature and childish.”

“If you were invited to appear on Larry King’s TV show — I mean, if you decided to accept that — would you think that you are appearing on Russian TV? Does Larry King even know that his show is on Russian TV?”

“Patriotism to the left means being able to criticize the country, burn the flag, what have you. I understand that. I just wonder, where does it end? At some point does it become patriotic to destroy the country? How far does that definition of patriotism extend?”

“I think the things that happened that resulted in the founding of this country are miraculous. And even though I intellectually understand the people that have grievances, emotionally I don’t. It’s a real sore spot and it’s been a constant source of concern of mine ’cause I don’t know where else in the world that you could live that you would be afforded with the freedom, the opportunity.”

“If you want to create this utopia, this perfect place, since there’s gonna be natural opposition, you have to stamp that out and you have to have a massive command-and-control central authority which quote/unquote ‘understands this desire for perfection, understands what the perfection is and then how to implement it,’ which, of course, is totally fallacious. It simply isn’t possible.”

“I think one of the biggest myths that has dominated Washington is that Hillary Clinton is unbeatable, that she’s frightening, that she’s so dominant that nobody would ever have a prayer of beating her. I think there have been so many false narratives and illusions created about Hillary Clinton when the fact is that even on the Democrat side there aren’t that many people really into her.”

“The Democrats have been forced to marry Hillary. The Democrats have been forced to embrace her. The Democrats have been forced to accept, embrace, love, or say they love her. And they want us all to approve of their choice, but even they see her flaws and they’re desperate for her to hide them. They’re desperate for her to stop coughing. They’re desperate for her to show us her heart.” 

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