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RUSH:  Folks, here’s the thing that surprises me about this, and I know you know what I’m talking about.  Hillary Clinton, I don’t care what video you look at, collapsed and they had to practically toss her in that van.  That was a neurological episode.  That’s whatever. Pneumonia. That’s… whatever.  She collapsed.  It looks serious.  And I asked a question about this last week.  Do you realize that nobody — you’ve seen any of the videos about that incident yesterday, the 9/11 [memorial] when she had to leave it early — that’s another thing.By the way, greetings.  Rush Limbaugh here, 800-282-2882.

She had to leave. Do you realize how many protocols are violated?  She had to leave wherever she was at the 9/11 ceremony early.  They never, they never take a subject away until the transportation is lined up and ready because the worst thing — trust me on this — the worst thing the Secret Service wants is for the subject to have to stop and stand around, i.e., as a sitting duck, until the transportation shows up.

But whatever happened yesterday, they had to broom that.  They had to get her out of there before the ground transportation, the van, before the van even showed up, and she was waiting for a few minutes.  Maybe it was one minute or a little less.  But that’s a huge violation of protocol.  And that is the only sign that anybody with her thought something was up.  The thing about this — and there are so many things that amaze.

Here you have a woman who we know the latest allegations and the speculation and now the admissions about her illness, and the one thing that’s been curious about this is the people with her, her support staff, whenever something like this happens, don’t seem to think it’s anything unusual.  Like yesterday, they didn’t take her to the hospital.  They took her to Chelsea’s place.  And that’s a major event that happened yesterday.

So they must be used to seeing it.  It must not be that abnormal or extraordinary, which is not a good sign for people dealing with this behind closed doors that we’re not privy to.  It means that this has been going on a much longer period of time than just the diagnosis of pneumonia on Friday.  But I want to go back to this program — grab audio sound bite number four — last Tuesday, almost a week ago, I said the following.

RUSH ARCHIVE:  Something’s not right here.  There’s something that’s potentially really, really wrong.  In fact, I’m gonna tell you something. After I watched the videotape of Clinton in Cleveland, I actually started asking myself, “Who on her staff allowed that to continue?  Who put her out there?” …  I can’t believe that Tim Kaine let this go on and didn’t take the mic from her, didn’t try to take over.  I can’t believe they sent her out in this condition.

Something is clearly not right.  I’m not a doctor; I’m not gonna pretend to be one here.  All I know is, I’ve had hacking coughs and I’ve had them diagnosed, and there’s always been reasons for them that are related to respiratory.  Hers supposedly aren’t. Supposedly, there’s nothing wrong with her respiratory system.  … I’m telling you, there’s something that sounds really, really drastically wrong, and I do wonder about the people who are close to her and who know and are still subjecting her to this.

RUSH:  Let’s admit something.  She’s the candidate. She can tell everybody what to do, when to do it, when to shut up and so forth and so on.  That’s in response to that four minute coughing fit in Cleveland last week, that at some point everybody watching it said, “Why isn’t somebody assisting here? Why isn’t somebody on her staff coming out and helping get her? Why didn’t Tim Kaine get up and at least take the microphone a couple of times while she composed herself?”  They just left her out there to dry.  It was the strangest thing to me.

So I start asking myself why.  And the only thing I can conclude, folks, is that none of this, to the people closest to her, medical staff, campaign staff, none of this must be abnormal, or none of it must be extraordinary.  Maybe another way of saying it is this:  Maybe it happened so frequently that they’ve just become accustomed to it and it isn’t the big deal to them that it is to us, seeing it for the first, second, or third times.

But if that is the case, how long has this been going on?  We know that Mrs. Clinton, because of Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Kimmel did a great national service, he showed that Mrs. Clinton is capable of opening a pickle jar.  Remember that?  But that apparently is not the question now.  Can she open prescription pill bottles?  That would seem to me to be something of great concern, too.  Maybe Jimmy Fallon could have her on to demonstrate that.  I mean, pickle jars, for crying out loud.

I don’t know.  This is the first conspiracy I have ever known to fell somebody like it has her.  Everybody’s saying all this is a conspiracy theory and now all these conspiracy theories are borne out to be true.  The media has a history of hiding medical problems of ranking Democrats, Woodrow Wilson, FDR, JFK, any number of prominent Democrats the media’s gone out of its way to hide and they’re doing it here with Mrs. Clinton as well.

Now, folks, the video.  The first I saw of this is probably what you’ve seen.  This one was on the cable news networks throughout the day yesterday.  Hillary Clinton is standing next to a barricade and a light pole with her back to the camera and waiting for something.  The van arrives from the left of the screen. As you’re watching, the van arrives from the left, and the door opens to the van, and that’s when everything happens.

She stumbles forward and eventually looks like it’s just a total collapse.  There are people holding her by both arms.  She collapses, and it appears they just shove her in that van.  In the process, she lost a shoe.  They got her in the van, they shut the door, and if you look carefully, if you play it back in a number of different speeds, and if you can focus on her, she’s wearing all black, it’s all dark. You can see that she’s bobbing up and down. She looked like she has lost neurological control and then collapses.

Now, the first thing they said, “Well, you know, she lost her shoe.”  That doesn’t explain this and it didn’t explain it.  Now, there’s another video that purports to show a different angle.  But it doesn’t.  This second video has me really confused.  In this video, the van approaches from the right.  The purpose of the video is to show you a different angle, an angle that shows Mrs. Clinton more clearly.  And in this video, the camera is much closer to the van, the van approaches as you’re watching from the right.  In the first video, the van approaches from the left.  So what they want you to believe is that they’ve simply flipped this to show you a new angle.  But you can’t flip the video.  I mean, you can play a video backwards, forwards, but it doesn’t change the angle you’re looking at.  The footage is identical.

The second video purports to show a new angle.  And this new angle shows Hillary in even greater distress, or I should say gives you a better view of the distress, than the first video.  But what is intriguing to me is that nobody seems to have noticed that it can’t be the same video.  How can, in one video, the van approach from the left and the door on the right side of the van open and Mrs. Clinton gets in.  In the next video, same setting, but the van approaches from the right with the street being on the left of it.  And then the door opens in the van, which would be the left side of the van and then Mrs. Clinton gets in.

And all of the people in the video appear to be properly placed, and they appear to be reversed, lapel pins are on the opposite lapel in the second video.  It’s a really great trick, but the second video can’t be — one of the two can’t be real.  One of the two has to be — unless somebody can explain this to me.

Now, I have not explained any of this to Koko.  You know, I should have explained this to Koko and had him put both videos up so we could do a side-by-side.  But Koko, they’re both on YouTube.  Find the video that Fox News played yesterday afternoon and then go to a video you see on Drudge today, do a side-by-side comparison of ’em, and you will see on one video the van approaches from the left and doesn’t get close to her, the shot is a fixed-distance shot.

The other video, the van comes from the right side, the camera’s closer, people look identical, Hillary looks identical, going into the van looks identical, but it’s exactly in reverse, purporting to show a new angle.  But if all you do is reverse it, you wouldn’t see new footage, you wouldn’t see a new angle, you would just see everything from the opposite direction.

I’m surprised the Clinton campaign hasn’t objected to it, to one of the two, one of the two videos is not right.  Now, this is not to say that what is depicted in one of these videos is not true.  It obviously is.  Mrs. Clinton is obviously very ill.  She has not been well for a long time, and many people in the Democrat Party are well aware of it.

And they have decided to roll the dice that they can — the doctors or whoever can — exert enough control over the presentation of the symptoms of this disease that they can manage it.  Imagine something like this happens in a debate. Imagine! They can’t… Obviously, they cannot predict when these episodes of hers are going to occur.  That has to be the scary thing.  They canceled her fundraising trip to California today after claiming that it was pneumonia diagnosed on Friday.

And now the appropriate news agencies are out with stories, “Oh, yeah! You know what? Everybody in the campaign’s come down with it. It’s a horrible thing. Robby Mook’s got it.” That’s the way they’re trying to cover it.  Pneumonia, folks, can be fatal.  Pneumonia is — and there’s walking pneumonia; there’s pneumonia non-walking variety.  It’s really, really, really dangerous.  Elderly people die from pneumonia.  It’s something that has to be… You know, it’s fluid in the lungs, among other things, and it has to be monitored carefully, and it usually requires — depending on the severity and the age of the patient — hospitalization.

But up until Sunday, up until yesterday, they kept telling us it was nothing wrong other than Mrs. Clinton’s lingering effects from a concussion, which is requiring her to take blood thinners.  But aside from that, everything else was just a giant conspiracy theory.  All these alt-right-wingers and these conservatives and these conspiracy fruitcakes were just making things up.  There was nothing to see.  It was all a big bunch of rigmarole.  And it turns out that they have known for a long time she’s not well, and the diagnosis we get on Sunday is that…

Well, the news we got on Sunday is she was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday.  Well, why not tell us that on Friday?  You know, she’s makes this comment about “deplorables” and really eats it. I mean, really steps in it.  I mean, this is worse than what Romney said. It is much worse than Romney’s 47% comment, because this statement contained two elements, both of which are devastating.  In the first half of the statement, she refers to half the American people or half of the people supporting Trump as “deplorables,” undesirables.

They’re just the kind of people — ew, yuk — that sophisticated liberals don’t want to have anything to do with.  Now, this is not good, because liberals are not supposed to be looking at people this way.  Liberals make themselves out as loving everybody, tolerant, compassionate, equality, everybody is wonderful.  And yet here she goes and starts talking about half of Trump supporters as a bunch of essentially human debris.

The second thing she said is that the other half of Trump supporters are legit; they have legitimate grievances over the last eight years. They’re unhappy. The economy… She just indicted the Obama administration.  So in this statement she stepped in it big time twice. The Drive-Bys are trying to cover it up as best they can.  Why not…? After she says this, why not announce then that she has pneumonia and is not feeling herself and take the occasion of the announcement of pneumonia to apologize for the deplorable comment and get rid of it.

They didn’t do that.  They let the deplorable comment fester for a while, then they send her out with a quasi-apology, then the thing happens yesterday; they backtrack. “Oh, yeah, we forgot! It’s pneumonia. She was diagnosed on Friday.”  Now, again, folks, you understand what’s happening.  Twitter is not covering any of this.  The Twitter timeline doesn’t have the video of Mrs. Clinton’s collapse.  The Facebook timeline’s trying to diminish this.

So this is one of these events where you think everybody knows it, where you think everybody’s seen it, and they haven’t.  So if you’re wondering, “Why aren’t people more worked up about this,” don’t forget that not nearly everybody has seen this.  Now, some in the Drive-Bys are talking about it, and they’re very concerned, and there are elements that have leaked into the body politic and the portion of the public that the mainstream media tries to hide things from.

Such as: Tweets about emergency meetings at the DNC with the possibility of needing to come up with a replacement.  They haven’t firmly said that they’re doing this, but it’s been alluded to.  I guarantee you there has to be various degrees of panic within the inner sanctum of the Democrat Party at whatever level you’re talking about, because they can’t predict these episodes.  And what they know now is the doctors can’t control them.  Whatever medication she’s on, whatever maladies she’s suffering, every time she goes in public, it is a roll of the dice.

And this has to have them quaking in their boots.

Now, Democrats also have a history of replacing people they think are problems.  Thomas Eagleton back in 1972.  So we’ll just have to watch this and pay attention to it as the Democrats are, ’cause make no mistake: They have grave concern.  I mean, the polls are tightening now.  In the battleground states, it’s become a dead heat.  Trump has, in the words of the media, “seemingly matured,” is doing things right here, staying on message. His rallies continue to draw tens of thousands of people.  Mrs. Clinton can’t draw 500.  It’s panic time.

They’re not showing it yet, but there’s no question that it is.


RUSH:  I knew this was gonna happen.  I’ve got people saying, “No, no, Rush! No, no, it’s not two videos. They’ve just flipped it.  They just flipped the videos.” Well, then somebody explain to me something.  How come in one video you can see more of what happens to her than you can in the other?  If all they did was flip the video… You cannot create a new angle with the same video.  This second angle attempts to make you think the camera is to the left of where the original camera is and therefore has a better view of Mrs. Clinton getting in the van.

If all you’re doing is flipping the video and reversing the direction, you’re not gonna change any angles because there’s not a second camera.  “But, Rush! But, Rush! In that second video, you can really see her stumble. You can really see her fall to the ground.” Yeah, but why can’t you in the first?  People are in the way in the first video. You can’t see… “Well, the second video they’ve zoomed it, Rush! That’s part of the flipping. They reverse it, and you’re closer.”

Okay.  All right.  Fine.  I’m just… You’re not gonna change what’s on video if all you’re doing is reversing it.  You cannot fake a second camera with a new angle showing something new if all you’re gonna do is take the same video and reverse the direction that it plays.  The second video… That’s second in the order I saw them, so it could be the first one you saw. That’s what makes this tough to go through.  Anyway, this shall continue.  I’m not suggesting the event didn’t happen, folks, not by any stretch of the imagination.  I’m just suggesting here that one must always be careful.


RUSH:  Look, all this stuff on the video is interesting, but it’s a distraction.  So I don’t want to get too much in the weeds on this.  My only point is that the original video I saw which aired on Fox News has the van coming from the left with all of the street, the corner, the curb, and Hillary approaching as though the van’s pulling up and everything’s on the right.  Door’s on the right side, door opens, Hillary gets in.  The camera is at a distance, and as you’re looking at the screen it’s to the right of the van.

Then the second video comes, it’s much closer, like been zoomed.  And it’s been flipped, the video shows van coming from the right as though the curb is on the left of the van and the door is on the left side, and it opens, and it purports to show you even much more information. You see much more of Hillary getting in the van in the second zoomed video than in the first video.  And I’m just asking, how is it possible, since the data on both is identical?  You can’t create a new angle by reversing it.  You’re seeing everything just reversed, but not a new angle as though there’s a new camera with a new view that’s not in the first one.

So I guess what’s happening here is that zooming in is helping somebody see what you can’t see in the original video.  But that’s really beside the point.  The real point here is how sick is she, how sick do they know she is, and are they not telling us the full extent of it?  Haven’t been any health records released.  Bill Clinton’s health records have never been released so we don’t know.  He’s been, strangely, absent during all this.  I wonder why.

The video that we saw is fascinating in that Mrs. Clinton looks real — it looks bad, folks.  She falls.  I mean, it looks like she faints, and before that, her head is bobbing up and down as though she’s having a seizure of some kind.  And people are holding her on each side of her. One woman, looks like her doctor, taking her pulse, even as she’s walking toward where the van is eventually going to drive up and stop and pick her up.

Then there’s this near collapse, and they just shove her in the van.  They don’t take her to a hospital.  They take her to her daughter’s apartment where she emerges an hour and a half later looking 200 percent better.  I’d like to know what they gave her in that hour and a half, ’cause a lot of people would like to access it.  Because in an hour and a half later, an hour and a half later from that incident, she came out, she looked like — well, not a million dollars, but she looked tremendously better than when she got in that van.

And, remember, this is the incident where a young girl comes up and hugs her, and the Secret Service let that happen.  This is after we’ve been told she’s got pneumonia, which is contagious.  You know, so a lot of legit questions being raised by this.

In addition to that, up until this time, anybody expressing concern about her health was labeled a kook, a conspiracy kook. All of those people have been vindicated here.  We now have learned once again that it was Hillary and her aides and her team and the media that were hiding news from us, hiding the truth, which is not a surprise.  We all knew that was going on.  What we don’t know is how bad it is.

But if she’s canceling fundraising — this is the reason the Clintons exist.  Fundraising is why they do what they do.  And if she’s canceling a fundraising trip, of all places, to California, to the Left Coast — but then, folks, they lie so much that we don’t know what to believe.  Maybe they simply cancel a trip because they admitted she’s got pneumonia and it would not make sense for her to get on an airplane and fly for five or six hours and then get off and start doing a bunch of fundraising.  That wouldn’t look good after having told everybody she’s got pneumonia.

So maybe they’re sitting her down just to make the diagnosis of pneumonia stick.  But there are a lot of people who are very much concerned that it’s much more than that.  Because the fainting and the neurological behavior, the spasms, the seizures are not things usually associated with pneumonia, even walking pneumonia.  So that’s the real question is just how bad is it and how much are they continuing to keep from us.

But put yourself in their shoes again, now.  They obviously — this is the problem the Hillary team has.  And I don’t mean to exclude her from it.  She’s the one suffering from whatever it is, and it isn’t good.  She’s on blood thinners to the extent — this we know — she’s on blood thinners to the extent that if she falls and suffers a cut it could be catastrophic.  She’s essentially on anti-stroke medicine, these blood thinners kind — what’s the name of the medicine, Coumadin, it’s a very powerful blood thinner.  Because she’s had clots and the concussion and so forth.

Well, whatever else, if there is anything else that’s going on, these episodes are not predictable.  The coughing spasm for four minutes in Cleveland and another one same day, few hours later, then now this at the 9/11 ceremony where they, “Oh, yeah, she got overheated.”  It wasn’t hot, 79 to 82 degrees.  The heat wave broke.  But if she’s wearing a bulletproof vest, well, that could cause you to overheat.  You might be surprised to learn, folks, I have worn a bulletproof vest while appearing in public in parades and so forth.  And they make you sweat out the wazoo.

So if she’s wearing a vest, and that may be why she’s wears those house coats with Captain Kangaroo pockets on them is to cover the vest.  If she’s wearing a vest, she could have been overheated.  It’s entirely possible.  Depending on what she was doing and how much sunlight, direct sunlight she was in.  I mean, anything’s possible here.  We still are being held back on.

The thing that has to be concerning them is they can’t predict when these incidents are gonna happen, and there’s still a long time to go before the election.  A lot of things are coming together now:  why she’s off the grid for four days at a time.  Why, when she gets back on the grid, she can’t make it for very long before having to retreat to off the grid again.  Her appearance and her behavior and her stamina and her energy are not there.  Her stamina and energy.

And I think when Trump pointed that out some weeks ago, the way they reacted to him on that looking back on it, indication, boy, he must have really hit the bull’s-eye, because they went into overdrive trying to refute that one, but it’s abundantly clear that she isn’t healthy.

Now, one of the things that some in the Drive-By are saying, “This is a great example of how there is still bias against women. That if she were a man suffering pneumonia and was struggling to persevere, that she would be given all kinds of credit for toughness and stamina and willing to do the tough things to get the job done.”  But because she’s a woman, they say, she’s being portrayed as weak and incapable and incompetent and unable to overcome it.

So they’ve got a lot of things on the Clinton side ready to go to explain this.  Everybody on the staff now coming down with pneumonia is another one.  And they’ve got their willing accomplices in the Drive-Bys.  People magazine is out with a full-fledged cover-up kind of story.  “Oh, yeah.  Robby Mook, everybody’s got pneumonia in the Clinton campaign.  It’s just one of these unfortunate things, but we’re working hard, we’re struggling, we’re persevering.”  But it’s bad, and it’s worse than they’re telling us, and we don’t know who even among the Clinton staff is fully up to speed on it.

It’s conceivable that not everybody on her staff knows how bad it is, but it is bad, and I’ll tell you this, too.  If this were happening to Trump, there would have been calls for him to drop out months ago, weeks ago.  The media would be saying to Trump, “The only responsible thing for you to do is to drop out.  You are potentially damaging your party.  You’re damaging the country.  You’re putting you and your family and the country and the party at risk with this selfish pursuit of yours.”

If it were any Republican going through this, the drumbeat would be quit and quit now.  And if the Republican refused to quit, it would be a never ending barrage.  Not the case with Mrs. Clinton.  They’re circling the wagons and finding ways, imaginative and creative, to cover this all up, or to explain it as essentially no big deal, something temporary, and she’ll get it behind her pretty soon. We’re gonna be back to normal, kicking ass and all that.  But that’s not in the cards.  They can’t predict — this has got to be, I would think, if I’m on the staff, the biggest scary thing every day.  They can’t predict when these are gonna happen.  They don’t have medication that can control it.  Because if they did, then these incidents would not be happening.  And they can’t.

And it’s clear they don’t have — this is another amazing thing.  You can look at the coughing fit for four minutes in Cleveland; you can look at this that happened yesterday.  They don’t have what I would call emergency procedures in place.  Do you realize the protocols that were violated, Secret Service protocols violated yesterday?  I can tell you the subject, meaning the people the Secret Service are protecting never, ever, ever are to be seen or allowed to stand and not be moving, waiting for ground transportation to show up.  The subject doesn’t move until ground transportation is in place.

The one thing that you do not do, if you’re the Secret Service and you’re moving your protectee around, they don’t stop.  They don’t stop, period.  In a circumstance like this, once you make the decision to leave, it’s go until you get inside that van.  So something happened in there is that nobody could predict, that nobody was prepared for.  This was a totally unscripted, unprepared for instance yesterday or event.


RUSH:  Okay.  The Fox News headline:  “Hillary Clinton Has Medical Episode at 9/11 ceremony, Sources Say.”  The AP headline: “Doctors:  Pneumonia Is Serious, But Clinton Should Bounce Back.”  So don’t worry, ladies and gentlemen.  Everything is going to be fine.  It’s absolutely fine.  Let me go to the phones.  People want to weigh in on this.  We’ll start in Madison, Wisconsin, with Chris.  It’s great to have you.  Hello.

CALLER:  Good morning and welcome.  It’s an honor to speak with you, Mr. Limbaugh.

RUSH:  I appreciate that, sir.  Thank you very much.

CALLER:  I need the guidance of a real anchor, and you’re the real anchorman.

RUSH:  That’s right.  I truly am.

CALLER:  So, some questions.  I am… I would call myself a middle-of-the-road Republican or moderate Republican.  I was a Reagan Democrat in New Jersey many years ago and now I’m a Wisconsin, a fan of Walker and others such as Mr. Ryan. But I will say this.  I reached an unsettling point yesterday in this entire election.  Up until now, I chalked this up as an unusual election that didn’t have anything sinister going on.

But I now went on Twitter, which I don’t often do, and I see so many questions that unsettle me.  And when I put them all together, the question I’m gonna ask you to give me some guidance on is this:  Who is really looking to get Mrs. Clinton, Secretary Clinton, into the White House beyond herself?  Because there’s so many people who know so much.  The Secret Service did not look the least bit surprised or unprepared to shield her medical condition from the public.  The doctor was at her side.  She went to her daughter’s apartment and was miraculously walking on the street.

I don’t buy the doppelganger theories.  But there are so many things that are in consistent in the past.  Friday, she was fine; now, it’s pneumonia.  She won’t tell us what she said in all her speeches.  It’s like every single thing we asked.  And when I say “we,” I mean, anybody who’s paying attention.  I don’t just mean your listeners, although they’re a good part of it.  A lot of smart people on Twitter who may not agree with you have the same question.  What’s really going on here?  Is it just an ego battle?  I need your help.  I’m not a Madison liberal, but I’m also not some kind of crazy right-wing psychopath.  I am trying to figure out this.

RUSH:  There are no right-wing psychopaths, number one.  So —

CALLER:  I meant “psychofan.”

RUSH:  (laughing) Is your question…? If I could boil your question, I want to make sure I understand and answer the right thing.  Are you asking just what is it that’s really driving her to do this despite being so ill, or are you asking who is driving her to do this, who needs her there despite how ill she is?

CALLER:  I guess it’s the latter, because it’s almost as if she’s become the puppet of the people who need her or want her in office.  And I’m not gonna make any sinister connections to the Middle East or to —

RUSH:  No, no, no, no.  You don’t have to.  I’ll be happy to answer this.

CALLER:  Please.

RUSH:  And it’s not gonna please you.  Obviously, even though you’re not a right-wing psychopath because there aren’t any right-wing psychopaths, you’re still looking for an answer that has to be somewhat complicated because the simple explanation just can’t justify everything we’re seeing.  There has to be more to this.  I’ll tell you. This is what I think it is.  I don’t think average people like you and me have the ability to relate to the thirst and the quest for power that people like Bill and Hillary Clinton have.

I don’t have it.  I have no desire for the kind of power she does.  Do I have something that would make me risk everything because I want it?  I don’t know.  But she does.  I don’t think it’s much… I don’t think it’s complicated.  Now, this is not to say that there are not a lot of people who have really spent a lot of money expecting her to be in the White House, and that could be an ancillary answer.  She has accepted over a hundred million dollars in donations to various interests — the Clinton Foundation, the Clinton Global Initiative — when she was secretary of state.

There are people all over the world who have given this woman and her husband an amount of money that you and I will never, ever see or dream of, and they are going and they do expect something in return.  So I think it’s a combination of those two things.  But do not underestimate.  This is what makes leftists so damn dangerous, folks.  The quest for power to control everybody, to control everything.  It’s unhealthy, and it’s not normal, and it’s dangerous, and she’s got it.


RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, let me cut to the chase here.  You know, when an event like this happens, it’s so shocking… It’s a presidential campaign.  This is very, very serious stuff.  We’re talking about aside from whatever ideological differences we have, we’re talking about who’s gonna lead the country for the next four years. And despite the cynicism that everybody has for the political system there is at base, at bottom, there is a presumption, an expectation, a hope, that the person, the people we elect are essentially honest.

Now, I think that premise is suffering greatly in recent years.

I think more and more people are convinced that that’s not what we end up with, that those are the type of people now that we’re not getting in office. Everything’s been corrupted, no matter where you look in government. It’s got people in various stages of despair, because, when talking about the presidency, whatever people tell you outwardly, I’m convinced that most people want somebody of good character, somebody of some decency, somebody that can be president of everybody, not divisive like we’ve had the last eight years.

And this poor woman, Hillary Clinton’s sick.  She is really, really sick.  And it appears to the naked eye — biased or unbiased eye — that she’s not up to it, that there are things that are potentially catastrophically wrong.  And the fact that we’re not being told? Par for the course.  More and more is kept from us.  We’re left to our own devices to figure it out.  I just take you back to last week when anybody speculated on the severity of her illness, they were immediately labeled kooks!

They were part of this giant conspiracy movement that you couldn’t trust, that you couldn’t believe in. They’re wackos to one extent or another.  It turns out all of them were dead on.  She is terribly ill, and the fact that they have not shared with us any information confirming what we see is proof enough how bad it is.  If this were nothing, that’s what they would say! If this were a temporary condition that anybody would recognize as something that you simply go through and you emerge from once it clears up, that’s what tell us it is.

But they’re not.  Even this diagnosis of pneumonia.


RUSH: Back to the phones now, Drew in Knoxville, Tennessee.  Great to have you, sir.  Hello.

CALLER:  1991 mega dittos to you, Rush.

RUSH:  Thank you very much.  I assume 1991 is when you found the program? It’s how long you’ve been with us?

CALLER:  It was.  We were fighting a different Clinton battle at the time, weren’t we?

RUSH:  Yeah, but one Clinton’s the same as all of them.

CALLER:  You have proved that to be right.

RUSH:  You know, it’s like they’re one and the same, co-presidents.

CALLER:  You never get tired of being right.

RUSH:  No, I never do. It’s just like people play golf well.  I ask them. You know, I’ll play golf with somebody who hits it straight down the fairway off the tee box and say, “Does it ever get boring?” And they look at me and they smile and say, “Never.”  And it never gets boring being right.  You know, what frustrates me is people still doubting me.

CALLER:  Exactly.

RUSH:  After 28 years, they still doubt me.  It takes a lot of maturity to put up with that, I’ve gotta tell you.

CALLER:  And you’ve done it well.

RUSH:  Thank you, sir.

CALLER:  I just want to say a few things.  The video appears… It seems really strange, but I think it must be from two different cameras and one seems to be reversed. Because if you look at the driver’s side and the passenger side, it seems to me —

RUSH:  Let me tell you what happened here.  This is a common tactic in social media.  Somebody mirrored the video, which means reversed it and then they zoomed it, and then they do sell it as a different angle.


RUSH:  They tried to license it and sell it. They posted it to tease people and tried to sell it. It’s common practice here.  But you can’t take one video and reverse it and show something in one version that’s not in another.

CALLER:  Exactly.

RUSH:  You just can’t.

CALLER:  Right.

RUSH:  But this is purporting to be a second angle.  A lot of people think it’s a second angle before they study it.  It worked.  It fooled a lot of people.

CALLER:  Yes indeed.  But you know what was really striking to me is how quickly all her handlers condoned her right off.  I mean, they jumped right into action, and it was like they were blocking all the cameras.  They knew what was going on.  I have seizures, and I just wanted to say that what I noticed was that she didn’t collapse.  She started having a seizure.  I mean, you can tell that she’s being shake. She stiffens up, and then for a couple seconds and after that her legs just buckled.

And so that’s just… You know, I have seizures myself, and it’s easy to spot.  And it’s… I’ve never seen myself have one, thank goodness, but I know what it looks like.  And she definitely has a… There’s gotta… It probably depends where her brain damage or where her clot was and knowing what type of seizure she has, because there are so many signs. But it seems obvious that there’s obviously… It’s not pneumonia, and it’s just pretty apparent that —

RUSH:  Well, look, it’s really, really risky to start diagnosing. Even people like you who’ve had seizures, you would think that you would have credibility in spotting seizures in others.  And you might.  You might well.  I have to be very careful about engaging in medical diagnosis like this.  I haven’t slightest idea.  The only thing I can do is take everything I see and add it to what I know and then try to be common-sensical about it.

Do you all remember a video of Mrs. Clinton…? It seems like it’s a month ago now.  It’s a close-up video, and she’s walking down a hall talking to reporters.  She stops and is answering question, and all of a sudden her head starts bobbing up and down with a weird look on her face, and if you didn’t know better you think she’s making fun of somebody or telling a joke.  Until you see it over and over again, and then it looks like she’s not controlling what she’s doing.  And people around her don’t look like they quite get what’s going on.

Nobody is laughing as though she would be telling a joke that was funny. In all of my life paying attention Clintons, I had never seen her behave like that. I’ve never seen it. When she tells a joke… She’s not a funny person anyway.  She’s not naturally funny. She’s not naturally charismatic or engaging.  And this was just… It was strange.  It was not Parkinson’s. I can’t describe it if you didn’t see it.  Maybe we got the video. We can find it and put it on our website.

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