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“Nobody’s better at dissecting these people on the left than me. You just need the courage to listen and to accept the truth when you hear it.” 

“Democrats have grave concerns about Hillary Clinton. I mean, the polls are tightening now. In the battleground states, it’s become a dead heat. Trump has, in the words of the media, ‘seemingly matured,’ is doing things right here, staying on message. His rallies continue to draw tens of thousands of people. Mrs. Clinton can’t draw 500. It’s panic time.”

“I guarantee you there has to be various degrees of panic within the inner sanctum of the Democrat Party, because they can’t predict Hillary Clinton’s episodes. And what they know now is the doctors can’t control them. Whatever medication she’s on, whatever maladies she’s suffering, every time she goes in public, it is a roll of the dice.”

“The only thing I can conclude, folks, is that none of this, to the people closest to Hillary, medical staff, campaign staff, none of this must be abnormal, or none of it must be extraordinary. Maybe another way of saying it is this:  Maybe it happened so frequently that they’ve just become accustomed to it and it isn’t the big deal to them that it is to us.”

“Jimmy Kimmel did a great national service, he showed that Mrs. Clinton is capable of opening a pickle jar. Remember that? But that apparently is not the question now. Can she open prescription pill bottles? That would seem to me to be something of great concern, too. Maybe Jimmy Fallon could have her on to demonstrate that.”

“Mrs. Clinton is obviously very ill. She has not been well for a long time, and many people in the Democrat Party are well aware of it.”  

“Liberals make themselves out as loving everybody, tolerant, compassionate, equality, everybody is wonderful. And yet here Hillary goes and starts talking about half of Trump supporters as a bunch of essentially human debris. This is not good.” 

“I’ll play golf with somebody who hits it straight down the fairway off the tee box and say, ‘Does it ever get boring?’ And they look at me and they smile and say, ‘Never.’  And it never gets boring being right. You know, what frustrates me is people still doubting me.” 

“I don’t think average people like you and me have the ability to relate to the thirst and the quest for power that people like Bill and Hillary Clinton have. This is what makes leftists so damn dangerous, folks. The quest for power to control everybody, to control everything. It’s unhealthy, and it’s not normal, and it’s dangerous.” 

“There are people all over the world who have given Hillary Clinton and her husband an amount of money that you and I will never, ever see or dream of, and they are going — and they do — expect something in return.” 

“The incident where a young girl comes up and hugs her, and the Secret Service let that happen. This is after we’ve been told she’s got pneumonia, which is contagious. You know, so a lot of legit questions being raised by this.” 

“This poor woman, Hillary Clinton, is sick. She is really, really sick. And it appears to the naked eye — biased or unbiased eye — that she’s not up to it, that there are things that are potentially catastrophically wrong. And the fact that we’re not being told? Par for the course. More and more is kept from us. We’re left to our own devices to figure it out.” 

“Despite the cynicism that everybody has for the political system there is at base, at bottom, there is a presumption, an expectation, a hope, that the person, the people we elect are essentially honest. Now, I think that premise is suffering greatly in recent years.” 

“No matter where you look in government everything’s been corrupted. It’s got people in various stages of despair.” 

“When talking about the presidency, whatever people tell you outwardly, I’m convinced that most people want somebody of good character, somebody of some decency, somebody that can be president of everybody, not divisive like we’ve had the last eight years.” 

“Liberals are the ones who look at people and make judgments, negative judgments based on skin color and gender, surface kind of things. They’re the ones that seek to divide various groups of Americans, not unify or not heal.” 

“It’s clear that these people on the left have disdain and contempt for people that really are the backbone of this country. They have contempt for the people that make this country work. They’re not racists and sexists and bigots. You’ll find more racism and bigotry on the left, far more than you will find on the right in this country.”  

“Trump rallies are overflowing, and hers are not. Hillary had that appearance in Kansas City at the Baptist convention, the choir was the biggest group that was there. Trump’s rallies are just the exact opposite.” 

“The progressive agenda is essentially open to any change whatsoever no matter how derogatory, no matter how damaging, no matter how corrupt, whatever is change is good unless it is conservatism, then that change is intolerable.”     

“We have a new email address: ElRushbo@eibnet.us. If you send to the old address, your email ends up in the ether somewhere, if it ends up anywhere. We never see it.”

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