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Tons of Surprises in NFL’s First Week

RUSH: We had the opening of the NFL season yesterday, a lot of surprises that took place, especially among the young quarterbacks yesterday that all looked like seasoned veterans.  And then tonight we got two games, we got the Steelers and the Redskins followed by the Rams and the 49ers and whatever Colin Kaepernick decides to do during the national anthem.  

iOS 10 Makes You Feel Like You Have a New Phone

RUSH: We got the new iPhone coming out this week.  We got iOS 10 hitting tomorrow, for you iPhone and iPad users.  Let me just tell you something.  As a powerful, influential member of the media, I have been running iOS 10 since they released the first beta back in mid-June.  This has got so many tremendous, fun, functional, productive improvements in it that I cannot wait to do tutorials with people, and it’s really kind of frustrating.  Some of the new features that are in iOS 10, well, most of the new features only work with other people running iOS 10.

Like what they have done to the photos app you will not believe what you’re able to do in the photos app.  You will not believe what it does for you.  The fun things that you can do in the messages app are just over the top, but you can’t use them with people not running iOS 10, so I’ve been frustrated here ’cause I don’t know anybody else running the beta.  I’ve tried to get friends interested and they’re afraid.  Which is understandable.  It’s beta software.  And they’re afraid to put beta software on their primary iPhone. They only got one. I’ve got more than one so I’ve got a phone I can dedicate it to, iPads too. 

So I’m looking forward to it going live tomorrow just so I can start using it with other people. It’s gonna make you think you got a new phone.  It’s gonna make, in many ways, feel like a brand-new phone to you, whether you get an iPhone 7 or not.  

Dolphins Recorded Having Conversation Like Two People

RUSH:  Lots of fun stuff coming up tomorrow.  Didn’t have a chance to get to it today because of the gravity of the circumstances of the news today, but try this.  Dolphins recorded having a conversation just like two people, like two people for the first time.  

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