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“The ‘I’m A Hillary Deplorable’ T-shirts are now in the EIB Store. That’s part of the ‘Never Hillary’ collection. They’re at RushLimbaugh.com. We’ve stocked up. These things are gonna sell like new iPhones out there.”

“Say, have you noticed how seemingly eager the Drive-Bys are to report that Mrs. Clinton has pneumonia? They’re not troubled by that at all. In fact, they’re reporting that she got pneumonia with almost a sigh of relief.”

“In the back of my mind, folks, I have wondered — I have really wondered — if there isn’t a small part of Bill Clinton that does not want Hillary Clinton to become president for a host of psychological reasons.”

“I’ve never stuck my finger in the wind to try to figure out which way the wind is blowing and the direction it’s coming from so I can get in the way of it or go along with it. I’ve never done that. I just show up every day and tell you what I think.”

“Linda Chavez and I have ostensibly been on the same ideological team for 25 years, but here we come on immigration, and now — all of a sudden — I’m not principled. Once again, there’s big money behind me, a ‘well-funded network.’ I don’t get a dime from any immigration people! We don’t take “funding.” In fact, I specifically refuse issue-oriented money.”

“If a trip to the emergency room would have documented in Hillary Clinton has pneumonia, big deal! They’ve already announced that. Yet they didn’t go to the ER when she collapsed. They didn’t go to the ER because they don’t trust the doctors there. Somebody in there, they think, would talk. Talk about what? If all she’s got is pneumonia, what do they have to talk about? So there’s clearly more than pneumonia.”

“There isn’t any assimilation taking place with this mass illegal immigration. That’s a stark difference from the old days! Immigrants used to assimilate. They wanted to become Americans. They’re not today. It’s not necessary. We’re becoming a Balkanized society.”

“I think the left owns hate in this country. I think they promote it. I think they cultivate it. I think they use it. I think most of the hate in this country’s actually found on the left.”

“I just got a bunch of emails commenting on the size of my show-opening cigar. It is a big one. It’s actually called a Lewinsky Triple Robusto, folks.”

“You’re a hard-working American and stand up for the National Anthem – but to Hillary, you’re a DEPLORABLE! Enrage liberals everywhere by proudly wearing your NEW ‘I’m a Hillary Deplorable’ T-shirt. The back of your shirt displays Rush’s original NEVER HILLARY logo, and the left sleeve carries Rush’s distinctive, time-honored signature.”  

“I have what is called in the media ‘perfect polarization.’ That means there are people who hate me, who will listen every day in order to seek and find reasons. They’re leftists. They’re liberals. But nobody’s paying them to be here, nobody’s seeking them out, and this program doesn’t trade in anger anyway.”

If it weren’t for me, you mind-numbed robots wouldn’t have had your minds poisoned on immigration, you know why? ‘Cause you’re not smart enough to know whether it’s good or bad on your own. So you need a Svengali like me on the radio revving you up every day. 

“The Democrats are worried to death that they’re gonna have to replace Hillary. It’s worse than pneumonia, and the way you know that is how easily the media talks about it. They’re talking about pneumonia like it’s the common cold!”

“Have you noticed how casually that has just snuck in there and seems to have established a life of its own as though it’s actual fact, and real that a segment of Trump supporters are white supremacists?”

“ESPN is all politics all the time. Politics even occurs before sports on ESPN now, and they’re losing subscribers left and right. They’re losing cable subscribers in huge numbers. It’s phenomenal what’s happening to ESPN, and the NFL is losing audience.”

“I find it just incredible how many children of rich Democrats seemingly can’t get jobs and make their own way in life. They still have to feed off whatever mom and dad can steer their way from the federal budget. It’s incredible.” 

“When does somebody’s freedom of speech permit them to come in and totally destroy your rally? When does the Constitution permit somebody to come in and totally destroy the country? When did all this become a suicide pact?” 

“Hillary Clinton couldn’t draw a thousand people to an event like Trump. And the people that protest Hillary don’t care enough about it to show up and do that. They’ll just be satisfied voting against her.”  

“Isn’t it nice to know, ladies, so many men can step up and take Hillary’s place and keep her relevant while she is unable to show up? Isn’t that a beautiful thing? Why, it takes three of these guys to show up and do the job that Hillary ostensibly would do on her own. What does that say? It takes Obama, it takes Biden, it takes Tim Kaine.”    

“I’m starting my 29th year now, and Democrats persist in this really stupid notion and presumption that what I do here is dishonest, that what I do here is calculated to achieve rating success. I guess they just can’t come to grips with the fact that the program is number one and popular because I’m who I am. I don’t calculate anything here!” 

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