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iOS 10 Drops and It’s Awesome

RUSH: I gave Mr. Snerdley a very quick tutorial on just one app that’s receiving a major upgrade today when Apple drops iOS 10.  That should be in about an hour if they hold true to the normal schedule that they use.  The tutorial I gave him was in the Messages app.  It’s indescribable.  I also did a tutorial. I actually did a video conferencing tutorial with other staffers this morning, which took me about 20 minutes demoing it on my iPad.

I’m telling you, folks, it’s a phenomenal, phenomenal upgrade.  The Photos app has a new feature called Memories, and it’ll go through your photo library and choose — and all this is happening on your phone.  It does not happen in the Cloud.  It’s not a violation of your privacy.  The feature goes through all of your photos and selects them by date, by location, by people.  The facial recognition software in the Photos app will blow your mind. 

And it creates slideshow videos automatically — it finds music — it creates them in 30-second, 90-second links. You can pick.  You can change the music, make it longer. You can create your own slideshows. But it does it automatically. And you can mail them, message them to people.  It’s just incredible.  Now, I’m not gonna spend much time on this today because there are other things, but, since I’m advocating that you do this, I need to remind you of one thing. 

If you upgrade to iOS 10 today or whenever you do it, do not panic when it seems like your battery life has gone to hell.  Whenever you install a brand-new operating system on your iPhone or iPad, it begins a whole new process of indexing data — all of your photos, the Spotlight search feature — plus you use the phone more when there’s a new operating system. You’re curious.  So it has to kind of bake in.  So your battery life will appear to be really hit the first time you use the phone or iPad after you install it.  But then the next charge after your initial usage, you’re gonna get better battery life on iOS 10 than you got on iOS 9.  

It’s a Lewinsky Triple Robusto

RUSH:  I just got a bunch of emails commenting on the size of my show-opening cigar.  It is a big one.  It’s actually called a Lewinsky Triple Robusto, folks.  

Democrat Party Changing More Rapidly Than GOP

RUSH: We have the Hillary Illness Stack and the accompanying sound bites that I want to get to next.  But in addition to that, folks, I have a whole Stack here of things that I didn’t get to yesterday have nothing to do with the campaign, and there’s some things I’ve added to it today.  Let me just run through the headlines and give you an idea of what I hope to get to before the program ends.  Just in from USA Today: “The Democratic Party is becoming more diverse, less religious and better educated at a faster pace than the country itself,” according to a Pew Center survey. 

The headline: “Democrats Changing More Rapidly Than Republicans.” They are becoming more diverse, they are becoming “less religious and better educated at a faster pace than the country itself. Meanwhile, the opposite is true for the Republican Party.”  Now, you might be think, “Boy, this is media bias. How can that be?”  Well, before you have that reaction, let me remind you of something.  You know as well as I do that the left has been engaged in a very systematic effort to keep Christians and Christianity out of college. 

They have done everything they can to take Christianity out of the mainstream of American life.  They have focused their attention of government as Santa Claus to this minority group, that minority group, every minority group they can find.  You look at the enrollment of major universities, institutions of higher learning, and if you’ve forgotten, let me remind you.  The number of men enrolling in college and universities has been declining for ten years. 

The number of people going to college, the number of people coming out of there with degrees and so forth, and massive student debt? The Democrat Party is owning more and more of them.  There’s a pull quote from this story.  “The number of Democratic and Democratic-leaning registered voters who have obtained at least a college degree went from 21% in 1992 to 37% today. Meanwhile, the number of Republicans with at least a college degree has increased by just 3 points in that same time period.

“In 1992, 28% of Republican and Republican-leaning registered voters had at least a college degree, and today that share is 31%.” So the Democrat number is 37% who have a college degree vote Democrat or lean that way. It’s 31% Republican.  “American voters in general who have at least a college degree has gone up 10 points since 1992, from 23% to 33%.” You might be saying, “Yeah, yeah, man. That’s right.” 

But who’s running the college, folks?  I mean, they’re not citadels of learning.  They’re centers for indoctrination, in many examples today.  So I think this establishes that the left’s efforts to commandeer as much of education as they can and to shame and do whatever they can to convince mainstream Republican/Christians to not even attend has shown some success. 

Nate Silver: Millennials Love Obama, But Not Hillary

RUSH: Over at FiveThirtyEight.  Now, a couple things here.  FiveThirtyEight, that’s the Nate Silver blog.  This is the wunderkind that the Democrats relied on in 2012.  This is the guy that predicts candidates’ chances of winning the presidency or whatever election by a percentage.  What he does, is he supposedly has this proprietary, known-only-to-him method of mass poll analysis.  Supposedly Nate Silver has a way of taking every poll out there and putting them into his formula and coming up with meanings that other people haven’t found a way to get.

The story here is that in polling data, young Millennials love Obama, but they’re not buying what Hillary is selling.  Hillary is having a tough time with them.  There’s something else.  This guy was just hired.  Nate Silver was just hired by the GOP. I think it was the GOP.  I have to find this.  He did a presentation, a seminar to Republican moneyed interests over the likelihood of their agenda being advanced and what progress there is to report on that front. 

So he is rapidly becoming an authority within the upper-level reaches of the establishment.  And when that happens, he’s going to have the kind of image and reputation that whatever he says is gonna be considered gospel.  If he’s already being asked to present to the upper echelon of the wealthy within the establishment, that’s quite a coup for Nate Silver.  So he continues to climb his own individual ladder of success.  This story from his own website details that the race, the presidential election continues to tighten. 

“[S]ome voters younger than 25 might go back to their Democratic roots. Right now, they might feel like they can cast a protest vote for a third-party candidate without contributing to a Trump victory.” They just don’t like Hillary.  They’re not crazy about Trump, either, don’t misunderstand.  But they’re not automatically going to Hillary, which means they’re gettable.  I think they’re gettable.  We’ll find out.  

NFL Ratings Down

RUSH: The National Football League.  Tell me what you think of this.  We just learned, by the way… Oh! No, you didn’t learn this ’cause I didn’t get a chance to pass it on to you yesterday.  The first thing is that the ratings for opening night the National Football League are down.  Yes!  Here it is.  “Ratings for the NFL Are Down From a Year Ago.”  In some cases — the original reporting for the overnights before the entire national rating sample had been calculated — they were down like 11%. 

This is the Sunday night game, not Thursday. The Sunday night game between the Garoppolos and the Arizona Cardinals, down 11% over the same game a year ago.  It’s not panic time by any stretch. But nobody expected this.  Everybody was expecting the NFL just to continue to grow.  I wasn’t. Don’t misunderstand.  But I mean, everybody involved in it believed, “There’s nothing stopping us! There’s nothing on TV out there that’s any better. We still have all the ingredients. We have fresh, we have unscripted, we have we have drama.

“We have an unknown ending! We have everything it takes. We have stars.”  Yeah. They’re sitting their stars down. (chuckles) They’re suspending their stars like Brady.  I will never understand that.  But if you look at the NFL as a TV show…? Have you ever heard of a TV show — other than Charlie Sheen. Have you ever heard of a TV series suspending its star for anything?  I know the NFL’s bigger than any one player, don’t misunderstand. 

But, man, they were so eager to suspend Brady.  They spent two seasons trying to suspend Brady.  So Brady’s sitting for four weeks, and their numbers are down.  People thought, you know what, you know what with Garoppolo, they’re gonna be watching in droves just to see how the replacement does.  And then when Brady comes back in Week Five against Cleveland, man, those ratings are gonna be off the charts!”

But it’s not working out that day.  The next thing that we learned: The NFL’s ratings with women have taken a big hit, despite pink October.  So the overall numbers are down — opening night compared to last year — 11 or 12%, and the general interest for the game among women is declining.  Now, you and I know what the problem is.  We could tell them. If they called here and said, “Why do you think we have a problem here, Mr. Limbaugh?” I could tell ’em. I could tell ’em in under five minutes.

Well, you may have heard… You may not have heard. Let me tell you in case you didn’t hear.  A player wanted to wear a special set of cleats this past Sunday, two days ago — shoes — to honor 9/11, and the league said (snickering), “There’s no way, Pal!  We’re not giving you a waiver.”  The NFL has got a very strict uniform clause.  Shirttails have to be tucked in.  Have you noticed, by the way…? If you watch the NFL and pay any attention, have you noticed that NFL jerseys no longer tuck in? 

They are tailored, they’re cut so that they end right at where the pants, the waist is.  ‘Cause players hate tucking in their jerseys.  An NFL jersey… I happen to know this. An NFL jersey, when you put it on over shoulder pads, will go down to below mid-thigh.  That’s how big it is.  Because they have to stay tucked in, by rule, with all that contact and all that maneuvering around.  So the players have gotten together with the equipment guys and they tailor those jerseys so they don’t have to tuck ’em in. 

It looks like they’re tucked in unless they’re wearing undershirts or T-shirts that are longer than the jersey which you are starting to see.  The NFL does not like this.  This is a violation of the uniform policy.  You can’t put your own sticker, you can’t use your own headband, you can’t wear your own decal in a helmet. This guy wanted to wear… Peyton Manning. Peyton Manning wanted to honor Johnny Unitas by wearing shoes that were black high-top shoes and he asked the league for permission. They turned him down. 

“Nope! You’ve gotta wear the shoes the rest of the team wears,” which I think in the day were white.  So they’re very strict about it.  Well, the NFL has relented, and on Week 13, they’re gonna allow every player to make his own social statement somewhere on his uniform.  They’re gonna allow a player to wear special cleats, special shoes. They’re gonna allow players to use special sweat bands, wristbands, promoting whatever cause that is important to them.  What do you think that’s gonna do for ratings? 

The National Football League is gonna let players speak their minds with their feet, but being the NFL, it’s gonna be in a tightly scheduled and preapproved way.  Sports Illustrated is reporting, “The league is preparing to set aside Week 13 for players to promote a charitable cause of their choice on their shoes and on their equipment.”  So in Week 13, the NFL is going to look like a social and cause-oriented billboard.  Just keep in mind NFL viewership slipping among females of most demographics.

Among white women, the NFL lost quite a bit of steam, and yet look at all the efforts they’re doing to attract women to the game and hold them.  That’s with pink October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  So that’s out there.  It’s deteriorating, is the point.  Everything about it is deteriorating.  The whole… I mean, last night, the second game, the 49ers and the Rams, what was the focal point of the game last night? 

What was Kaepernick gonna do? Was Kaepernick gonna take a knee and would any of the other players join Kaepernick, and one other player did, Eric Reid. So they took a knee.  They normally televise the anthem in these games but they did not last night so they could televise Kaepernick’s protest.  Remember when I worked at ESPN and they said, “We do not permit politics here!  You violated a public trust with us!” Which, by the way, there never was a promise.  They never extracted from me a guarantee not to talk about politics. 

But they said after the fact that they did and that I had violated it, but I hadn’t.  

ESPN Ratings Down

RUSH: Well, that’s out the window now, because ESPN is all politics all the time.  Politics even occurs before sports on ESPN now, and they’re losing subscribers left and right.  They’re losing cable subscribers in huge numbers.  It’s phenomenal what’s happening to ESPN, and the NFL is losing audience.  Meanwhile, the left is happy ’cause they got more people going to college and their people are getting smarter than the rest of America and they’re more “progressive.”  They’re happy for all of these selfish reasons that are not responsible for anything really improving.  

Kerry’s State Department Funnels Millions to His Daughter’s Organization

RUSH: John Kerry’s State Department. Ready for this?  You know, John Kerry has a couple of daughters.  At one time, Ben Affleck had a crush on one of them.  That was back during the Democrat convention in 2004 when Kerry and his swift boat buddies reconquered Boston Harbor. You know, they sailed across Boston Harbor to the convention hall replicating… I don’t know what they were doing.  Ben Affleck was on TV a lot during that convention just going on and on and on about what a dreamboat Kerry’s daughter was.  I forget which one. 

Ready for this?  “More than $9 million of Department of State money has been funneled through the Peace Corps to a nonprofit foundation started and run by Secretary of State John Kerry’s daughter…” What is it, folks, about the children of ranking Democrats that seemingly makes it impossible for them to earn their own way in life?  What is it about children of ranking Democrats, politicians, high officeholders, cabinet appointees?

What is it about their kids that seemingly makes it impossible for them to make their own way in life?  So here’s John Kerry’s daughter getting $9 million for a nonprofit that she runs (we knows what happens with these things) funneled through the Peace Corps.  They think they’re hiding the money.  You think your daughter could get $9 million to a nonprofit she set up run through the Peace Corps?  “Well, no, Rush! No, of course, we don’t! But we don’t decry these kind of connections.

“I mean, that’s exactly what these kind of connections are for.  Any parent who could would do it.” It’s not supposed to happen at the national leadership level.  That’s the express point of our way of government.  Government is not better.  Government does not… This is not supposed to happen.  But I find it just incredible how many children of rich Democrats seemingly can’t get jobs and make their own way in life.  They still have to feed off whatever mom and dad can steer their way from the federal budget.  It’s incredible.

News Made During Congressional Hearing on Hillary’s Emails

RUSH: Now, we didn’t get a chance here to pay much attention to it.  There has been a congressional hearing, another one on Hillary’s emails and server, and apparently, it has… What’s the word? Not “devastating,” but it’s had some serious news made during the course of it.  We’ll have expert details tomorrow (that’ll be me) and sound bites from it and put it all in perspective for you. So we’ll see you then.  Adios! 

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