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The clock is running out. So California Democrats are pushing President Obama to issue a waiver giving illegal immigrants full access to Obamacare.

At a presser designed to pressure Obama Democrat Congresswoman Judy Chu said, “Nobody who lives and works here, documented or not, should have to wait until a treatable illness becomes life-threatening before seeking care. That’s not only immoral; it’s expensive.”

Lucille Allard, another Democrat Congresswoman, said: “Expanding healthcare access for undocumented residents is the moral and ethical thing to do, and it is the wisest choice we can make from an economic standpoint.”

California Governor Jerry Brown has already signed the waiver into state law. If Obama can be convinced to sign-off, it’s a done deal. Boom, just like that: illegals will get Obamacare.

And don’t think for a minute that Obama won’t sign if he thinks it helps Democrats in the election. He’s already shown he’s eager to bypass Congress, and the Constitution, to pander to the illegal immigrant lobby.

Forget these Democrats’ ridiculous lie that it’s somehow “economical” to give Obamacare to millions of illegals. My question is: Since when do Democrats push “morals” and “ethics”? Only when forcing law-abiding taxpayers to pay for illegal behavior!

And anybody who dares to point out the immorality of breaking our immigration laws is smeared as a xenophobic bigot or racists.  Or is put into Hillary Clinton’s “basket of deplorables.” Either way, it is deplorable. 

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