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RUSH: Can we talk about these debates for a second?  If I’ve heard it once in this campaign, I’ve heard it a thousand times.  In fact, let’s review.  Back in June we heard that history shows that whoever is leading in the polls on June the 11th wins the presidency, and then Hillary promptly lost the lead.

Then we were told that whoever is leading before the conventions begin, that’s who’s gonna win; history shows this.  And when that theory bombed out, then they said, “History shows whoever is leading, whoever gets the biggest bump coming out of their convention, that’s who goes on to win the White House.”  Well, Hillary’s lost her lead.  It’s all gone.  She is losing.  I mean, they’re back in business in Colorado.

Trump was down 12 to 15, if you believe that he was ever down that far. But now he’s back in the lead. Hillary had pulled out of Colorado; they’ve gotta go back.  He’s up in Ohio; he’s up in Colorado; Pennsylvania’s in play. All of these things that we were told back in June and early parts of July and August that were not in play.  In other words, they’ve told how many ways — three different ways, four different times — the race is over and Hillary has won it historically?

Then the next thing they tell us is, “Well, the debates! Yeah, the debates. That first debate? That’s it. I mean, that’s where the whole race is.  The first debate, whoever comes out of that first debate the clear winner, that’s who’s gonna win the White House.”  Is it?  My point is they’ve got all these different markers.  They come up with all these different off-the-wall theories to try to comfort the Clinton campaign and Hillary supporters into thinking it is all wrapped up.

So now it’s whoever wins the debate will win the election.  They keep telling me that on Fox, too. They kept telling me on CNN. The whole Drive-By Media tells me whoever wins the first debate will win the election.  Well, let’s see.  Let’s go back to 2012.  Who won the first debate between Romney and Obama?  Oh, yeah, he cleaned the clock.  He wiped the floor with Obama in that first debate!

In fact, it was so bad that people were wondering if Obama had been drugged or if Obama was sick or if Obama was so overconfident that he just doesn’t even show up or didn’t care to be there. It was that bad.  And then they finally said, “No, you know what the problem is? It’s the altitude! He had altitude sickness out there in Colorado. Oh, yeah, that’s what it was: Altitude sickness.  He was having trouble catching his breath.

“He was having trouble getting enough oxygen in the blood.  It was altitude sickness.”  That was the excuse.  The second debate, Romney was perceived to have barely won that one.  Now, who won the election?  Obama.  Obama won the election.  Romney won the first debate.  They’re telling us now: “This first debate is in 11 days, and their the objective is they’ve gotta keep Hillary healthy for 11 days and she’s a gotta win it.”  That’s not true.

We all remember the last debate where Candy Crowley came to Obama’s rescue and basically took Romney out.  And then after all of those debates, after all three of those debates, what did the Democrats and the media tell us?  “You know what?” they said. “The American people really don’t pay all that much attention to debates.” These people are full of it, folks.  Everything is a soap opera narrative written every day with changing goalposts, different objectives, all designed to make it look like Hillary is gonna win in a walk, when she is in the process of losing — and perhaps significantly so right now on her trendline.

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