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“I’m the mayor of Realville. That means that I deal with what ‘is,’ not with what I wish was or not with what was or used to be. I deal with what ‘is.'”  

“I have just been watching Trump do his speech at the Economic Club of New York, and there’s a guy sitting to his left. This guy would not stop chewing. It was driving me crazy!”  

“We are selling these T-shirts; they’re flying off the shelves at iPhone 7 rates. It’s incredible. It’s a T-shirt that says on the front I Am A Hillary Deplorable and on the back it says Never Hillary. It’s part of our Never Hillary collection at the store at RushLimbaugh.com.” 

“One of the things Trump said at his economic speech is this: ‘It used to be you couldn’t drink the water in Mexico and cars were built in Flint. Now cars are made in Mexico and you can’t drink the water in Flint,’ and it got a round of applause.”  

“It’s I think important to remember, folks, that Hillary was trending down in the vast majority of these polls before she uttered her comments about Trump supporters being deplorable and before having that seizure in public on Sunday.”

“This whole Trump campaign is sneaking up on the people that do not understand it.” 

“Hillary has been trending down for two weeks before this horrendous week she is having, and I think it’s worth remembering that, because people are blaming her decline on ‘one bad week.’ The Drive-Bys and everybody is trying to protect her.” 

“Did you know that Hillary and Tim Kaine have a book out, and the New York Times has already proclaimed it a flop? As of close of business last night, it’s sold 2,918 copies. That’s it! We have moved so many more Never Hillary and I Am A Hillary Deplorable T-shirts than they have sold books, it’s not even funny. In less than 48 hours, we are thumping them.” 

“Whether you like it or not, a Trump rally is going to sell out, and there are gonna be people who want to get in who can’t, and the people that get in have a great time. Hillary can’t draw flies. She can’t draw crowds, even to these in-the-tank Democrat groups.”  

“So few Americans have been taught the miracle that is the founding of this country, literal miracle after miracle after miracle that came together for this country to be founded as it was. It’s the first and only time in human history this has ever happened.” 

“California is, as we speak, proposing to pass a law to grant national Obamacare or whatever replaces it to illegal aliens, just by showing up. The price for settling a refugee that enters the country under Obama or Hillary is $67,000! This stuff has to stop — and in this election, there is a candidate saying that he’s going to stop it. We don’t know if he really will, but we do know that Hillary won’t. We do know the Democrat Party won’t.” 

“The Trump support is not rooted just in the fact that people like Trump more than they like Cruz or they like Trump more than they like Jeb or that they like Trump more than they like Rubio or pick a name. It’s what Trump represents. It is who Trump is in terms of being an outsider.”

“The ruling class is very, very obsessed with these paid speech gigs, folks. I’ve never charged for one. Never, ever. I even pay my own expenses to get to them. I never felt right charging people to make a speech. I can’t. I don’t know why. I can’t tell you why. I’ve been offered a lot of money and I’ve never accepted it.”

“The movement that Trump leads now existed before Trump came along. This penchant, this demand, this desire for somebody outside the entire political system. This has been percolating in our culture, in our society for years. And all these politicians ran for office promising that they were the outsider, claiming to be the outsider? Trump is the first one who really is.” 

“There are a lot of Americans who do not like Big Government, who are conservative through and through in their hearts, but they’re fed up that the Big Government that exists today seems to be aimed at providing benefits and creating dependency for people who are not citizens, who are not Americans. And they feel sold out. They feel lied to, and they feel like they’re being mocked and laughed at and made fun of — which, of course, they are.” 

“Hillary has the kind of pneumonia that doesn’t affect anybody else and it could be cured in an hour and a half, and after that you can hug a little girl and not have any fear of spreading the disease. Why, it’s a miracle!” 

“80% of what Bill and Hillary Clinton have earned since leaving the White House is from speech income.” 

“It is my belief that immigration of all the issues that are destroying or wreaking great damage in this country, immigration is number one, not because of who, not because of anything to do with race, simply because we are flouting the law.” 

“We are flooding the country with people who are not educated, who are not able to speak the language, and who are not capable of providing for themselves, and that’s exactly what the Democrat Party wants.”  

“Whatever I believe here and whatever you think I’m advocating, it’s not because I care what happens to the Republican Party. I care about what happens to America! 

“Meeting and surpassing all audience expectations every day: Rush Limbaugh, a premiere radio guy, doing radio guy stuff consistently and all the time.”


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