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“When you tell half the electorate that they’re bigots, racists, sexists, homophobes, transphobes, Islamophobes (and there will be a new ‘phobe’ along any minute) then something else sometimes happens. People go quiet or give dishonest answers to pollsters.” – Mark Steyn

Why a Trump Win Will Be Great for Conservatives 

“If Trump wins it’s going to be what in other countries would be a coalition government. It’s going to be a coalition between the Trump party and the White House and the Republican Party in the House and Senate. That’s actually a great opportunity for conservatism because a Republican House and a Republican Senate are going to be putting the screws to President Trump in a way that they have not done to President Obama.” – Mark Steyn

Lady Macbeth and the Picture of Dorian Gray

“The world saw something of Hillary Clinton on Sunday that it was not meant to see. Twenty years ago this would have been extremely difficult. You would not have had the technology at hand to just instantly grab the footage of what happened and then the technology to publish it for all to see.” – Mark Steyn

Algore as Youth-Bait for Hillary?

“What’s happening here is that young people are apparently not warming up to Clinton and instead parking their vote for the moment with Gary Johnson. They don’t regard Hillary as anything new.” – Mark Steyn

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