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RUSH:  I have so many great sound bites today.  We’re up now to 38, and I don’t see a way of getting to all of them. So I’m gonna have to try to cherry-pick some that may not even fit in terms of coordinating with what I happen to be talking about at the moment. But some of them are just really good and I want to get to ’em.  But before we even get to those, let’s go to the Obama this morning in New York.  He was at the Palace Hotel speaking about the status of the investigation into the bombing in New York City on Saturday.

OBAMA:  The investigation is moving rapidly.

RUSH:  What is there to investigate?

OBAMA:  And, as is my practice, I’m gonna leave it to the FBI and law enforcement to provide details.

RUSH:  Right.

OBAMA:  I think everybody is aware at this point that there is, uh, a person of interest —

RUSH:  Yeah?

OBAMA:  — uh, who is the focus of the investigation —

RUSH: They cancelled that show.

OBAMA: — and, uh, the FBI can give you further details in terms much how that is proceeding.

RUSH:  Then what are you doing?

OBAMA:  It does not help if false reports, uh, or incomplete information is out there.  So try to, as much as possible, uhhh, stick to what our investigators say, because they actually know what they’re talkin’ about.

RUSH:  You know, this is a be… Right before Obama came out, they announced the suspect had been caught, and Obama didn’t know! They sent him out there and he didn’t know, I guess.  It’s like the people sending Hillary Clinton out last night in her zombie get-up.  I… I don’t understand how that could happen.  Somebody on the staff had to say, “You know what?  Written statement time.  This isn’t gonna fly.”  Zombie hashtags on Twitter?  Anyway here’s the next bite, then we got one from Hillary coming up.

OBAMA:  We will continue to lead the global coalition in the fight to destroy ISIL —

RUSH:  How’s that working out?

OBAMA:  — which is, uh, instigating people over the internet —

RUSH:  Oh, yeah?

OBAMA:  — uh, to carry out attacks.

RUSH:  I thought it was videos. 

OBAMA:  Uh, we are gonna continue to go after them.  We’re gonna take out their leaders.

RUSH:  Right.

OBAMA:  We’re gonna take out their infrastructure.

RUSH: When?

OBAMA:  They are gonna continuing to lose ground in Iraq and in Syria.

RUSH:  Is that right?  We’ve been hearing this for eight years, six years, whatever.  We’ve been hearing it.  “We’re taking out their leaders.  We’re taking out everybody.  We continue to gain ground!”  Really?  Doesn’t jibe, folks.  Does it feel like they’re losing to you?  Does it feel like these people are losing?  We’re still in Syria and it’s still a hellhole.  The Middle East is still on fire.  We had these attacks here.  Does it feel like they are losing to you?  I guess they’re losing as profoundly as our economy is growing, right? (chuckles) According to the Obama.  Okay, Hillary in Philadelphia at a campaign event just this afternoon…

HILLARY:  We are facing a candidate with a long history —

RUSH:  Wait a minute.

HILLARY:  — of racial —

RUSH:  Hold it a minute.  Are you sure this is the bite rite bite.  She’s speaking about terrorism in this bite.  You sure got the right bite?  It is?  It’s the right…?  I thought she was going… Holy smokes! Hillary Clinton at a campaign logically was gonna address the terrorism.  Here, start this from the beginning again.

HILLARY:  We are facing a candidate with a long history of racial discrimination in his businesses —

RUSH: What?

HILLARY:  — who retweet white supremacists, who led the birther movement to delegitimize our first black president, and he’s still lying about it today.  He refuses to apologize to President Obama, his family, and the American people.  We have to stand up to this hate!

AUDIENCE: (applause)

HILLARY: We cannot let it go on.

RUSH:  Did you hear that?  She spent more time… That was a 10-minute press conference.  She spent more time in her 10-minute presser attacking Trump and blaming him and his words for terrorism than she did attacking and calling out the real terrorism.  Folks, I think they’re down to nothing.  I’m not… I don’t want to get overconfident here, but I mentioned, I think things have passed her by.  I really think she’s living in the nineties.  I’ve said this before.  I think she’s caught up in the nineties.  I think she’s…

She does everything as if it were the nineties, politically, strategically, advertising buys, the way she thinks, the way she gets the message out. It’s all just rooted back in the nineties.  She has not advanced.  This is no different than what she has said about anything. It’s no difference in calling out the right-wing conspiracy for her husband doinking Lewinsky, or what’s the word Colin Powell used? (interruption) “Dicking.”  Right.  She blamed a right wing cons… (interruption) You didn’t hear that?  You just heard that for the first time now? 

Oh, yeah, Colin Powell said it, yeah, and her husband is still (mutters) prostitutes at home in Chappaqua.  Colin Powell said that.  Anyhow, she’s just caught in a time warp here.  It seems to me not wishful thinking.  I do not incorporate wishful thinking in my on-the-spot, from-the-heart analysis.  If I’m wishful thinking, I tell you that’s what I’m doing.  And I really think that things have passed her by in the sense that she’s still a dinosaur.  It’s not that she doesn’t want to modernize and be relevant.  She just doesn’t have it.

Anyway, she spends all this time attacking Trump, not attacking the terrorists.  And then there’s this.  This is an AP story.  “Members of the Congressional Black Caucus on Friday called Donald Trump a ‘disgusting fraud’ and demanded that he apologize” to Obama for this birther stuff.  So here’s Hillary. They’ve got talking points going, and in the midst of their terror attack… So they wrote. You know what this is like?  This is like a football coach. You create a game plan during the week for your big game on Sunday. 

The team you’re playing comes out and does things totally differently than what you thought that they were gonna do, meaning you have to shift your game plan on the fly. But the coach doesn’t know how. So the coach sticks with his original game plan, which is guaranteed to be wrong, unsuitable, and destined to lose, because he can’t adapt to the changes the opposing team has made.  That’s what Hillary… I think that’s where the Democrats are right now.  Now, not to say that… They’re still formidable, folks.

There’s still enough people, born-and-bred Democrats that vote that way no matter what.  So don’t misread me here.  But it is just another opportunity.  For those of us in the Never Hillary crowd, this is another opportunity.  She is not there.  She doesn’t have the physical ability to be there every day, number one. But they don’t know how to deal with the Trump game plan.  They’re never seen it, number one. They can’t plan for it, A. They’re never seen it. They try to plan for it on the fly.

So Trump does things they see one day, and the next day maybe the same, and they game plan for that the next day, the next week. Trump comes out of nowhere the next day; they’re befuddled, and so all they’ve got is to go back to is, “Trump’s a racist! Trump’s a mean guy! Trump’s unfit! Trump’s inept!” They can’t specifically deal with what Trump’s saying or doing ’cause they can’t catch up with it, and it’s the same thing here with the Congressional Black Caucasians. 

They “called Donald Trump a ‘disgusting fraud’ and demanded that he apologize to President Barack Obama for” the birther business. “One by one, outraged members of the CBC denounced the Republican presidential nominee who for five years was the chief promoter of the false notion that Obama was born somewhere other than Hawaii.” It was started by Hillary, and I’ve got Democrats in the sound bite roster here today who admit it. 

In the upcoming break, I’m gonna find ’em, and I’m gonna play ’em for you when we get back from the break.  “Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, (Democrat, New York) called Trump a ‘two-bit racial arsonist’ who has fanned the flames of bigotry and hatred. Rep. G.K. Butterfield, (Democrat, North Carolina), called Trump a ‘disgusting fraud’ who had no proof of his false claims. Rep. Barbara Lee (Democrat, California) said Trump is a liar.” They have been reduced to name-calling that’s all they’ve got.

That’s all Hillary had in that sound bite.  That’s all she had! “He’s unfit, he’s throwing racial verbal bombs.”  Let me take the break.  I’m gonna find these sound bites.  Maybe I can get a little help from people that know what numbers they are to line these up.  I know Patti Solis Doyle is one of them. There are two or three of them in here where they pretty much admitted Hillary started this birther business. The Hillary campaign started it in 2008.


RUSH:  Okay.  Here we are.  We’re gonna start with Marc Lamont Hill Friday on CNN Friday morning, on CNN’s At This Hour.  “The Trump stating that Obama was born…” This is after the press got snookered. They showed up at Trump’s DC hotel thinking that he was going to apologize for 20 minutes, beg for forgiveness, and ask the media to realize… They thought he was gonna fall. They thought they were gonna be able to destroy Trump for two days, and Trump turned the tables on ’em — and gives 20 minutes of generals endorsing him and one minute, maybe 20 seconds of blaming Hillary for starting the birther thing and then crediting himself with ending it.  So they’re fit to be tied after this. 

So on Friday, here’s Marc Lamont Hill. This is the first bite about this whole subject…

HILL:  This is absolutely repugnant!  First of all, Donald Trump has never given a speech this short before on any issue.  He talks for hours sometimes when it’s supposed to be five minutes.  He gave essentially a 30-second, perhaps, message that “President Obama was born in America, period.”  And even then he didn’t take full responsibility for his contribution to the dialogue.  I don’t disagree with him that Hillary Clinton had some soft moments of birtherism — sending out the Kenya picture, doing other things — in 2008.

RUSH:  Well, okay!  He’s saying, “I don’t disagree with him that Hillary Clinton had some soft moments of birtherism — sending out the Kenya picture…”  This is picture in 2008 that the Hillary campaign found of Obama looking like an imam.  He’s wearing the turban and the robes and everything, and there’s a hookah in the picture. (There’s not. I’m dreaming there.  Hillary sent the photo out during the birtherism period.  He says it’s “soft birtherism.” Yes, it was birtherism once removed by prediction.

(summarized) “Well, look at this guy! Is he really an American? Look at the way he’s dressed here.”  So Marc Lamont Hill, after expressing his indignation that Trump tricked ’em, then had to admit that Hillary had been involved in the birtherism long before Trump ever came along.  Up next is Hillary herself, March 2, in 2008 60 Minutes on CBS. Steve Kroft said, “You don’t believe he’s a Muslim?”

HILLARY: (stammering) Of course not! I — I mean, that’s… You know, that… There is no basis for that! You know, I take him on basis of what he says and, you know, there isn’t any reason to doubt that.

KROFT:  You said we take Senator Obama at his word that he’s not a Muslim.

HILLARY: (squeaks) Right! Right!

KROFT: You don’t believe that he’s a Muslim, or are implying it, right?

HILLARY:  No! No! Why would I?  There is nothing to — to — to base that on. As far as I know.

RUSH:  Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!  “As far as I know”?  But now stop and think of this.  Why is Kroft even asking her?  This is 2008, March of 2008, early March, March the 2nd.  Why is Kroft even asking her?  Why, he must be asking her if she thinks he’s a Muslim because maybe it’s already being discussed out there, and who would be discussing it?  The Hillary campaign.  That’s who her opponent was: Obama.  They had published that picture of Obama looking like an imam, and then other things.  He looked like the ayatollah.  Pick one.  He looked like any one of them you’ve ever seen. 

The question there is legit. The Hillary campaign’s talking about Obama as maybe, he may be not born in America.  So Kroft says, “You don’t believe he’s a Muslim,” do you?  Well, not “as far as I know.”  Patti Solis Doyle, a former Hillary campaign aide.  She was the campaign manager in 2008. Friday afternoon on CNN, Wolf Blitzer, question: “Someone supporting Hillary Clinton was trying to promote the so-called birther issue.”  So Wolf admits it! Hillary at her campaign rally denied the whole thing, accused Trump of starting it.  There’s no question it started in her campaign.  So Wolf asks Patti Solis Doyle, “Somebody supporting Hillary was trying to promote in birther issue.  What happened?”

DOYLE:  There was a volunteer coordinator, I believe, um, in late 2007, I think in December. Uh, one of our volunteer coordinators in one of the counties in Iowa.  I don’t recall whether they were an actual paid staffer, but they did forward an email that promoted the conspiracy.  We let that person go.  I called David Plouffe, who was obviously managing Barack Obama’s campaign in ’07 to apologize and basically say that this is… Uh, was not coming from us. Uh, it was a rogue volunteer coordinator, and this was not the kind of campaign wanted to run, and David very graciously accepted my apology.

RUSH:  Well, okay, fine. But it did get stated, and it did come from somebody in the campaign “rogue” or not, and Patti Solis Doyle found it necessary to apologize for it. And yet Trump is the guy who started it?  Remember, now, this is 2008.  Now, here’s Hillary again, February 26th, 2008, Cincinnati, also broadcast live on PMSNBC.  Brian Williams was the moderator.  “Senator Clinton, a photo went out to the Drudge Report website today,” (impression) I furnished them, by the way! I was there when the photo was taken, “showing Senator Obama in the native garb of a nation he was visiting, as you’ve done in a host country on a trip overseas.  Matt Drudge on his website said it came from a source inside the Clinton campaign.  Can you say unequivocally here tonight that it did not?”

HILLARY:  Well, so far as I know, it did not, and I certainly know nothing about it and have made clear that that’s not (snickers) the kind of behavior that I condone or expect from the people working in my campaign.  But we have no evidence where it came from.  So I think that it’s clear what I would do if it were someone in my campaign, as I have in the past.  Asking people to leave my campaign if they do things that, uh, I disagree with.

MAN:  Senator Obama, your response?

OBAMA:  I take Senator Clinton at her word that she knew nothing about the photo. So I think that’s something that we can set aside.

RUSH: (impression) “Okay.  I’ll set aside ’cause she’s made a fool of herself already.  She doesn’t have a prayer here.  They’re gonna choose me.  They’re not gonna choose her.  She’s a dinosaur.  I’m not worried about it.”  That’s what that means.  But there was somebody in her campaign. She claims she didn’t know.  She was probably doing yoga when the “rogue” employee sent out the picture.  That picture really upset a lot of people, Obama looking like an imam.  And who got it out there, that picture of Obama looking like an imam, like an ayatollah

That picture was put out there by the Clinton campaign. “Rogue” member or not, it was put out there by the Clinton campaign.  So all of this rigmarole that Trump started this? (scoffs) It is not true.  And, in fact, you know, the McClatchy news had a story this weekend that the person who was really pushing it was her close buddy Sidney Blumenthal.  Blumenthal!  The guy she wanted to hire and Obama said no, because he was too mean to Obama at some point.  Blumenthal, Sidney Blumenthal was pushing this out there.  I have no doubt about that.


RUSH: Look, I’m walking a tightrope here.  I don’t want to give anybody the impression that I think a lot of people see this and agree with me, and I certainly don’t want to convey the impression that I’m convinced Hillary’s gonna lose.  I’m not caught up in a false sense of hopefulness here.  But I guess it’s been gnawing at me for a while and I’ve never actually put words to the thought.  It just seems to me that times have passed her by. 

She seems stuck in a time warp back in the 1990s in terms of strategy, tactics, how to run a campaign and win an election.  And it’s right out of the establishment handbook.  I mean, there is a way the establishment crowd runs their campaigns.  They have their consultants.  The Democrats have a very predictable modus operandi, and the Republicans have a very predictable modus operandi in terms of how they’re going to run their campaigns.  And if you have a history of winning, then you repeat the strategy and you repeat the tactics. 

But it just seems, as I watch Hillary and the way they’re going after Trump, they’re not even taking Trump on on issues, which would seem to me, if given Trump’s the novice, the outsider with no insider and establishment experience, no governing experience at all, it seems to me that they would tackle that a bit, but they’re doing the name-calling routine.  And I consider saying he’s unfit and unsuitable and ill tempered, that’s all part of name-calling.  And to me, it’s vacant.  It doesn’t seem like they really are up to speed on what they are up against. 

I think the falling polling numbers that she has, the high untrustworthy and dishonesty numbers that she has indicate this.  Now there are stories today that she is at risk, that she’s losing Hispanic voters left and right and on the cusp of losing significant African-American support. 

Now, I want to go back to the Hispanic aspect of this for a second.  What have we been told by the people in the establishment that run these campaign playbooks?  The Republican playbook, for the last four elections, certainly three, has been something along the lines of if we don’t support amnesty and comprehensive immigration reform, we are never going to win the presidency because we are never going to get a significantly high number of Hispanics voting for our nominee. 

In other words, the playbook and the strategy has been we have got to show Hispanics that we are not what the Democrats say we are.  We’re not racist. We’re not anti-Hispanic. We don’t dislike ’em or anything.  So we’ve gotta come out for amnesty.  We’ve gotta come out and endorse lawlessness just like the Democrats do. And the Democrats are the first people that tell us this is what we have to do, by the way.  We have to agree with them or we’re never gonna win, as though the Democrats care whether we win the White House ever again. 

And yet look at what’s happening.  Hillary Clinton, who believes in amnesty and open borders and unvetted refugees by the hundreds of thousands is losing Hispanic votes.  A Republican nominee who is in no way associated with amnesty, who says he wants to build a wall, who says he wants to increase the vetting procedures on Muslims and Syrian refugees and stop the flow of illegals is winning Hispanic votes.  Maybe winning them a little slower than Hillary is losing them, but still, the old strategy, the Republican playbook on how to win the White House again by getting Hispanic votes is so far off the beaten path as to be inoperative now. 

But when you listen to Hillary speak, whatever the issue is, there are certain ways you go about characterizing your Republican opponent, no matter who he is or she is or what they believe or not.  And that’s what she’s doing.  And it’s all predictable.  We’ve heard it all before.  And it all works when you’re talking about somebody who is of the political class. 

Their strategy they ran on Romney, for example, rich white guy doesn’t care about people and didn’t care about the family dog, and didn’t pay his taxes, that kind of character assassination works against a Republican who’s already in elected offices or has been.  But it doesn’t work so much against a guy like Trump, not in the way it works against another insider or member of the establishment who happens to be running.  I just don’t think that they have the ability to adapt their game plan to the Trump campaign.  And I think the evidence is the falling polls and the stories, the accompanying stories of how worried the Democrats are about this. 

They’re worried about her health.  They’re openly saying to the New York Times now, a number of Democrats are openly admitting, they’re really worried about her health and what it means for the campaign. And they’re worried about her lying and they’re worried about the fact that she’s not at 70%.  They really thought that if Trump got the nomination, that Hillary was gonna smoke him.  Their egotistical view was, “Well, we are the elites. We are the establishment. We run all of this. We control politics in America.  This guy Trump, he doesn’t know diddly-squat.  Hillary Clinton?  My God, the best insider we could have nominated to go up against this buffoon.”  And look at what’s happening. 

The buffoon has tied her practically everywhere.  There’s a Reuters poll that has her back up four today, but the LA Times/USC poll has Trump up seven.  And now with these terror attacks over the weekend, and Mrs. Clinton’s predictable response, “No, it’s not terrorism. No, it’s all Trump’s fault. It’s all the Republicans’ fault.”  Trump, Romney, whoever, a terror attack happens, it’s Bush’s at fault, it’s Romney’s fault, it’s Trump’s fault, it’s Rush Limbaugh’s fault, it’s Fox News’ fault, it’s the vast right-wing conspiracy.  It’s tired and worn out. 

The bottom line is that Hillary Clinton’s policies and Obama’s perpetuate the status quo.  You like terror attacks, they’re gonna continue under Obama and Hillary because Obama and Hillary are not interested in identifying the problem and stopping it.  Therefore she has not become a champion of the very things the American people want fixed.

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