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RUSH:  Okay, so let’s review before we get into the commentary aspect here.  Saturday, a guy goes on a stabbing spree at a shopping mall in St. Cloud, Minnesota, while “making references to Allah,” as in “Allahu Akbar!”  Nine people are injured.  They have a giant press conference. The FBI, local police, everybody that you can think there was there at the stage to announce what they are doing vis-a-vis the investigation.  Meanwhile, a device explodes in Seaside Park, New Jersey.

About 80 minutes later, 80 miles away in New York City, a bomb goes off in Chelsea. In that, almost 30 people are hurt.  An unexploded device found nearby turns out to be a pressure cooker bomb.  You want a story about that? It happened to be a reporter who saw it? You know what the reporter thought it was?  Honest to God. I’m not making this up.  The reporter who saw this second bomb and said, “Wow, that looks like a science experiment!”

Now, why would a reporter stumbling across what is obviously a bomb think it was a science project?  Well, remember the kid from Dallas, the young Islamic kid who made a “science project” that was a clock, and there was nothing technologically advanced about the clock? It was actually a timer, an explosive device. But everybody said, “Oh, what a great kid! See, this proves that Muslims have nothing to do with terrorism! It’s just a great science project.”

So the media reports this garbage, and it sticks with them.  So potential bombs are just nothing but science projects.  That’s what this reporter thought.  Thank God the reporter thought to call somebody.  ‘Cause there was a second device, and this was shrapnel inside a pressure cooker.  That is a serious bomb.  The same kind of bomb that the terrorist… I’m sorry.  I’m sorry.  We’re trying to empathize with these people, right?  The same kind of bomb…

How the hell would that happen? It’s the same kind of bomb that terrorists used at the Boston Marathon. It was a pressure cooker with shrapnel in there.  Then the all-left, the wacko extremist leftist mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio comes out and first reaction is it’s the new normal.  “It’s not terrorism.  I don’t care whatever you think, it isn’t terrorism.  You got it?  It isn’t terrorism.”  In fact, he didn’t even want to use the word.  It was “a deliberate act.”  What will they call this now? “Non-workplace violence” if I’m not mistaken.

They’re gonna have to call it something.  If they don’t want to call it terrorism, what are they gonna call it?  Non-workplace violence.  Fort Hood, as you know, the terrorism there was “workplace violence.”  So after the guy goes on a stabbing spree in Minnesota — making references to Allahu Akbar, nine people are injured — a bomb goes off Seaside Park, New Jersey, then 80 miles away in New York City another bomb goes off. Another bomb is found, and 30 people there wounded, with the same kind of bomb terrorists used in Boston.

The mayor comes out and says, “It’s not terrorism!” 

“It was a deliberate act,” he said, “but it was terrorism.”

The Drive-By Media then immediately turn their fury on — dadelut dadelut dadelut dadelut — Donald Trump, because Donald Trump called it a bombing.  “He jumped the gun.  He said it was a bombing before anybody really knew! Well, he said it was a bombing before the official investigation had concluded that it was a bomb.  No, no, no.  Bad, bad no-no.”  That is profiling.  That is politically incorrect.  You’re not supposed to say what everybody knows.

You’re not supposed to identify what everybody knows.  You’re not supposed to call terrorism “terrorism.”  So they turn their fury on Trump for being irresponsible — proving, they say, that Trump is unfit for office.  “Why, he called a bomb a bomb, and we can’t have somebody like that in the White House!  That poses such a great threat to our population and the populations of the world. A president who sees a bomb and calls it a bomb? We can’t have that.” 

They turn their fury on Trump. Hey, I’m not trying to be funny, folks, but you can’t help it.  That’s exactly what happened.  Hillary also called it a bombing and she criticized Trump for calling it a bombing after she herself did, and CNN edited her saying that.  The Minnesota attacker was killed by law enforcement, and was later identified by his father as Dahir Adan from Somalia.  We don’t know if he was a Somali pirate or not but we do know he was a Somali terrorist.  After the stabbing attack, ISIS claimed that this guy was one of their “soldiers.”

So at the press conference the next day, the FBI said they are investigating the multiple stabbings by an Islamic guy making references to Allah claimed by ISIS as a soldier as “a possible act of terrorism.”  They’re not sure.  They don’t know what the motive could be.  It’s like right out of San Bernardino! They don’t know what the motive was. They can’t find the motive.  They’re looking hard. They’re overturning every rock. They are interviewing anybody that might know anything.  They, God bless them, cannot come up with a motive!

And until they can come up with a motive, they can’t say that what happened this weekend was terrorism.  Authorities in New York and New Jersey are reported to be searching for a link between the incidents, but it’s gonna be tough because they’re bunch of lone wolves.  And, by definition, lone wolves don’t have linkage. Except on CNN an expert said, “Well, maybe these three lone wolves just coincidentally acted at the same time.”  Well, then how can they be lone wolves if there was coordination?

How can that possibly be?  But that’s what they say. That’s their story. Experts on CNN say, “Two or three lone wolves may have gotten together.”  That’s the exact quote.  “Two or three lone wolves may have gotten together.”  So Minnesota, New York, New Jersey authorities are reported to be searching for a link between the incidents, while everybody in America can tell ’em what the link is: Radical Islamic terrorism.  No!  We’re not supposed to say so.  Trump’s dead-on right calling it “bombing” and “terrorism,” and he didn’t just do that. 

He went on and attached Obama and Hillary to it.  Did you hear, Hillary goes to Silicon Valley or she makes a plea? The first thing she said when she rips Trump, is it’s because his rhetoric is creating all these terrorists.  His anti-Muslim, anti-Hispanic, anti-this, anti-that rhetoric is making all these otherwise worldly, peaceful people really mad.  That’s right.  You have peaceful worldly people, highly sophisticated. They’re minding their own business.

They hear Trump, and Trump makes ’em so mad, they become terrorists.  Hillary’s out there warning everybody that’s exactly what’s happening.  Except then practically the next thing out of her mouth was she asked her supporters in Silicon Valley to help her on the internet stop the recruitment of terrorists for ISIS and other groups.  So I said, “Wait a minute, now.  If Trump is causing all of these new terrorists to join up because he’s making them mad with the things he’s saying, then what in the world is the internet and recruitment got to do with it? 

“What do you mean ‘internet recruitment’?  I thought it was Trump’s fault?” But that’s what she’s out there saying, and not looking good when she’s saying it, folks.  It’s not…  Something is wrong. I guess she doesn’t have pneumonia anymore.  Well, she’s up and about.  I don’t know.  She just doesn’t look well.  So terrorist attacks, Democrat denials of domestic terrorism, unvetted refugees.  Hillary is promising to increase the numbers of these kinds of people she wants to allow into the country by factors of 100,000.  Ransom payments to Iran. 

Do you realize the latest number might be $33 billion we’ve transferred to Iran to get this nuke deal done?  If anybody… What is Iran?  Iran is the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism, and nobody denies it, not even John Kerry (who, by the way, served in Vietnam).  Could we not then say that maybe Obama’s responsible for this? He’s funding, he’s paying $33 billion to Iran and, in addition to all that, they’re gonna end up with nuclear weapons! 

So terror attacks, Democrat denials of domestic terrorism, unvetted refugees with the Hillary Clinton promise of more, ransom payments to Iran, murders of innocent Americans in “sanctuary cities,” secret email servers, unreleased Wall Street speeches for which Hillary was paid $20 million in two years, a candidate claiming good health collapsing and seizing up on a beautiful late summer morning.  These are the events that are shaping the 2016 election. 

I’m telling you, the Democrat Party is in abject denial. 

They wonder why Hillary’s not doing well?  All they have to do is just remind themselves of the recent events I just cataloged here that anybody with half a brain could do.  Terror attacks, Democrat denials of terror attacks, unvetted refugees coming into the country with Hillary promising to increase the number, ransom payments to Iran, innocent Americans being murdered by illegals in “sanctuary cities,” secret email servers, lie upon lie upon lie about trafficking in classified secret data by way of those email servers!

Speeches to Wall Street banks 20 minutes a pop, $250,000 a pop, $20 million over two years.  And then they tell us that the candidate is in great health! “She’s robust.” She can’t be seen more than twice a day, two days in a row, without them being sequestered to recover.  And everybody has seen her collapse and seize and having to be thrown into a van, and then everybody heard it was pneumonia, which nobody believes.  These are the events shaping the 2016 election. Not soaring speeches laced with platitudes.

Not white guilt. Not Bush Derangement Syndrome.  A majority of the American people really, really want to end all of this crony capitalism, crony journalism, crony justice, and have a desire to end all of these crony relationships that exist among the elites and the ruling class.  That desire is more powerful than Hillary’s marketing campaign and her ad campaign inspired by elitist condescension and enhanced by back room bribery.  Mrs. Clinton…

By the way, a story the Stack here. We’re loaded today. It’s a story about her ads are not working, and it’s one of the first times in the American electoral history, recent history, that negative ads are not working, and the experts are scratching their heads.  “Negative ads always work. They always define your opponent. They always work,” except they’re not working for Hillary.  She’s running, admittedly, some devastating ads about Trump, but it isn’t working. 

You boil it down to Americans are sick and tired of sick-and-tired politicians.  They’re sick and tired of being sick and tired of sick-and-tired politicians like Hillary who say we didn’t build what we built, who tell us we are the problem in America.  It is Washingtonians who have built the mess.  Confidence in what they have built is at an all-time low.  Confidence that they can fix what they broke? That’s at an all-time low.  Hillary Clinton’s just on the wrong side of recent history.  She is a champion of the problems Americans want fixed.


RUSH:  I’m serious.  Hillary Clinton’s on the wrong side of history.  You know, it’s amazing, too.  I was thinking about this the other day.  Here’s Hillary Clinton, essentially in line for 30 years for this election, which was supposed to be hers in 2008.  That’s an important factor never to forget: 30 years.  And I look at Hillary Clinton now, and I actually see a woman who time has passed by.  It’s a very, very challenging thing for people, as they age, to…

You gotta do one of two things. If you’re in politics or public life of any kind, as you age, because young people, at first they tune out of and pay no attention to (other than members of their family, and even then) the elderly.  It’s not fair.  I think young people ought to spend more time with older people.  They know much more, they have more wisdom, they’ve lived longer. There’s so much to learn. But it’s just not the way of the world.  Youthful people, particularly this Millennial generation, have no interest in — and by “elderly,” it’s not elderly.

I’m talking about 55 plus, 60. By the time you get close to 70, they have no interest, unless you have a way of relating to them, or unless you have such a stature that you command respect regardless of age.  And there are public figures of age that can do that.  I look at Hillary Clinton, and I… This is not partisan.  I’m making an actual value judgment just based on what I see.  I see a woman that time has passed by.  Her politics are the politics of 15, ten years ago.  Her approaches, her strategies, her way of characterizing the enemy politically.

Her way of winning, everything is out of a playbook that is out of date now, and particularly out of date because Trump is not even using it, because he’s an outsider. He has… He doesn’t know about The How to Get Elected as a Republican or Democrat in America Playbook that’s published but not for you or me to buy, by the establishment.  It just seems like she’s a dinosaur in a whole lot of ways. Trump is older than she is, but he is in no way perceived that way, and there are reasons why. 


RUSH:  It really is the truth.  Hillary Clinton now, I think, is on the wrong side of recent history and not-so-recent history.  Hillary Clinton has become the champion of the problems that Americans want fixed.  In other words, what she wants to do is what we want fixed.


RUSH: We’re gonna start in Austin, Texas.  This is John.  Great to have you, sir.  Hello.

CALLER:  Hello, Rush.  How are you?

RUSH:  Very well, sir.

CALLER:  Quick note.  Hillary and the press have been blaming Trump for starting these people getting… Excuse me.  I’m nervous. Starting people being angry and mad and causing them to do these terrorists acts.  It’s all his fault.  Why can’t he turn that around on her and say, “Look, they’re doing the terrorist acts, but they’re doing it because they know they won’t be prosecuted.”  She’s aiding and abetting them — or the party is and the press is — by not prosecuting them and calling them what they are.  He can turn this on her so easily.

RUSH:  I actually… I know your thinking, and I don’t disagree with it, but I actually think that Trump is on offense right now in all this.  And it would be a tactical error to react to what Hillary is saying because that immediately transfers you to defense. By nature of doing so, by virtue of doing so, you’re defending yourself against a Hillary charge.  Hillary’s charge is absurd.  Now, I know, I know. The absurd is believed by way too many Americans.  I understand that.  But, folks, there isn’t anybody around who actually thinks that this is all happening because of Donald Trump.

It’s been happening much, much longer than Donald Trump has been around.  Trump, by the way, is already doing what you suggest.  He’s just doing it without mentioning Hillary. He’s blaming Obama and Hillary for this.  He’s not waiting for them to blame him, and when he does accuse them of creating the circumstances for this, he’s doing it in a way that doesn’t appear to be reacting to what she’s saying.  He’s on offense on this and needs to stay on offense. 

He’s the only one in this campaign who is popularly characterizing what is happening here.  He’s calling it bombings, he’s calling it terrorism, and he’s the only one calling for it to stop.  Amazingly, Hillary and the others don’t really talk about stopping it.  They talk about understanding it.  They talk about building a bridge of commonality or understanding with these people so that they will stop on their own, but there isn’t any active policy to stop this because, in their world, it’s random and has nothing to do with anything you can predict.  Which is absurd.

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