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Saturday, September 17. A guy goes on a stabbing spree at a shopping mall in St. Cloud, Minnesota, while “making references to Allah.” Nine people are injured.

Meanwhile, a device explodes in Seaside Park, New Jersey. Later, 80 miles away in New York City, a bomb goes off. Almost 30 people hurt. An unexploded device found nearby turns out to be a pressure cooker bomb. The kind terrorists used to kill and maim at the Boston Marathon.

New York City mayor Bill DeBlasio’s first reaction is to say it wasn’t terrorism. But it was a “deliberate act.” But it wasn’t terrorism.

 The Drive-By Media then turns their fury on Donald Trump for immediately stating the obvious: it was a bomb. And, it turns out, it was in fact a bomb.

The Minnesota attacker was killed by law enforcement and was later identified by his father as Dahir Adan. From Somalia. After the stabbing attack, ISIS claimed Dahir Adan as one of their soldiers.

At a press conference the next day, the FBI said they’re investigating the multiple stabbings by an Islamic guy making references to Allah claimed by ISIS as a soldier, as a POSSIBLE act of terrorism. They’re not sure. They don’t know what the motive can possibly be.

Authorities in New York and New Jersey are reported to be “searching for a link” between the incidents. Hint. That missing link, is radical Islamic terrorism. What’s so hard about this?

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