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RUSH: Then Obama… Yes, I heard about this.  I heard about it. Obama went to a fundraiser over the weekend.  It’s interesting.  He says this line almost at every fundraiser.  He says this when there is limited media, when there aren’t many reporters, just a pool reporter.  He says it to big donors. 

This was an audience of 65 people that had paid anywhere from $7,500 to $65,000 to be in there and listen to him speak, and he said, “This should not be a close election, but it will be. And the reason it will be is not because of Hillary’s flaws, but rather because, structurally, we’ve become a very polarized society. If all you’re doing is watching Fox News and listening to Rush Limbaugh … a lot of misinformation on a regular basis, then it’s very hard for you to think that you’re going to vote for somebody who you’ve been told is taking the country in the wrong direction.”

Now, he does this at fundraisers.  He doesn’t say this kind of thing publicly very much.  There’s a reason for this.  But when he’s speaking to fundraisers… In fact, I’ll give you a little a little comparative lesson here.  It was in the second term of George W. Bush’s presidency, and he was coming down here to South Florida from a fundraiser appearance to donors, not people who had not donated.  This was a glad-hand, shake hands, “Hey, how you doing? We love you,” little cocktail party for existing donors, big donors.  It was a local house down here; I was invited to go.

I went there.  And after the cocktail party, what happens then is the donors then assemble… I’m sure this is how the Democrats do it, too. The donors assemble, and the president came in, made remarks, and he spoke for 45 minutes off the cuff, and I know I mentioned this to you, and I’ve referenced this a number of times.  The way Bush spoke to those donors was unlike the way anybody saw him speak on TV in front of cameras.  There was no hesitancy. There was no stuttering. He was not unsure of himself at any point.

He was just matter of fact A, B, C, D, and E. “Here’s what’s going on in the world. Here’s what I’m doing. Here’s what your donations have allowed me to do as president, blah, blah,” and he held nothing back.  And, in fact, at one point he looked at me and said, “You’d better not say anything about this on the radio,” and everybody laughed.  I put my hands up and said, “Who, me?  Everything here is off the record.”  Everybody laughed.  But that’s the point.  He says things in these donor groups that they don’t say, and that’s what Obama does. 

They all do it.  It’s part of the song and dance you have to do with donors. 

You have to do certain things to make ’em feel special.

If you’re not giving them an ambassadorship, if you’re not helping them get through a tax audit, if you’re not setting them up in wind and solar failing businesses, if you’re not doing something like that, you’ve got to make them feel special somehow, and this is standard operating procedure.  And one of the ways a president does it — and I’m sure senators, too — is you feed them information not in the public domain, that the president himself would never even say publicly or not very much. 

And that’s what this was.  I’m sure that’s what Obama does at these fundraisers of his.  It was a fundraiser where he said bitter clingers, talking about religious Christians and white people he thinks are so unnerved by what’s going on that they cling to their guns and their religion for any sense of normalcy.  It’s at these kinds of events where these statements come out, this one where he blames me and Fox News.  So it’s to donors that he makes the statement.  Now, why? 

Well, the donors, by many definitions, are going to be some of your most ardent, some of your most energetic, some of your most extreme supporters.  You got people… It is made up of people who bundle other donations and make their own, you’re talking about people who deal with minimums of $250,000 in either fundraising or donations or a combination.  So they are true believers, and they want red meat.  And apparently “Fox News and Rush Limbaugh” equal red meat for these people, and Obama knows it. So he fed them the red meat. 

That’s why I’m very honored, folks. I am one of the premier fundraisers for the Democrats. My name gets thrown out any time they want to really irritate extreme leftists and extract big bucks from them.  If I got a commission on all of the money the Democrats have raised by maligning me and throwing my name out there, I could retire.  I could have retired many, many moons ago.  Now, he doesn’t say this kind of stuff in public and the reason he doesn’t say it in public is because, “Why are you mentioning Fox and Limbaugh?  You’re just elevating them!

“You’re just making them more important. You’re just admitting that you can’t control ’em.”  That’s why he doesn’t say this stuff in public.  But the small donor groups will give even more money and write even bigger checks because they have been conditioned to think the real enemy in America is me and Fox News, and so that’s why it’s done.  Some people say, “Rush, you’re living rent-free in Obama’s head.”  Maybe.  But it’s also a calculated usage because it works for their fundraising.  


RUSH:  Okay.  So the president is blaming me and Fox News for Hillary’s low polling numbers. He is not blaming her. Oh, but he is blaming sexism, American sexism — or I should say sexism in America is actually holding Hillary back as well.  And then Hillary is blaming Trump for domestic terrorism. Do I have that right?  So the buck stops where?  

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