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RUSH: I can’t believe this.  The Skittles.  The media.  You know, it’s the most amazing thing.  So we have this New Jersey bomber blow people up and wants to blow more people up.  We have the slasher in Minnesota.  And of course the Drive-Bys are talking about, “Maybe they’re good people. Maybe they are just misunderstood. Maybe they really were discriminated against because they’re Muslims. Because you know America! America is so discriminating.

“America is an imperfect nation, and America really discriminates against minorities, and maybe — maybe — they really were driven to this.” And then the news trickles in.  No, they weren’t driven to it.  They genuinely hate the country, and there’s nothing nice about them.  Their family… In case of the New Jersey guy, the guy’s father tried to alert the FBI for two years about the guy.  This is the second or third time, by the way, that I have heard the FBI was warned about somebody who a few months or years later then proceeded to blow something up. 

I can’t remember the one prior to this, but this guy’s father, the New Jersey guy, is saying, “I tried to warn the FBI about my son for two years.”  So, anyway, the Drive-Bys get all hopeful. They are really hopeful that these are good, good, decent Americans that were driven to this madness by American bigotry and racism.  And then they slowly learn it isn’t the case.  And then Donald Trump Jr. comes out and makes some comment comparing ’em to Skittles, and they have a cow. 

They literally go berserk over a Skittles comment, which then causes a former FBI director, Jim Kallstrom to say, “When are we gonna get serious about this?”  And he is echoing the Trump campaign.  “When are we gonna get serious about this?”  It was just yesterday we learned that 800 people scheduled to be deported were granted citizenship.  Did you hear about that?  Eight hundred people who were supposed to be deported were granted citizenship because their fingerprints were not in an electronic file. 

And, as Trump said, that’s just stupid.  If you don’t want to assign any political purpose to it, if you don’t want to sit there and say somebody did this on purpose — if you don’t want to go there — you don’t have to.  It’s just plain stupid, and it’s stupidity in a never-ending line of stupidity.  And it seems like the tolerance for government stupidity knows no bounds.  The tolerance for government inefficiency, for government stupidity, for government ineffectiveness knows no bounds whatsoever. 

The government can come in and make a mess of whatever and the victims of the mess will then demand the government do something to fix it, which flies in the face of logic.  You mean you want the people that broke it to fix it?  And who knows why.  Psychologically, faith and trust and hope in the government is something that you probably just can’t talk people out of.  They just have to experience it.  

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