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RUSH: Did you hear what Jerry Jones said, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys?  “My players are gonna stand for the national anthem.  My players are gonna stand.”  And I was interested to look at the reaction to this.  He owns the damn football team.  The people that work for him are his employees, and he can tell them that they are going to stand for the national anthem. 

I’ve heard all of these coaches and some others in the NFL who want no part of this when it’s reported to them that some of their players are not gonna stand, that they’re gonna raise their fists a la John Carlos and Tommy Smith at the Olympics in Mexico in 1968. And these coaches, “I can’t tell these guys what to do, First Amendment, free speech.”  What do you mean, you can’t tell ’em?  This league suspends players left and right for doing things that they’re not allowed to do.  These teams suspend players for things they’re not allowed to do all the time. 

They demand that they be in bed at a certain time during training camp and on the road.  They have all kinds of things they demand that they do.  But when it comes to the national anthem, apparently, oh, no, no, no, we can’t tell these guys.  But Jerry Jones said, “My guys are standing.”  That’s considered a throwback now, by the way.  That kind of authoritarianism, Millennials will not appreciate that.  Well, time they learn.  

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