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“You see how Matt Lauer is being treated, and you see how they’re starting now to dump on Jimmy Fallon.  Do you think the moderators for the upcoming presidential debates notice this?  You think they are sensing what happens to people who are honest and straightforward regarding Mrs. Clinton?”

“There’s not a single Obama cabinet member that’s ever run a business.  There’s not a single Obama cabinet member who’s ever had to meet a payroll or anything associated with it, so they have no way to really relate to it.”

“These are a bunch of academic theoreticians in the White House facing ISIS. They’re playing chess or they’re playing Risk or Monopoly, whatever, and these are just pieces on the board and they construct academic, very deep intellectual exercises to explain what these barbarians are doing, and they discuss it in terms of buzz and PR.”  

“There isn’t much in this country getting better, when you get right down to it.”

“Conservatism isn’t, as we know it, on the ballot this time. So what do we do?  Well, we have to start making comparisons.  And we know that Hillary isn’t, and we know that Trump is much closer to it than Hillary will ever be because she will never be it.”

“The media is part of the Democrat Party, the media is part of any Democrat administration, and the idea that it can be changed, the idea that they can be persuaded to abandon the administration and be critical of them, is fallacious. It can’t happen, and it won’t happen.”

“How in the world can you Never Trumpers look at Trump and see this big blob of unsophistication and boorishness and look at Obama and not be similarly appalled?”

“Conservatism isn’t, as we know it, on the ballot this election. So what do we do? Well, we have to start making comparisons. And we know that Hillary isn’t, and we know that Trump is much closer to it than Hillary will ever be because she will never be it.”

“Obama sees Islam as the next civil rights movement. I think Obama wants his legacy to be how he stood against the tide of anti-Muslim sentiment, against the backlash. He wants to be seen as having ushered in a new era of Muslim acceptance in our society and around the globe.”

“I offered an idea to Trump. I said, ‘You know, at the first debate you should show up with a surgical mask because they said she had pneumonia and pneumonia is contagious.'”

“It seems like the tolerance for government stupidity knows no bounds. The tolerance for government inefficiency, for government stupidity, for government ineffectiveness knows no bounds whatsoever.”

“There’s always gonna be an America. It’s just what kind of America it’s gonna be and who is going to be leading it and what kind of character and morality and value system is going to be dominant, and that’s what’s at stake in this election.”

“The purpose of media today is to keep reporting and reporting until the viewpoint they want you to have, you have it. It’s about creating an opinion. It’s establishing and creating opinion.”

“Nothing that you know nothing about — nothing — is ever what you really think it is. Particularly in this era, this day and age where everything is spin, everything is narrative, everything in the news is essentially the script of the daily soap opera. Whatever it is you think you know, doubt it until you can confirm it yourself.”

“You know, it’s patently obvious that the establishment types still to this moment do not understand why Trump’s supporters support Trump. They don’t understand what the primary objections that people have to them are, but the worst thing is they don’t care.”

“I know some of you detractors say, ‘Is that all you want to do, Rush? Is that all you want to do is to continue to shock and outrage?’ No. That’s not all I want to do.”

“I hope you have a great rest of the day, my friends.  We plan on it here at the EIB Network, and we’ll be back here tomorrow revved and ready, stoked and prepared, fully loaded to do it all over again with eager anticipation.”

“I’m getting emails saying, ‘Your program goes by too fast.  You are not on long enough.’  Oh, yes.  Oh, yes, I am.”

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