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RUSH: Did I not call this yesterday?  Jimmy Fallon is now getting the Matt Lauer treatment.  I spent a lot of time yesterday explaining to those of you… The people on the left who used to love Matt Lauer, they let Matt buy an expansion of his house over in the Hamptons.  That meant that he was an accredited member of the establishment.  He wanted to add onto his property out there, and they said, “Fine, do it,” and he did. 

Now that’s the last place he wants to go.  His own buddies have turned on him because he was fair with Donald Trump, and he was fair with Hillary Clinton in those presidential forums.  And now they’re going after Jimmy Fallon for doing the same thing, and they’re doing it in the New York Times. They’re doing it on late-night shows. Have you noticed that Comedy Central seems to have taken over late-night TV?  Every Comedy Central reject right now has a late-night show on the networks, and these people are loaded for bear.

They’re not comedians. They are agitating… Well, the left thinks they’re comedians, but they’re actually not.  They’re Social Justice Warriors out there, and Jimmy Fallon is now the next victim, because he made Trump look human.  Why, Trump let Fallon run his hand through his hair out there to prove that it was real, and Fallon had a good time with Trump, and they were laughing, and that’s not good.  So Jimmy Fallon is next in the crosshairs. 

I just want you Republicans out there, you GOP-E people, you establishment people who even now keep telling us that you believe the American people want bipartisanship: Maybe they do.  But the people that you’re gonna have to be bipartisan with (i.e., the Democrats) want no part of it.  Matt Lauer tried his version of bipartisan.  Look what’s happening to Matt Lauer. And Jimmy Fallon tried it; look what’s happening to Jimmy Fallon. 

The same is gonna happen to you people.  It’s not walking across the aisle and meeting people halfway and engaging in bipartisan this or bipartisan that.  That’s not even the desire of the people on the left.  And, by the way, Dingy Harry? History repeats.  All of the… You remember last year Dingy… Well, in 2012, Dingy Harry is out there saying that Mitt Romney didn’t pay his taxes. He said, “I’ve got a friend.”  Harry Reid had a friend who told him Mitt Romney hadn’t paid his taxes in, like, ten years.

And the press said, “Who’s your friend?” 

And Harry Reid said, “Doesn’t matter!  You need to go ask Romney why he hasn’t paid his taxes in ten years.” 

The press said, “Oh, yeah, right,” and they did. 

They went off and they asked Romney — after asking him why he hates dogs — why he hadn’t paid his taxes in ten years.  Well, now Dingy Harry from the floor of the Senate:  “Donald Trump isn’t rich.  Donald Trump isn’t wealthy.  Donald Trump’s lying about his money! That’s why he won’t releases his taxes.”  So now the media has been given their marching orders to change the narrative on Trump, that he’s lying about everything.  It’s, again, from the old playbook that doesn’t apply to Trump but they haven’t figured that out yet. 

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