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“I see Hillary as literally in a time capsule stuck back in the 1990s. I look at Hillary, I listen to her, I look at her campaign strategy, and it’s old, it’s worn out, it’s predictable.”

“It seems like rioting is almost expected now when there is a cop shooting. A cop shooting, period. Don’t care about the details.”

“I just want you Republicans out there, you GOP-E people, you establishment people who even now keep telling us that you believe the American people want bipartisanship: Maybe they do. But the people that you’re gonna have to be bipartisan with (i.e., the Democrats) want no part of it.”

“Did I not call this yesterday? Jimmy Fallon is now getting the Matt Lauer treatment.”

“Black Lives Matter goes to the White House and gets praised to the hilt. Black Lives Matter gets honored at the White House. My question is, were they radicalized before they went to the White House or after they left the White House? Well, it’s a fair question, is it not?”

“The election the first African-American president, not just that act, but the man himself with his promises and his assurances is going to unify us, the country was going to become one. Not only are we nowhere near that, we have regressed. We have regressed and we are in the process of regressing, specifically in the area of race relations, but in general throughout our culture.”

“There doesn’t seem to be any desire for hope and change to mean anything positive. There doesn’t even seem to be any desire to want to try to unify to get along.”

“Trump is engaged in serious and in-depth outreach to black churches and black political organizations, and he looks dead serious. He’s reaching out more than any Republicans I remember ever having reached out. And he’s reaching out on the premise and the pretext that this strife can and should end, and that he wants it to end, and that he wants to be involved in whatever happens to make it end, that he wants to improve things for everybody.”

“Black Lives Matter gets into gear no matter the specific circumstances of any particular police event now. It doesn’t matter what the details are.”

“It seems like violence and property destruction are the judge-and-jury justice that we have today. The mob determines right and wrong and then hands down the sentence then and there.”

“I was shocked to learn how many Millennials really believe that by the time they hit 60 or 65 or whatever Social Security age is gonna be for them, that the planet is going to be largely uninhabitable.”

“Have you noticed that Comedy Central seems to have taken over late-night TV? Every Comedy Central reject right now has a late-night show on the networks, and these people are loaded for bear.” 

“Why is Hillary Clinton not called out to demand that she denounce the rioting and violence of Black Lives Matter? I mean, they’re her group, right? I mean, they support her. Why does she not get demanded to denounce ’em?” 

“After eight years of the Obama administration, racial tensions seem to have percolated, seem to have gotten worse, when everybody thought that they were gonna get better or even disappear.” 

“It seems like it’s now axiomatic that there’s going to be rioting or massive public protests or threats of rioting or threats of unrest every time the cops have to draw their weapons.” 

“Social media is what it is now. I don’t think it’s an outlier. I think social media is an indication of just how unhinged, genuinely angry, deranged, and everything else you can think, a sizable portion of this country is, when they have anonymity. I don’t think it’s a tiny few.” 

“I never thought that the election of Obama was gonna mean less racism. In fact, I thought it was gonna mean more. I have been proven right.”    

“See, part of the deal was, the unspoken deal, the election of the first African-American president also meant you shut up whenever he does anything you don’t like. ‘Cause if you don’t you are being racist. And that’s exactly what’s happened. And it worked in basically neutering the Republican Party.”  

“Everything is what you can make people believe. If you can sell your narrative, to hell with the facts.” 

“When John Kerry lost in 2004, all over Florida psychiatrists set up satellite rooms where people could show up free of charge to deal with their depression!”   

“You won’t believe this. It’s the headline. ‘Gloria Steinem Keynotes Planned Parenthood Fundraiser: “Forced Childbirth Is the Single Biggest Cause of Global Warming.”‘ Look at Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. How many is she walking around with now, six? Can you imagine the damage that family is doing to global warming under Gloria Steinem’s theory?”   

“The left has devolved to the point now where I think they are finished and through with pretending that the country is up for grabs every four years. They honestly believe that we — Republicans, conservatives, nonlibs — are totally delegitimized and shouldn’t even be allowed to participate in the process.” 

“Social media is what it is now. I don’t think it’s an outlier. I think social media is an indication of just how unhinged, genuinely angry, deranged, and everything else you can think, a sizable portion of this country is, when they have anonymity. I don’t think it’s a tiny few.” 

“The sports media is contributing to the ratings decline by virtue of the way they’ve decided to report on the game. The NFL front office are the Republicans, and the players are the victimized minorities, the referees are the cops, and that’s how football’s being reported today.” 

“I think that Hillary is running an antiquated campaign. Nothing is gonna change if she’s elected, more of the same, only worse. The riots, the racial discords are gonna continue because she’s gonna promote it.”

“The Democrat Party somehow has gotten away with, by creating a narrative, that they care about African-Americans and poor people and other minorities more than anybody else does. But it’s fascinating, life doesn’t get better for the people the Democrats care about. It only gets worse, and the people the Democrats care about keep supporting the Democrats.”

“If Hillary Clinton wins you can say good-bye to the Supreme Court. You can say good-bye to a lot of the traditions and institutions that have in the past been the glue that is essentially the rule of law that has kept our society together and functioning in a forward manner.” 

“The Democrats, in order to continue to curry favor with African-Americans and minorities, will continue to blame and blame and try to punish people that may have had nothing to do with any of these events at all. They will continue to weaken police departments, weaken law enforcement. They will continue to chastise and attack law enforcement as inherently racist and bigoted.” 

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