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RUSH:  Let’s get back to the phones, ’cause if we don’t, I never will today.  I’m that loaded.  I want to go back to Charlotte.  We got Josh.  It’s great that you called, sir.  Welcome.

CALLER: (muttering) Hey, thanks for taking my call. I really appreciate it.

RUSH:  You bet.

CALLER: (silence)

RUSH:  Go right ahead.  You’re on the air now.

CALLER:  Okay.  Great.  My question for you is, how do you think things will be different come November if we had one of these incidents, depending on who’s in office, how the executive branch will handle the situation?

RUSH:  Oh, you’re asking me if in either case, either Trump or Hillary wins what —

CALLER:  Yes, sir, that’s correct.

RUSH:  — if these events will happen or how they will be different if they happen?

CALLER:  How they’ll be handled, mostly.

RUSH:  Okay.

CALLER: (unintelligible)

RUSH: That is a fascinating question, and the answer to that question actually would require maybe an op-ed of 750 to a thousand words after a lot of research. Now, I’m not trying to skate out of answering it.  But let’s stop and think of the question here. (interruption) You think it’s simple? You gave me that call ’cause you think this is simple? Okay, so we’ve got what happened in Charlotte. We have what happened in Tulsa.  Let’s throw Ferguson in there.  It all happens with Obama in the White House, so we move forward and next year, by definition, we’re gonna have somebody that’s not African-American in the White House. 

What effect is that gonna have?  Look, this is a really good question, in a whole lot of ways that Josh may not have factored in his question.  For example, if either Hillary or Trump win, how much anger is there going to be that nobody’s even anticipating in the African-American community that the first African-American president is gone? (interruption) Well, you might say that the Constitution tells them he’s gonna go, but still he’s gone.  And what is going to be…?

We have no idea what the landscape is gonna be and the way news coverage, the media, are gonna be dealing with the post-Obama America. We don’t know what Obama’s gonna… Well, we do.  I know.  I know what Obama’s gonna be doing.  He’s gonna be guarding his legacy out there.  But how many African-Americans are going to — even though it’s all constitutional — still feel, I don’t know, cheated or, “Well, there’s that chance, and we blew it” or “there’s that chance and it’s not gonna happen again.”  How many are gonna feel positively about it for whatever reason?  Then you add to the specifics. 

So we have to go down the specifics. Okay, Trump wins, and now there is something like Ferguson or something like… (sigh) Look, the first thing to say about that… (chuckles) I don’t know.  This is one of these things I really don’t want to answer ’cause I don’t want to create self-fulfilling predictions.  But let me just tell you this.  Let’s take race out of this for a moment, Josh.  If Hillary Clinton loses this, Chicago ’68 is gonna look like Romper Room on PBS for four-year-olds and under. 

The left is not going to accept Hillary losing.  They’re just not. It’s not going to be a peaceful… and I don’t want to say this too much ’cause I don’t want to give people reason not to vote for Trump because of this.  You know as well as I do. I mean, when John Kerry lost in 2004, all over Florida psychiatrists set up satellite rooms where people could show up free of charge to deal with their depression!  South Florida Democrats who were convinced Kerry was gonna win by Nate Silver (chuckles), or whatever back then was assuring everybody back then — Bob Shrum — that Kerry was gonna win. 

So that alone, even before you go anywhere else in the country when a police incident, just the result itself… (interruption) After the campaign of what? (interruption)  “Love Trump”? (interruption)  Well, that’s my point.  That’s… Whether there have… (interruption) I’m still not sure what you’re saying about “Love Trumps Hate.”  But the bottom line here is that they’re not going to accept being defeated.  They are already at the point where they resent that there’s even an opposition.  They don’t think there even should be an election. 

Folks, I’m not exaggerating this. I’m not making this up.  The left has devolved to the point now where I think they are finished and through with pretending that the country is up for grabs every four years.  They honestly believe that we — Republicans, conservatives, nonlibs — are totally delegitimized and shouldn’t even be allowed to participate in the process.  And they have just been entertaining us for the sake of the Constitution or whatever.  So if they end up losing, it’s not going to be pretty, and it’s not gonna be all related to Trump.

It’s going to be related to the fact that they lost. They will take it as a personal rejection. They will take it as having been cheated, because they think they own the country right now.  They think they’re in charge of everything, and if they lose this election, they’re gonna find people to blame it on.  It isn’t going to be pretty.  Now, I really hope I’m wrong about this.  But I don’t see it.  I see what I see.  I see the rabble-rousing. I see the anger. Take a look at social media!

Social media is what it is now.  I don’t think it’s an outlier.  I think social media is an indication of just how unhinged, genuinely angry, deranged, and everything else you can think, a sizable portion of this country is, when they have anonymity.  I don’t think it’s a tiny few.  I think it’s a huge number, and I think all of them… You take a look at what they’re doing to Matt Lauer for just being fair to Trump and what they’re doing to Jimmy Fallon for just being nice to Trump!

So I may be exaggerating it a bit for effect but not much in terms of what I really think’s gonna happen.  If Hillary wins… Well, we’re not through with, “if Trump wins,” because at some point even the postelection riots and protests or whatever they end up being, will eventually end. At some point, they will start the Trump administration.  And I have to tell you, Josh, I really believe, based on what I’m seeing… Trump was in another black church yesterday in Cleveland, suburban Cleveland.  I don’t know if people are noticing.

Trump is engaged in serious and in-depth outreach to black churches and black political organizations, and he looks dead serious.  He’s reaching out more than any Republicans I remember ever having reached out, and he’s reaching out on the premise and the pretext that this strife can and should end and that he wants it to end and that he wants to be involved in whatever happens to make it end, that he wants to improve things for everybody.  That’s what I hear Trump saying. 

I see Hillary literally in a time capsule stuck back in the 1990s.  I talked about this a little yesterday.  I look at Hillary, I listen to her, I look at her campaign strategy, and it’s old, it’s worn out, it’s predictable.  It comes from a playbook that was written when the Republican Party was content to exist but lose. The Republican Party was content to be the Washington Generals, happy to be on the field, happy to wear the uniform, happy to lose if that’s what it took to stay on the field and wear the uniform.  But that kind of campaign doesn’t watch with Trump.  It’s not gonna have any impact.  

Trump’s unpredictable. Trump is not part of the establishment.  So all these usual bromides that the Democrats threw out against your average Republican are not going to frighten Trump supporters into abandoning him.  Some would say that they would succeed in keeping potentially new Trump supporters from signing up with him, but we’ll see.  But I think that she’s running an antiquated campaign. Nothing is gonna change if Hillary is elected, more of the same, only worse. 

The riots, the racial discords are gonna continue because she’s gonna promote it. Because liberal Democrats, Josh, I asked earlier, who benefits from this?  It’s a good question to ask about anything that’s going on that you don’t like, don’t understand, that seems unfair, that seems illogical, that seems to make no sense.  Why does it still happen, then?  Well, somebody’s benefiting.  So you have to ask yourself, with every Ferguson, every Trayvon Martin, every Charlotte, every Dallas, look at how these events are adding up now.  Every Detroit.  Ask yourself, who benefits? 

I can tell you right now, one of the primary beneficiaries is — dadelut dadelut dadelut dadelut — the Democrat Party. 

It defies common sense, but they are one of the beneficiaries because the Democrat Party somehow has gotten away with, by creating a narrative, that they care about African-Americans and poor people and other minorities more than anybody else does. But it’s fascinating, life doesn’t get better for the people the Democrats care about.  It only gets worse, and the people the Democrats care about keep supporting the Democrats. They keep complaining while they keep losing ground and they keep turning to the Democrats to protect them and to fix it because they really have been coerced, trained to believe that the Republicans are their big enemy, or Christians are their enemy or white people or conservatives or whoever are their enemy. 

So Hillary Clinton being elected, the Department of Justice will continue to take over more and more police departments, racism and racial aspects will be highlighted and promoted because the Democrats benefit from this.  There will not be any substantive serious attempts to solve any of these problems.  The Democrats, in order to continue to curry favor with African-Americans and minorities, will continue to blame and blame and try to punish people that may have had nothing to do with any of these events at all.  They will continue to weaken police departments, weaken law enforcement.  They will continue to chastise and attack law enforcement as inherently racist and bigoted. 

Whatever has gone on these last eight years you’re just gonna get more of it.  And there won’t be hardly any opposition to it because the Republicans are gonna be just — well, half the Republicans, if Hillary wins, are gonna be, “Yeah, we told you so. See, it was the biggest mistake in the world.” And they’re gonna be applauding and they’re gonna be out there saying, “I deserve to be credited for being smart ’cause I told you Trump couldn’t win.”  So they’re gonna be, in their own way, happy about it.  Other Republicans are just gonna, “Oh, my God, oh, we don’t exist anymore.”  And they’re gonna stop opposing anything ’cause there’s not gonna be the strength in numbers to stop it. 

You can say good-bye to the Supreme Court. You can say good-bye to a lot of the traditions and institutions that have in the past been the glue that is essentially the rule of law that has kept our society together and functioning in a forward manner.  Hillary Clinton doesn’t know anything but this.  This is who is she, Obama, Alinsky, all this hyperleftism is who she is.  But specifically to your question about these events, she doesn’t know how to solve these.  What’s she gonna do?  She gonna go to Charlotte, “I ain’t no ways tired.”  Right, you take naps for two days in a row getting ready for debates.  Of course you’re not tired.  


RUSH:  I want to thank Josh from Charlotte, North Carolina, our last caller, he may not even know what a great question that was.  I could do a full three hours answering his question.  His question essentially was, “Okay, these events happen, but what if Trump’s president or Hillary, what’s different?”  Whoa.  Just that question alone may — it does.  It provides the opportunity to be, if done right, extremely persuasive. 

Now, everybody’s asked, “Well, what if Hillary wins? What if Trump wins,” but tying it to a specific event like this then opens up all of the things you have to consider, like Trump wins, election night and the next day, I’m telling you, you had better start thinking about it now, if you’re not already, it’s simply going to be unacceptable and intolerable to the people on the left, especially after they’ve been told that Hillary’s winning this thing in a landslide.  They’ve been told she’s running away with it. They’ve been told Trump’s a buffoon. You mark my words.  

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