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RUSH: You gotta hear this.  Just got this.  Maxine Waters of the Congressional Black Caucasians.  Maxine Waters in Washington, DC, today describes a moment when truth revealed itself to members of the Congressional Black Caucasians while they were having lunch.

WATERS:  At our regularly scheduled luncheon for the black caucus, as we sat there trying to do business we decided we just couldn’t keep going on business as usual, we couldn’t just have our lunch and talk about an agenda that really does have to do with a lot of our work while our minds and our hearts are so heavy about the killings of all of these men, women, and children.  So we decided at that moment that we were going to take an extraordinary step, that we were going to leave the House of Representatives, and we were going to come here to the Department of Justice, and we’re going to deliver a letter.

RUSH:  Wow. How powerful a move is that?  By the way, the killings of all these men, women, and children, what is she talking about?  Syria?  What is she talking about? (interruption) Well, I know that, but what women and children were killed in Charlotte?  Oh, she means collective.  Oh, all of the men, women, and children killed all over the place all the time.  Oh.  Okay. 

So she and the Congressional Black Caucasians were in their private dining room, and they were having lunch, and, apparently, a wave of guilt swept over them, ’cause they were having their fine lunch in the Congressional Black Caucasian dining room.  It’s probably the congressional dining room and a private room of the congressional dining room the Black Caucasians were having lunch, and some guilt swept over them.

Here we are, we’re having our foie gras and our lobster laced coconut-covered shrimp bites and men, women, and children all over the world are being killed.  We don’t deserve to be here.  We’re talking about an agenda here, yeah, but it pales in comparison to the murders going on out there, so we decided to do something.  We ordered something else — it was a Chateau Latour ’82 — and then we wrote a letter and we walked over to the Justice Department because we had to do something.

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