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RUSH: Last night, All Due Respect, Bloomberg TV, John Heilemann speaking with himself.  He was speaking about the debate and the strategy here that the Clinton campaign is working on.

HEILEMANN:  They’ve been trying to do this thing for a little while now, which is to try to say to us, as reporters, all of us, and sort of say, “Hey, there’s been a double standard here, you guys need to raise the bar on Trump.”

RUSH:  Now, in the old days — I’m fairly confident of saying this — in the old days a reporter would never admit that they were getting marching orders from a candidate.  They’d get the marching orders.  I mean, the campaigns would have always tried to manipulate and influence various media, but it’s rare that the media tells us that the Clinton campaign, “Yeah, they’re trying to get us to raise the bar on Trump.” 

Why? What’s Hillary worried about?  I thought Trump’s a buffoon. I thought Trump’s incompetent. I thought Trump doesn’t have any business being president. I thought Trump’s the biggest ill-tempered, gauche, gross, bombastic POS that’s ever run for president.  What in the world do they have to raise the bar for?  They must be worried there at camp Hillary if they’re asking the media to raise the bar. 

And here’s Jonathan Karl, ABC Good Morning America today. Stephanopoulos is talking to him about all of this, the strategy.  The question, “The Clinton team is working the jury.  All the reporters are gonna being covering this race on social media, the debate, the media, the Clinton campaign’s already trying to prejudice them.”

KARL:  Exactly what is going on.  Trump is saying he’s gonna be treated unfairly. He talks about this over and over again.  For Hillary Clinton, her campaign knows the debate, as large as that audience is for the debate, the audience afterwards will be even more important.  They are encouraging their supporters to get out there and dominate social media to create the impression that she has won, to try to shape the coverage and what is seen of the debate in the news coverage that follows.

RUSH:  Isn’t this amazing now?  Who is this?  This is Jonathan Karl.  What does he do?  He’s a reporter.  And he’s admitting that there are gonna be attempts to change his mind, to influence him by virtue of how they dominate social media.  Why should any of that matter?  If I’m a reporter covering the debate, why do I have to go see what social media says to know what I saw?  Or to report what I saw?

Obviously it’s a rhetorical question.  These guys are admitting, they’re gonna wait to see what social media says. And if Hillary’s team can dominate social media in the post-debate, the equivalent of the spin room, they can’t wait to report that.  This is all part of my question:  What does Trump have to do to meet and surpass expectations.  

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